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Reading Reviews for Jade Lestrange
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Review #1, by M Chapter 21

3rd February 2013:
Can't wait to read the sequel! You're amazing!

Author's Response: it's already up and finished lol. Glad you enjoyed the first story, hope the second meets your expectations

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Review #2, by M Chapter 19

3rd February 2013:
I really like how you're approaching this relationship slowly, its very realistic! (At least i'm assuming/hoping they will end up together)

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Review #3, by M Chapter 1

3rd February 2013:
This is great! Not too little yet not too much for a first chapter & it compels me to read more!

Author's Response: I try and keep my chapters between 2k-3.5k words so it doesn't take like an hour to get through it lol. And I promise you there's a lot more to read. 2.5 stories worth (b'-')b

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Review #4, by 06BDavies Chapter 1

22nd September 2012:
Oh, is that anger from the person we meet at the end of the next book?

Author's Response: Nope :o
It's a bit more complicated than that. But wow, I'm really impressed you came back and asked about it.
What really causes her anger is going to be explained mid way through the third story. I'm thinking about chapter...erm 30 maybe? (yeah, it's going to be a long story)

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Review #5, by HGPotter Chapter 16

8th August 2012:
Your story is AMAZING! I love it! It's so interesting and I've read 16 chapters in under an hour. I have 2 stories that I will update in September. Your story is very good and I will read the next one as soon as I finish this one!

Author's Response: Oh wow, so much reading lol. Really glad you like it though. And you'll be able to move right on to the second story which is almost finished (b'-')b

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Review #6, by lauraf68 Chapter 21

26th April 2012:
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed until now. I am always skeptical when it comes to AU stories and characters, but you are doing a great job with this one. I like how you started to have her interract with the Headmaster, Lupin, Snape, and the Weasley Twins. I also like how you've incorporated the cannon story and characters we know without changing necessary details. I am now moving onto your next story and promise to try and review more often. Rating: 9/10. Looking forward to more, Happy Writing! ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review. It's a little less AU for the first few stories, by the middle of 5th year it will slowly drift towards a more AU story. I'm not sure how people are going to react to that >_

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Review #7, by 000B000 Chapter 16

16th April 2012:
i love her and Snapes relationship

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Review #8, by Silver Cat 777 Chapter 21

14th April 2012:
This was quite well written, and Jade was a very likable character. I'm dissapointed that Hermione hadn't read up on Jade's parents, though, since that is one of the more likely scenarios.

Author's Response: Hermione did have quite a lot going on. Worrying about Black coming after Harry, Scabbers vs Crookshanks fighting with Ron, Buckbeak's trial, and taking so many classes. I don't know how she would have found time lol

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Review #9, by that random kid Chapter 21

13th April 2012:
Whoa wait... Its done? Aw man! I loved this story and how it stayed on the canon track without directly coliding with the books. I really want to see jade's and snape's relationship after their fight. Cant wait to read the next part of the series. 10/10

Author's Response: Next story shows them more and how they handle the situation. And yes, the idea was to have a character, not so much on the outside of everything happening so that she doesn't affect it, but someone who gradually slips into the story. Only changing a few details at first, then you'll begin to see bigger changes.
The next story is in process, it just feels like it's going slower because of the 3day waiting period, but I already have it finished so it's coming
Also, must say that I like your name xD

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Review #10, by KxxDxx Chapter 21

10th April 2012:
Fantastic chapter :D x
Love it's ending :D x
Love how it ended at the end of the school year :D x
Sad it has ended though :( x
Going to check your page now though :D x
Very excited for the sequal :D x

Author's Response: First chapter of the sequel in 2-3 days. I'm glad you liked how it ended though, it's a bit difficult to think of an ending at King's Cross so I just ended it with Dumbledore lol.

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Review #11, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 21

10th April 2012:
Great ending! Will Snape and Jade make up? I can't wait to see!!!

