A nice addition to the first. A couple of spelling mistakes and errors, but I can ignore them. There's only one thing that didn't really sit with me though. I can't imagine Bellatrix allowing other people other than her sister and perhaps Voldemort calling her "Bella", she just seems too full of herself. But meh, it doesn't really effect the mood.
Quite an interesting start to the story. I loved Bellatrix's entrance, it was quite her style :P.
Another interesting chapter. It will also be interesting to follow this Mitchell character and see what developes. So I give you another 9/10 and add you to both fav's lists, and also request that you update soon. And please feel free to read my stories.

Author's Response: I'll try to write a new chapter as soon as I can. I'm trying to get these two chapter images first via The Dark Arts but the images won't paste. If you know how to fix this let me know. Thanks!

An interesting start to this story. You have me wanting to know more. So I give you 9/10 for the opening chapter and onto the next one.


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