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Reading Reviews for Off Limits
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Review #1, by lovegood27 Fighting and Guilt

11th December 2016:
I don't think Professor Binns would ever notice if someone was talking he would just start his lesson and forget about the world

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Review #2, by lovegood27 I Hate My Life

11th December 2016:
I really like this story so far, and I really want Victoire and Teddy to get together.

The only thing I have to say is that Fred, Dom and James would probably have heard of the S word by the time they were 11 but otherwise, it's a great storyline x

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Review #3, by Aizlyn Eri Where He Should Be

18th June 2014:
I got so into this story that my heart literally stopped when I realized that the last update was TWO YEARS AGO. Please write more. And write more to Perfect too? D:

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Review #4, by carellio Where He Should Be

12th October 2013:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE THIS!! I love this story insanely so! You have an amazing way of writing and I would love to read another chapter!!

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Review #5, by alexaemd123 Where He Should Be

19th September 2013:
I love this so much! Keep writing this story!!!

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Review #6, by Sleazy For Fred Weasley Fighting and Guilt

28th April 2013:
Awesome chapter. My favorite part: the reference to Looking For Alaska! you have a decent taste in books, just thought I'd tell you :)

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Review #7, by dramionealltheway Merlin Must Hate Me

3rd January 2013:
I officially hate Gabrielle. I want to reach in to the internet and punch her harder that Tor punched the wall. She was trying to make Tor go out with someone else so that she could have Teddy. Then little James! OMG! THE CUTENESS IS UNBEARABLE!

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Review #8, by A huge fan Where He Should Be

29th November 2012:
Heyy:) well, I've read this chapter when it came out 3 months ago:3 I've reviewed to BEG you to please update the next chapter! I love thus story but the long time span between the chapters makes me' start to forget it. I wad scrolling through my favourite stories and saw this and remembered how much I love it! I love your other story with addie:) but I really want to read this! Please update soon or I will start pulling my hair out :S

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Review #9, by moonlightmagic Where He Should Be

23rd August 2012:
OMG this story is really good. i so did not see jason liking gabrielle i think she is a total bitch and i just think victoire and teddy are the cutest couple ever i think that jason and gabrielle should date so vic and jason get to be happy. i also thought the whole louis werewolf thing was really interesting u should totally update soon i can't believe how good your stories are i just love 'perfect' so much its really really freaking good but the madness that is my life is definitely my favourite so yeah update soon this story is really good and i love your stories alot

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Review #10, by Choconut892 Where He Should Be

9th August 2012:
Love this! Update soon:) xx

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Review #11, by Becka Potter Where He Should Be

9th August 2012:
Yay new chapter!! and no i don't agree with you it did not suck. Jason has a crush on Gabriel?? I didn't see that one coming. So really Teddy and Gabriel should really break up soon so as to make Jason and Vic happy :D Sounds like a good plan to me :)

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Review #12, by Lots of Experience with Children of All Ages I Hate My Life

30th July 2012:
I just read 'Perfect' yesterday/this morning and loved it, so I decided to try your other stories too. I'm enjoying this one so far, but I had to mention that your 11 year olds act more like 3-5 year olds. I'm a camp counselor for 7-8 year olds, and none of them would do any of that stuff. The shouting curse words is also like... 2 year old stuff. 11 year olds aren't that different from teenagers. That's really my only criticism. Otherwise, great story, and I hope you update 'Perfect' soon!

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Review #13, by Dizzy73 Fighting and Guilt

18th July 2012:
Gah! I wish Gabrielle never date Teddy! ugh...
Michael is my favorite character in this story! I hope he and Sophie will get together!

Author's Response: Yeah, most people wish that. (like me) Michael is amazing, isn't he? he's very funny and cute and just awesome. I hope he and Sophie get together too. As the writer I do have that power...

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Review #14, by TheGoldenKneazle Don't Mess With Me

18th July 2012:
Ohh I just feel so sorry for Gabrielle! You're showing her perfectly as a total sweetie, and I just wanna give her a hug and loooads of ice-cream :3 I love her relationship with the rest of the group though, and how they all stood up for her like that! It was really friendly and made me want to be such a part of it!