Author's Response: Responding to last three reviews at once.
Battle of Hogwarts, hmm...that will be interesting but very different from the one in the books. 6th year and onwards the story will become much more alternate universe.
Dumbledore is so hard to write, he's brilliant so he knows there's something off about Jade but he doesn't underestimate her either. So he's slowing picking her apart. After spending so much time with the Malfoys and just all of the unsavory people Jade's met, Dumbledore would probably intrigue her.
And Jade and Snape making up, well you'll have to read the next story. (b'-')b The waiting time is 3 days so unfortunately it will take a bit more time to add chapters.

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Review #12, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 20

10th April 2012:
The scene at the end is such a Dumbledore thing. You've really captured the characters, in this chapter and all the proceeding.

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Review #13, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 19

10th April 2012:
Brilliant! I love the tete-a-tetes with Snape. And Fred is so cute - I'm not looking forward to the Battle of Hogwarts :(
But this chapter is so good!

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Review #14, by Zoe Chapter 21

9th April 2012:
Awesome story. I love Jade, I love the way you portrayed Snape. I really like Jade and Snape's banter as well as the love interest with Fred. Wondering what will happen next year with Angelina...? Also, I would love to see more interaction with Draco possibly? I'm so excited for your next story! Keep writing, you clearly have a lot of talent.

Author's Response: I sorta changed the Yule Ball a bit, so no fighting over Fred with Angelina xD And Draco doesn't really have a huge role until 6th year. But you will learn more about him and Jade 5th year. What their childhood was like and why they don't speak to each other.
Glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for the review (b'-')b

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Review #15, by KxxDxx Chapter 20

5th April 2012:
Laughed so much during this chapter :D x
Post soon :D x
Love the moment in the kitchen :D x

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Review #16, by KxxDxx Chapter 19

4th April 2012:
Love this episode :D x
Love the moments and conversations :D x
Post soon :D x

Author's Response: (b'-')b just submitted chapter 20. Look for it in a day or two. Then 21 is the last chapter D:

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Review #17, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 18

2nd April 2012:
Yay! This post is very good - Jade is starting to reveal some secrets here. Only thing is:
"And may I remind you, I'm and Lestrange who lived with the Malfoys nearly all my life", about 2/3 down - should it be [a] in stead of [and Lestrange]?
Other than that, great. :D

Author's Response: D: *changes* thanks xD yeah, sometimes I miss something lol. Thanks for the review (b'-')b

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Review #18, by KxxDxx Chapter 18

2nd April 2012:
Wow amazing chapter, love how she's revielled everything x

Author's Response: Everything? Not even close, Dumbledore won't even learn everything until the third story during Jade's 5th year. Then there's even more that Jade and Snape don't know @_@
Thanks for the review. I didn't have a chance to respond to your previous ones D: but thanks for keeping up and letting me know what you think (b'-')b

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Review #19, by KxxDxx Chapter 17

29th March 2012:
Ooh, interesting :D x
I wonder what's going on :D x
Hold on, is this the time that Bellatrix and everyone escapes from Azkaban ... no that's later right? :D x
I don't know :D x
Post soon :D x

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Review #20, by KxxDxx Chapter 16

29th March 2012:
Love Snapes and Jades little encounter :D x
Wonder why he's taking her to the kitchens, maybe it's a surprise birthday party? :D x

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Review #21, by KxxDxx Chapter 15

29th March 2012:
That was really nice of Narcissa and a great Christmas present :D x
Love Snapes and Jades banter infront of everyone :D x

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Review #22, by KxxDxx Chapter 14

29th March 2012:
Love it :D x
Love the gifts :D x
Just love it all :D x

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Review #23, by KxxDxx Chapter 13

29th March 2012:
Christmas shopping is always hard, love seeing her process :D x
Woohoo, they are staying at Hogwarts, this will be interesting :D x

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Review #24, by KxxDxx Chapter 12

29th March 2012:
Fantastic chapter :D x
Love the flyinf experience :D x

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Review #25, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 12

28th March 2012:
Naww... Fred is so cute! I'm very curious about the Seer - looking forward to your next update!

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