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Reading Reviews for What Lies Within
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Review #1, by bananasareamazing A Lack of Solitude

3rd March 2013:
please update!!! I love this story so good!

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Review #2, by Live Life Large A Lack of Solitude

12th March 2012:
Honestly? This isn't really my cup of tea. It seems a bit sexist, in fact, the way the girls don't even get a choice. I think I might like it a bit better if Hermione puts up a bit of a fight. Sorry! It's pretty well written, but opposes my world view a lot. Apparently everyone else likes it though, so what do I know?

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Review #3, by Stephanie Catching The Rabbit

26th October 2011:
please dont stop!!! keep going! great story!

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Review #4, by caitlin Catching The Rabbit

29th September 2011:
please write more chapters this is a really good story

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Review #5, by caitlin Catching The Rabbit

23rd September 2011:
please write more chapters please
i would like to read more and having to guess what happens next.
this is a really good story and should be finished

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Review #6, by Opalpixiechick A Lack of Solitude

6th September 2011:
Love your story. Please update soon! : )

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Review #7, by Opalpixiechick Catching The Rabbit

1st September 2011:
Love this story. Can not wait to see what happens next. : )

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Review #8, by Alexandra Kate A Lack of Solitude

7th August 2011:
Love it! Oh please update soon!

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Review #9, by chase A Lack of Solitude

21st July 2011:
please, please, please, please wright more chapters PLEASE!

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Review #10, by shellby A Lack of Solitude

11th July 2011:
AWESOME, just right more chapters!

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Review #11, by slytherinwerevamp A Lack of Solitude

7th July 2011:
omg this story so far is amazing! I so cant wait tell u post more. please post more soon. I am so enthraled with this story i want to know how it ends now. all i have to say is it is fabulous

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Review #12, by Phoebe Catching The Rabbit

1st July 2011:
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - brillent !! Pleaseee hurry up with more chapters!! This got my heart racing as fast as when i read harry potter for the first time!!

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Review #13, by Welchie A Lack of Solitude

30th June 2011:
Alright, now, for the constructive criticism every author needs: First off, your story is still going very fast paced and I think you should add in more details between the dialogue, because writing isn't just about letting your readers hear what is being said in your story or what is being done. Writing is about pulling your readers into the world you manage to create using all of their senses, including taste, touch, smell - all of it. You've got to give your world more life if you want to completely pull your readers in. Also, add a little bit of resistance in Hermione or something. She is very submissive to Draco right now and it's not giving your story a lot of "muchness." Just a lot of fluff, really. I mean, don't get me wrong - I LOVE your story, but I think every author has something that they could work on to make their stories better and yours is mostly just the lack of details. I love your story and I think you've got a great idea here, but you're not pushing it to its full potential. So, this next chappie, comb through it many times until you believe you've given it your all. I'm anxiously waiting for chapter 3 - but no pressure! And please, please don't think I've said all of this stuff out of spite! I do think you've got a wonderful imagination and that you're writing is fairly well. There's just always room for improvement and I think, if you really put everything you've got into your writing, it'll be quite a work of literature :)
8/10 from me, hun ((:

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Review #14, by the minister for magic A Lack of Solitude

30th June 2011:
ahhh this is getting so exciting now i really cannot wait until the next chapter oh please update soon :)

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Review #15, by lapin A Lack of Solitude

30th June 2011:
oh the plot thickens, i'm really enjoying this story, please update soon :)

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Review #16, by Bridgetll A Lack of Solitude

30th June 2011:
I LOVED IT! The plot is so creative, and I really like dramione

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Review #17, by Laura A Lack of Solitude

30th June 2011:
YAY!! Finally here's the second chapter:D:D I could barely wait for this...everyday i thought maybe today.:D:D when i saw it my heart skipped a beat:D Hermione really attacked Millicent???o.O I can't wait the next chapter 'cos you said it's a transitional chapter and that means in the third one will be a lot of thing:D am i right?:D:D

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Review #18, by Gin-gin06 A Lack of Solitude

30th June 2011:
Millicent is a B-word! She is going to get herself killed. I feel sorry for Blaise. What will happen to him if he can't mark Ginny? Or visa versa?
What did McGonagall do to Draco? And why is Hermione his mate if the book said you had to be a pureblood?
Ah! So many questions to be answered.
Can't wait for more

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Review #19, by Ehlana A Lack of Solitude

30th June 2011:
Oh dear ... what's Blaise going to do if he can't mark his mate?? This is getting better and better ^^
I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #20, by lapin Catching The Rabbit

29th June 2011:
I love this story so far, even tho its only a chapter i am already hooked! Please update soon :)

Author's Response: I actually did about 4 days ago. Sadly the waiting time is 5 :(

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Review #21, by DramioneEverlasting Catching The Rabbit

28th June 2011:
Love the story so far!!! Please finish it!! Update soon!!

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Review #22, by Rael Catching The Rabbit

27th June 2011:
rly awesome story !!! please put up the next chapter !!!

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Review #23, by Amulu_potter Catching The Rabbit

27th June 2011:
I just Got one word WOW!

ur work is awesome...i love the plot and the way u hve explained...but one thing is bothering me draco says after biting hermione tht the rest of the steps she will hve to do willingly but draco has a control over her so can't he just make her do wht he wants her to do???

won't hermione ever hve her own will? n just be controlled by him??

i just cant wait to read more!!! :)

pls update soon


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Review #24, by the minister for magic Catching The Rabbit

26th June 2011:
this is a really intresting story and diffrent from other draco and hermione stories i've read. Can't wait till the next chapter :)

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Review #25, by ginnypotterforever Catching The Rabbit

24th June 2011:
Wow! What an interesting story! I'm immediately hooked and can't wait for the next chapter. Hope to see it soon!

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