I'm loving all Victoire's family history too, and how lovely she is to her friends... plus I love her and Teddy's relationship so much already, he seems really nice and already perfect for her! I just wish they spent more time together!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Can't say I agree that Gabrielle is sweet though...she shows her true colors later. And yes, Vic and Teddy are perfect :D

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Review #15, by TheGoldenKneazle A Teeny-Tiny-Totally-Not-Big-Mini Crush

18th July 2012:
This is really cute so far! I love how you've characterised all the group so far, Teddy included; we can already see how big a part of Victoire's life he is, and it's just so cute already :3

I loved all her friends too, and the relationships, since it made them a lot more believeable and I just want to read more! Madison especially was lovely, and I definitely want to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you find it all very realistic

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Review #16, by Aaliyah Fighting and Guilt

18th July 2012:
This is a really good fanfiction! I mean, most everybody always thinks Victoire and Teddy's relationship was easy, considering what was written in the epilogue. But I love seeing that Victoire's a tomboy, a family lover, and is super, super fierce. Now her and Teddy just need to stop fucking around, right? I can't wait to see the next chapter, and I hope Gabrielle is really knocked down a notch. She doesn't understand that you can't blame your problems on other people, and you can't just say what you feel, especially if it's not true. She's just so, you know, daft. I'm just so excited for this next chapter, now get Teddy and Victoire together for real, and make Gabrielle understand that she is kind of a big annoying bimbo, who is only okay sometimes.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I highly doubt their relationship was easy because no one's relationship is ever easy. I find it funny that more people haven't thought that Toire would be more of a tomboy. Gabrielle is very annoying and while a part of me would like to throw her off of the Astronomy Tower, I know that she is a key part in this story.

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Review #17, by Ravenclaw_Charm Merlin Must Hate Me

18th July 2012:
Another brilliant chapter! But DARN, I wanted Ted and Victoire to kiss D: Looks like I was right, though - Gabrielle and Ted are going to get together! Holy Merlin, I wonder what's going to happen with that! I'm glad that Michael's getting over Victoire; that would've been quite messy if he was still angry Michael. And James is so precious! I wonder if his dreams will become important again? It's adorable that he thinks Vic and Ted should get married! Especially since we know that later (in canon) he catches them snogging on the train ;) Anyways, keep writing awesome chapters like this! I'm really loving this story :D

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, I think everyone wanted them to kiss! But as usual, Merlin hates Vic, so that wasn't going to happen. And good call there! It's very good that he's getting over Victoire. Can you imagine if this was a love square story instead of a love triangle? That'd be so annoying. James is quite the cutie! But no, his dreams won't be anything useful, as of now. He's just scared of Voldy.

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Review #18, by Ravenclaw_Charm Don't Mess With Me

18th July 2012:
"It isn't the best story right now"? You're kidding, right? This chapter was bunches better than the first! (Although, they're both awesome ;]) My favorite part was definitely Madison and Victoire double-teaming Scott, and Victoire punching him :D That was brilliant. I love how Victoire knows how to throw a punch, especially since Ron taught her because Hermione hit Draco. ;) Oh, and Victoire punching James - hilarious!This story is just so enjoyable to read, and it flows so well! YAY! I'm not sure how I feel about Michael liking Victoire, though. I'm a total Teddy/Victoire shipper, but I think Gabrielle might go out with him o.O But excellent job on this story! I'm loving it so far :D

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoy it so much! The double teaming of Scott was very fun to write. I figured that realistically, with all those uncles she'd know how to punch someone. Thank you very much!

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Review #19, by Ravenclaw_Charm A Teeny-Tiny-Totally-Not-Big-Mini Crush

18th July 2012:
Awesome start to a story! You really got me hooked with those first few lines ("No, I wasn't the one broken up with. I'm flattered you thought that though."). Your narration is easy and enjoyable to read. It's also interesting that you made Victoire undesirable by the boys, since normally she's the one they're begging on their knees for; it's an interesting and different view, which I like :) Oh, and I love the Teddy/Victoire in here! They are SO CUTE. Your story is very quirky and funny, and I'll definitely be reading more! See you next chapter ;)

Author's Response: Yay! i'm glad you were hooked so easily! Now it's Vic who thinks boys aren't falling all over her, in actuality, boys are falling all over she just doesn't see it (but more on that later). Thank you very much!

