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2015-07-11 10:52am
House Cup 2015 / Gryffindor / Amazing Race 5

Okay, you have me snorting again. Neville's story is so outrageous and he's so proud of himself by it too. Draco, cowering in fear almost at Neville's very words is a disturbing image. And his weird, unwavering attention that he's giving Neville also gives me the willies.

Yes, Neville is quite superior to Draco, but not in that way. This thing that the twins exploded is messing with their heads! Quick! The antidote!! When will it come? These people need saving, oh my gosh!

And Draco, cheating is NOT the same as flirting. You of all people should know the fine distinction between the two. What is WRONG with you, Mr. Malfoy???

Ack! You end it with, "Cuddle"??? I would love to know what the potion did, and this definitely needs finishing, unless you wanted it to devolve like this. Please give us a closing chapter that at the very least explains what Fred and George were trying to do in the first place and how it had failed so miserably. I'd love to see them react to this, now that it's clear what their potion has done to the people around them. They need to be scurrying around FIXING THIS!!!


2015-07-11 10:45am
House Cup 2015 / Gryffindor / Amazing Race 5

It now seems that our duo is in hiding. Cowards! Face the chaos like the men that you are!! Erm... okay, maybe they're not there yet.

Hee hee! Snape GAVE them points for this?? Now I really want to know what happened.

Okay now I'm feeling a little tipsy. Everyone seems to be acting in their wrong minds. Like opposite day or something. Well, except for the twins. It was downright unnerving to see McGonagall like that, suggesting that the Forbidden Forest was safe, and ?Hermione and Draco... and poor Ron! Geez. This has just turned so, so very bad. I hope the twins are NOT proud of themselves.

2015-07-11 10:38am
House Cup 2015 / Gryffindor / Amazing Race 5

Eww, rat spleen! I love how the twins are already knee deep in shenanigans right off the bat. We have no idea what they're up to, but we know it's not anything good, especially with THOSE ingredients. I can't help but think that if a cauldron explodes, someone's doing it wrong.

Your description of the gas spreading so fast throughout the whole school was really well done. They were so quick to get out of their room, and then the common room, and with all those doors open, it went EVERYWHERE.

Ah, haha! Hermione shows up and they think she's going to yell at them, but she's actually quite pleased. What madness is this??? They have no idea what just happened, and neither do it. Which means I must read the next chapter of this funny little fic!

2013-08-22 12:45am
This so unlike hermione and snape it pretty funny keep writing I like it!
2012-07-24 7:03am
This was great - I loved Hermione at the end, wanting a high-five and Fred and George looking at eachother as if the world had ended. I presume this is set during Umbridge's tenure at Hogwarts?

You should definitely keep writing this one - you've set it up nicely, please don't abandon it! :-)

Author's Response: This is set in Umbridge's tenure at Hogwarts.
I want to keep writing it, it's just hard trying to set up the characters due to the effect of the potion. That and life gets in the way of writing a lot! But I am trying to get some more up soon!
Thank you for the review!
2012-07-18 11:22am
Oh dear! More humour and pranking Amy! Well I think I can see your niche within the writing world!

I loved the way Fred and George were just so casually doing this in their dorm, not even going to attempt to cover up that they were making a potion which did make me laugh. Also their blaze attitude to everything such as 'Yeah well it was about 5 minutes' made me laugh as it meant that something was almost guarenteed to go wrong.

I love the fact that it also didn't just afect the Common Room but also the whole of Hogwarts. It shows its potency and potentially how good the prank could have been if they'd have managed to pull it off.

Also Hermione's attitude! I would love her to have been like that but I must admit it does seem a little lax even though it is just hilarious.

Author's Response: Really? I never thought I could write humour well! :P
They never came across as subtle people to me, especially with them testing products on the first years. it just seemed like something they would do.
Hermione's attitude will be explained more in future chapters ;)
Thank you so much for the review!!
2011-08-21 3:34pm
Indeed, what have they done? And what kind of potion were they concocting? Plz answer my questions by updating soon. 10/10.

Author's Response: I'm going to try and write some more today =D So hopfully you should find out soon =D
2011-08-21 10:38am
As I've already told you, this is simply AMAZING! :D

I love the whole idea behind the story, I love how you perfectly write, and describe, Fred and George and I really, really like your way of describing the entire scene. It actually feels like we are there, watching everything and close enough to see everyone's reactions!

It's a lovely written prologue and I can't wait for the 1st chapter! (:


Author's Response: Awww, thank you =D

I'm glad you liked it =D I'm always really cautious with describing things..I never feel like I do it well...but you saying that I do is really nice =D

I'll try and get it to you soon =D
2011-08-21 10:08am

Ahem, yes, I was reading this instead of reading my textbook...but you're not mad, right? :P

Ok, I LOVE THIS. Fred and George are always hilarious, and especially so in this! The potion sounds so unique, I have to wonder though, what were they hoping the potion would be able to do? Obviously not emit gas!

I can't wait to see why Hermione reacted the way she did :D This has all the makings of a great story, you've drawn me right in.

Lovely job!


Author's Response: JULIA!!

Ok, I'm not mad anymore =D But now you have to go read your textbook, ok?

You do? *squee* You will have to wait to find out =D

You will have to wait for that too =P It does? Aww, thank you!


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