2011-01-29 17:51:03
Aww! I'm in love with this! :)
2011-01-29 17:51:03
Very cute. 10's all around.
2011-01-29 17:51:03
I am in tears...

SNAPE and SHILOH are perfect for each other!
2011-01-29 17:51:03
Aww! I died. You are an AMAZING author. I absolutely LOVE it. I cant wait to tell my friends about this!
Nice job! :)
2011-01-29 17:51:03
that was a cute little one shot about severus finding his daughter years before the actual story!
2011-01-29 17:51:03
Aaw this is so cute :) It made me smile.
2011-01-29 17:51:03
This is a little better than there was a darkness!! No affiance. Maybe u should keep on righting this story!!! I really LOVE it!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it so well. But no, I wouldn't keep writing this one. It would become very cliche, very fast, and there were many reasons I decided against writing OTWAD like this. I'm sorry if you liked this better, but OTWAD is Shiloh's true story and it will remain the way the story is written.
2011-01-29 17:51:03
I agree with you that 'love makes the world go round.' and so I'm leaving this lovely review for your lovely story. I haven't read your previous stories but I didn't find it confusing. However I came to a conclusion that you are a really good writer and I want to go through other stories of you. I am sure I would love them just as much as I loved this one.

Well, talking about this story, it was really sweet, smoothly flowing and heart-touching story. I love it when Snape is shown all 'lovely' or at least 'really warm at heart'. He's my best character and I really loved the way you expressed him in this sweet one-shot.

I'll give you a 10/10 for this...

Keep writing... :)
2011-01-29 17:51:03
i have fallen in love with this story. it nearly made me cry.
2011-01-29 17:51:03

If only, if only things COULD have gone this way. :D This was cute.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)
2011-01-29 17:51:03
Wish I could climb onto my dad's lap...

Author's Response: Yeah, me too.
2011-01-29 17:51:03
I love this! The potion scene was such a sweet moment. This reminds me somewhat of "Always in Your Shadow" by Arinus. As cute as this is, I still prefer your "Once There Was A Darkness" series. I can't wait for your next installment in Year 2.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you like. I've never heard of Always in You Shadow, actually. Yes, I prefer OTWAD too. There was a reason I would never write a series like this. All the fluff and cliches would eventually strangle me. But I thought it would be a nice treat. Sorry for the delay in the update, but college is kicking my butt and it'll probably be several more days before I can get back to writing.
2011-01-29 17:51:03
Ah! It gives me so much hope for what could be of their relationship later on. But I like your usual take of darkness much better despite what you may thing. It makes things far more interesting than most usual plotlines. Plus the idea of something like this for a seven year story... Well not to say those types of fics can't be good, but they get very cliche very fast.

Also, the potion scene literally made me say awww =)

Author's Response: Oh, I totally agree about the take on darkness. I just said that this was very sweet, but I also said I can't write happy things like this very often. Because...as you said, they tend to get cliche fast. I tried to ponder how the story might have occurred after this oneshot and always end up choking on the cliches. Plus, little Shi-Shi wouldn't be the same that she is and we can't have that!

And yes, the potion scene was adorable! Thank you so much for reading!
2011-01-29 17:51:03
That was good! I couldn't imagine the story being like this. I like the way you wrote it. Great spin off though. It was really touching.


Author's Response: Yes, I am attached to OTWAD the way it is. And the point of my statement was I CAN'T write things like that, because I know, in the end, it would be cliche and just not as good. But I enjoyed writing the what if scenery and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.
2011-01-29 17:51:03
Ive often wondered 'what if' with OTWAD, so its really cool to actually get an answer to my pondering. While I greatly enjoyed this one-shot, I have to say, I enjoy the direction you took with OTWAD much more. I know it might sound bad, but I love the angst and suspense; its addicting, and it creates a much more captivating story. However this does not mean I dont enjoy fluff every now and again (hint, hint).

It was nice to see some father/daughter interaction between little Shiloh and Severus, after all, we probably are not going to get any more of it any time soon.

I did notice one small error in this story. Near the beginning, its mentioned that Shiloh is 5, but later, Madam Pomfrey said that she is four.

Anyway, I loved the one shot, and good luck!

Author's Response: I totally agree. As much as I had fun writing the one-shot, I believe that OTWAD's direction is so much better (and less cliche). Plus, I totally understand what you mean about angst. I thrive on it too, and I love writing it such much more than fluff. Plus, when have a truly angsty story, it makes the moments of fluff mean all the more.

And yes, Severus and little Shiloh are so cute together. And you caught me. Part of the reason for me getting this up is so maybe readers won't hate me for the long, long wait they have before there is too much father/daughter interaction.

Actually, I know what you mean about the error. But I actually said "she was no more than five". Four is not more than five, so I'm actually safe. LOL

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!
2011-01-29 17:51:03
Oh my gosh!!! This is amazing!!! I truly do wish everything had turned out this way, but even so, just as a "What if.." kind of story, it is bloody brilliant!! I really liked that you made her silent because of the trauma she's been through but that Sev is the one to first bring her out of it. Plus the extra details you added about how Shiloh reacts to the memories of ellesa and the results they unfortunately bring really
added to the whole thing! Thanks so much for posting, I absolutely loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, I loved showing this to the readers because I knew how much they would enjoy it. I'm SO glad you did, haha! I especially love the view you get to see of little Shi-Shi, and the trauma, because I believe that in this "What if" story and in OTWAD it is very much the same. Thanks for leaving a review. I'm glad you liked it. :D


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