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Review #1, by GinnyMollyWeasleyPotter An Awful, Awful Friend

11th September 2017:
I cannot express to you How excited I am that you are writing this story again. I've checked on and off for years hoping for an update. I was thrilled to see new chapters and hope more are to come!

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Review #2, by Sldkg An Awful, Awful Friend

3rd September 2017:
Is Cloe pregnant? Or what is up?

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Review #3, by TheCiscoKid Just A Feeling

16th August 2017:
Alex needs to take a que from hogwarts students past Chanel his in James potter stand on the table an pronounce his love for Emily to the word and it probably wouldn't hurt for Al to try that either

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Review #4, by alexaemd123 An Awful, Awful Friend

13th August 2017:
Ahhh love love love this story! I cannot wait to find out what is going on with Chloe!!!

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Review #5, by menna v. Nervous Meetings

4th August 2017:
I love this story and would be deviated if you didn't continue. 😍😘😍😍😍😍

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Review #6, by Scarlettx Nervous Meetings

7th June 2017:
I am so so happy you decided to come back to this story. I've waited for years for new chapters and I couldn't have been more excited to find them. It has been my absolute favorite to read, which ive done many times, and I so look forward to where you take these characters. Thank you for your writing :)

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Review #7, by Reems Nervous Meetings

30th May 2017:
Beautiful. Loved this. I feel so bad for the possible adoptive parents, but I want Rose and Scorpius to raise the baby. At least, they will both be out of hogwarts when the baby comes, and Rose won't start healing school till September, so Rose can still nurse the baby until school comes around! It would hurt them too much to look back at the time they could have had with their kid.

Loved this chapter, though. I've been waiting 5ever for this update it feels like!

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Review #8, by Crystal Nervous Meetings

19th May 2017:
I think they should keep the baby

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Review #9, by alexaemd123 Nervous Meetings

17th May 2017:
As usual, I am in love with this story and this chapter was perfect! :) And thank you so much for the crazy quick update!! haha but... After reading this, I am so conflicted as to what they should do. I seriously am so grateful that I do not have to make that decision lol but no matter what they choose, I feel like it will be a good decision! If they keep the baby, they will obviously love it so much and take such amazing care of it, and if they give the baby to the couple, the couple will do the same! It is very much a huge conflict! But I hope you don't have too much difficulty choosing what they should do! Personally, if I had to pick one, I would make them give the baby to the parents. I not only feel like they deserve to be parents but I think it would be a great choice for Rose and Scorp's lives, as they are still growing up too! Plus, I'm adopted, so I might be a little biased! hahaha but I loved this chapter! And the whole thing with Scorp not telling Rose that he loves her is a little stupid. I mean I understand his thinking but, they are together and he should just tell her. I think she would be more upset that he is keeping it from her, than actually telling her and her not feeling the same way. But it is quite obviously she loves him too! And the whole fiasco with Chloe, I don't even know.. lol she has to be pregnant! Or something close to that, because I feel like the little hint with Albus and Rose's discussion during their breakfast was kinda fishy.. I mean they talked about how Al and Chloe never had a pregnancy scare when they were together, and now she has fishy pregnancy sympotoms... idk... she might be! I'm suspicious.. but the other issue is, WHO could the father be!? Alex?!?! I seriously hope not.. but as usual, THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH for writing this story! LOve love love it so much! And I am so excited for more! I need to see Rose and Scorpius' reactions to the meeting with the potential parents! :) and of course, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!!!

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Review #10, by blackzero After Hogsmeade

7th May 2017:
Cannot wait for the next chapter...She is pregnant and Al got cold feet..or asked that is the baby really his...Anyways a fine chapter...Update soon...

