I think this was definitely a bit of both crazy and sane. I agree with you that Luna is not insane, she just believes what she believes and she is okay with that. Sometimes when things happen is your life, you find things to comfort you and maybe with the death of Lunas mother resulted in her love of imaginary animals, maybe when her mother died she lost her innnocence and maybe Nargles and things like that brought it back. I love how you wrote multiple POV's; going from a narrator to Xenophilius to Luna. I think something you could improve on was maybe your third person could be a bit more formal, but whatever floats your boat. I like how you wrote your opinions of Luna, along with a story to go with it, and i think it went very well with the song you chose. I love the character of Luna and i think you did a good job representing her. :)
Sorry for the long review, but keep up the good writing!!

Author's Response: Thanks, and I'm so glad you liked it! And, I absolutely love long reviews.
-Cierra :)


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