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I love this song, and I have to say, you fit it perfectly.
In flow, it was great. Characterization, well Molly was her perfectly protective self, and this was a really accurate George, losing your twin would be harder than anything else I can guess, and being a Weasley, temper would be something else hard to deal with. Ron was slightly OOC, not so Ron-like to face up people on his own and he's usually more awkward, but this didn't stop the one-shot from being great.
Good job, keep writing (as in, other stories ;) ) !

Author's Response: Well, thanks! I'm glad that you think that Molly was in character, because even though she only had one line of dialogue, I spent a good amount of time making sure that she didn't seem too happy or too sad. Of course, I spent the majority of my time writing this songfic on George, so it's nice to hear that I did a good job with him as well! I've noticed as people have left reviews that I didn't really pay that much attention to how I was writing Ron. He really seems more like Ginny to me! Ah, well, we learn from our mistakes, right?

Thanks for the review! :)
Oh, I love this song! This story just about brought me to tears. George acted like I'd expect a grieving Weasley twin to act. Ron was a little out of character, though. Still, it was lovely. Please add more!

Author's Response: I've been thinking about adding more to this story. I'm not sure if I will, though. Thanks for the lovely review!
Awesome one-shot! Molly seemed very like herself. I always thought of her as very optimistic and she built a wall to hide the bad from others' eyes. I think she fit this discription very well here by trying to tell Ron George wasn't coming in a very kind, almost cheerful way. But it was obvious that she had built a new wall just like in the Order of the Pheonix when she tried to hide the rumors from Harry.

Also, George was very, not calm, but not a complete lunatic. He was realistic and the lyrics fit the story perfectly. Good job.


Author's Response: Well thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it:)
2012-02-12 6:33pm
Poor George. Ron too. Why Fred, why did you have to die?!?

Wow, you really got the sadness down. And the song (which I love, btw) really works, in both George and Ron's POVs. If only Ron decided to stay with George in the night, he might have not had the feeling the George was going away too...

Author's Response: I was really working to get across the sadness of it all because out of everyone who died in DH, Fred's death was the one that I didn't really ever get over. And I'd like to say that Ron's feeling is exactly that- a feeling. I left it open at the end just for people to wonder. . . Thanks so much for reviewing!!!
I really like this story! It clearly shows George's pain about losing his twin, and Ron's pain at George not doing anything. It leaves me wondering what happened the next day... I hope that George went to the Burrow. Great story :)

Author's Response: Thanks! It's my first published facfic, and I'm really relieved that you think I did well! :) Thanks for reviewing!


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