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Review #20, by padmoonyfoot7 Meetings (AKA Snog Sessions)

25th June 2012:
Brilliant, just pure brilliance!
I love the One Direction bit as I am also a Directioner, and it was really funny! Great that you're seeing them too!
I love Jason, I don't think that I realised this before, but he's just so funny!
I like Alek and him and Vic's relationship is really nice and I'd love to read about them at Christmas!
Merlin really does hate Vic. Like seriously, she can't be with Teddy now!
Keep up the good work!!

padmoonyfoot7: over and out!!

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Review #21, by Julie London Meetings (AKA Snog Sessions)

20th June 2012:
And here I was thinking that Teddy and Victoire would finally be together! I loved that little twist at the end! Hope you update soon (:

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Review #22, by MrsDiggoryXD Meetings (AKA Snog Sessions)

19th June 2012:
Amazing as always! :) and you're seeing One Direction soon? Me too! They are absolutely adorable :D

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Review #23, by saskia98 Meetings (AKA Snog Sessions)

19th June 2012:
this is so addicting! and the one direction bit was the highlight of the story, they came to my school :D BUT i wanted victorie and teddy to get together ohhh, :( sad times, please let them get together i've waited soo long for this!

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Review #24, by Bluestreakspirit Meetings (AKA Snog Sessions)

18th June 2012:
THIS REVIEW IS GONNA BE REALLY WEIRD AND RAMBLEY!! hiii :) I am in SUCH A GOod oops there we go mood right now! The discoveries of snicker doodles in my home + "Flipped" being a movie + "Perks of Being a Wallflower" being a movie with Logan Lerman + "13 Reasons Why" possibly being a movie with Selena Gomez and/or the aforementioned Mr. Lerman in 2013 + a bunch of my favorite stories being updated = :) :) :) sorry if I'm super obnoxious. THIS CHAPTER = :)

SOO, VIC and Alek, hmmm? ;) I already adore this kid. It was super random when Vic dragged him into this though, I was like O_O. MICHAEL SINGING ONE DIRECTION MADE MY FREAKING LIFE. Ahahahaha One Direction's made me a bit sad lately (too lengthy to explain and mostly dumb teen angst) BUT THIS CAMEO LITERALLY MADE IT ALL BETTER. :) That whole scene in the dorm had me laughing like I belong in a looney bin. I almost fell off my bed.

Gabrielle was so sad. Like, literally, WTF HER LIFE REALLY SUCKS. Did her mummy lose her mind FOREVER? And I feel even worse for her because TED IS CHEATING ON HER. I don't like that Vic's the bad guy here. :(

Speaking of that, Ted and Vic sure like peas. (Okay, that relates to nothing, but I had to include this observation.) "Mean Girls" reference = :) WHY DID VIC SLAG IT UP FOR TEDDY? LIKE, SERIOUSLY? That kind of made me like her a little bit less. I could see her reasoning, I guess, but she literally admitted that she wanted to look sluttier.

Oh. My. God. This is so obnoxious and long. Thanks for listening while I rambled on like an idiot. I hope I got this out of my system because I have too many recently updated stories to read and review rightthisveryminute and not enough time to properly edit all this crap. I AM TRULY SORRY. Feel free to delete this if it really annoys you. Haha THANK YOU!! :)

Author's Response: This long review actually made me smile and feel better, since a few minutes before I was upset so thank you for your random and long review.

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Review #25, by Kathrynen Merlin Must Hate Me

18th June 2012:
Aw James is the most adorable first year ever!
Seriously, what a cutie!
I like how you've made Vic a tomboy and Dom girly, usually its the other way round but this is really interesting, I like it (:

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