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Review #11, by alexaemd123 After Hogsmeade

7th May 2017:
Eeeep you're back!!! Please do not leave for so long again! I was so upset that there was no update in forever! And for the story, so far, so freaking good! Personally, I think Alex and Emily need to get over their sh$t. lol their problems are getting over exaggerated haha and I just need them to be together.. same with Al and Chloe! But on the more interesting side, is Chloe pregnant?! Because those hints look a lot like Rose's at the beginning. lol I mean it could be something completely different, but idk... kinda fishy to me. But yeah.. Scorp needs to grow a pair and just tell Rose he loves her. I don't understand why he froze and didn't say anything to her when she asked. It kinda frustrated me.. but then again.. I am just really impatient for these new chapters! Kind of a filler, but don't get me wrong, it was an excellent filler! Your writing is exquisite! Love it so much! And I am beyond excited for more chapters! And as usual, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON! You're killin me smalls with these slow mo updates! lol

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Review #12, by blackzero Emotionally Exhausting

26th March 2017:
I am hundred percent sure that Chloe is pregnant...counting all the hints...The father is going is be one with name starting with A but who ? You rocked.It was my first time reading and i read all at once ...Please do complete the story...Superb

Author's Response: Very interesting theory! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #13, by AMAZING STORY Emotionally Exhausting

22nd February 2017:

Author's Response: That's the plan! Thank you!

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Review #14, by Diana Hanson Emotionally Exhausting

19th February 2017:
Love this story...please continue with it. Love how Scorpius realized all at once that he loves Rose. I also really like how Audrey describes how Rose is finally herself again. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I've had the part about Scorp realizing he's in love with Rose written for a long time so it's nice to have it posted! And yeah, a big part of this story is basically Rose learning it's okay to not be perfect and that she can be herself! Thank you!

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Review #15, by i love this book Emotionally Exhausting

9th February 2017:
amazing keep writing this . I love this story

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by alexaemd123 Emotionally Exhausting

30th January 2017:
Okay, first of all, welcome back! I was getting worried you wouldn't finish this story! I love this story so much and I am so happy it's back! I love Scorp and Rose together! I love how Scorp just realized he was in love with Rose! I'm excited to see how everything unfolds! I really want to know what's up with Chloe... That seems like a very serious issue, so I hope it's not too serious. I really just want Alex and Emily to get past their little blahh lol and Al to get back together with Chloe.. it just needs to happen lol and thank you for continuing this story! I have been following it for a long time, so do not worry about losing me as a reader! I'm excited for the new chapters! So keep them coming! :) And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!

Author's Response: Yes, I know it's been a while hasn't it? I'm hoping to finish, I love writing but I hit a wall with this story for a long time. I've had the part where Scorp realizes he's in love with Rose written for so long that I'm glad it's finally here :) Chloe is going through some major things right now but that won't be revealed until a little later on. Trying to keep new chapters coming as fast as I can! Thank you!

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Review #17, by Ghost Emotionally Exhausting

25th January 2017:
oh my god I was up all night reading this best fan fiction ever please continue to do these a PLEASE HURRY I need to know what happens!!!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you!

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Review #18, by Ronald8472 Just A Feeling

7th September 2016:
I read this one what there was of it in a day. It's good and I'm hoping you will pick it up again. I read madness just before it and was quite impressed with it too infact I'll post a review for it next.

Author's Response: I'm hoping to pick it up again soon! Thank you for your kind words!

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Review #19, by Sophie Grace Just A Feeling

20th June 2016:
love this story. want more!

Author's Response: Hopefully I'll get inspired to write more again!! I'm glad you love it!

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Review #20, by Aizlyn Eri Just A Feeling

18th June 2014:
Please write a new chapter soon! I've been following this for ages!

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Review #21, by MadIce Just A Feeling

18th May 2014:
Hay I just wanted to say that this story is grate and hope that there is an update some time even though I know how hectic collage can be. Just holding for more because I do not think Rose wants to be pregnant for all eternity.

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Review #22, by Shelby Pagan Just A Feeling

11th March 2014:
Your story is just absolutely fabulous! I can't wait for the next update!

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Review #23, by noneofyourbeeswax Just A Feeling

21st February 2014:
If you make them give up the baby I will figuratively cut off your head.

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Review #24, by roseandscorpiusforever Just A Feeling

1st January 2014:
just saying.

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Review #25, by emma Just A Feeling

30th December 2013:


No but seriously I would love an update.
Please hurry.

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