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Reading Reviews for The Quieter Side
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Review #1, by sinhav The Quieter Side

8th August 2013:
wonderful story... keep going :)

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Review #2, by nayin The Quieter Side

3rd December 2012:
i love that in your story Al is in Gryffindor...thank you so much for sharing this

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Review #3, by pelsa The Quieter Side

9th February 2012:
Great story, well done! ;)

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Review #4, by thepheonixflame45 The Quieter Side

17th January 2012:
I can see how you would infer that Harry's kids would not know about Harry's past. What came to most people's mind, however, when Albus asked why everyone was staring, was that Albus momentarily forgot about his father's fame. In Albus' eyes, Harry is his father. To others, Harry is a celebrity. Albus most likely sees his father as a normal father, while knowing the heroic deeds his father did at the same time. This would cause Albus to overlook the things Harry did. Harry would not have liked his children to grow up around secrets like he did.

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Review #5, by RosieQueen The Quieter Side

17th January 2012:
The story wasnt that bad, but I don't think Harry would hide his entire past from his children. I guess he wouldn't completely go into detail, but he would at least tell them about defeating voldemort. Remember, Harry grew up around secrets and lies, like when his aunt and uncle hid the 'slight' fact that he was a wizard. Harry would not want his own children to grow up around secrets like he did himself.

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Review #6, by Aurorofthelight The Quieter Side

17th January 2012:
Brilliant! Absolutely briiliant! This was a great idea and you told it in a very touching manner! Loved the interaction between Harry and Albus! Magnificent job! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Review #7, by JPotter The Quieter Side

17th January 2012:
That was good! It's the first one-shot I've actually liked :)

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Review #8, by Loopy456 The Quieter Side

11th January 2012:
Hi :) I just kinda came across this and I really like it. I think it's an interesting concept that the kids know nothing about their parents' past. Maybe a little unrealistic, but you made it work by explaining the reasons behind the decision. I just have a couple of small points to make:
Firstly, in the sixth paragraph, you say 'I sat quiet'. Surely that should be 'I sat quietly'?
Also you use the word 'mom' rather than 'mum'. I have a little bit of a thing about this, probably because I'm British (and therefore maybe a little biased!) and HP is very British, so the use of the word 'mom' seems out of place to me.
Like I said, those are small things but for me, I think they would improve the piece. I still enjoyed it, though :)

Author's Response: To me when I read the epilogue it kinda seemed like they knew nothing of the past. When Albus asked why they were all staring and Ron answered "It's just me I'm famous" it told me they knew very little or not at all. That's just how it came out to me it may have came out differently to others.

Yeah sorry about that. Stupid little typos. I always miss at least one or two of em in my stories :(

I really did mean to use mum instead of mom. I'm so use to typing the other one i must have just missed it when i was re-reading. I'll go back and fix that right now for you! :)

Glad you enjoyed the story and thanks ever so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #9, by baletgir The Quieter Side

11th January 2012:
Aww that was really sweet. I'm glad I stumbled across it! It was a really nice, enjoyable, and above all refreshing read.

I think that is a really interesting concept, how and when Harry would tell his kids about his adventures. I think that letting them find out for themselves is a bit unfair to the kids, to be blindsided by this knowledge all of a sudden, but it still makes sense.

It must be really tough for Harry to talk about. And you got that across in your writing without making him cry which was nice. I don't see Harry as a crier, especially not in front of his son. I see him trying to be really strong for Albus' sake.

I have a question, did Harry hold anything back? Were there any small details, like the fact that he was constantly breaking rules, that he didn't reveal to his son? I can see him skirting around those bits, and maybe in a few days Albus thinks it through and realizes something has been left out. That could be an interesting addition. Or if Harry did include his less than honorable adventures seeing Albus' reaction to those in particular could have been interesting. Just ideas I thought of as reading!

Again I really loved this! Great job!


Author's Response: To me when I read the epilogue it kinda seemed like they knew nothing of the past. When Albus asked why they were all staring and Ron answered "It's just me I'm famous" it told me they knew very little or not at all. So this is my version of them finding out through schooling and trying to piece together the past.

I can't imagine telling the past like that easy for Harry, but he is strong. He's always been strong and is trying to stay strong for his son.

Harry held somethings back. Obviously I made the story not tell what Harry told, but I am admitting that he did hold back. Harry may be strong, but he is secretive at times, especially when there's something that isn't known that he doesn't want known. He doesn't want his kids to know that he broke rules because if they think it's OK that he did, then they're (especially James, who seems like a troublemaker to me ;) ) gonna think it's OK too.

Albus to me seems extremely smart. He reminds me a lot of Harry. If he thinks long and hard about it, something will come to his mind and he'll put the pieces together. I know we don't know much about Al, but from what we've read in Deathly Hallows, he just seems like an exact replica of Harry. And we know from seven books that Harry thinks long and hard about it so I can imagine Albus does too.

I'm glad you liked the story and thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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