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Review #1, by Megan Finding the Future

26th July 2017:
Absolutely loved this story... Thank you for writing it!! On to the sequel!!

Author's Response: Megan,

Thank you for reviewing. I hope you enjoy Harry Potter and the Grand Trine as well.



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Review #2, by Monique The Best Present Ever

8th July 2017:
Ugh crying so much. A beautiful written chapter I am obsessed with this Ron art thing! Extremely unique twist I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks Monique, you've picked a couple of my favorite scenes.

I felt that Ron and Hermione could not sustain a relationship without something that gave Ron confidence. Ms. Rowling's ideas of the portraits is really brilliant so I played with the idea of how portraits might come to be. I wanted Ron to be as magical as Harry, Ginny and Hermione. So, to me it seemed to fit.

I appreciate your compliments. Thank you.


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Review #3, by Monique A Great Halloween

7th July 2017:
I think this is my favorite chapter so far!! That is saying a lot seeing as I have been reading this during my lunch break over the last couple of weeks! It really is a wonderful story and overall well written!

Author's Response: Thank you Monique, I like the dance, I wanted them to have a young love, a progression of their feelings for each other. The school dance is part of that; a bit of fun after so much sorrow and danger..

The Weird Sisters is another of Ms. Rowling's many brilliant creations. I enjoyed playing with it.

I hope you will continue to enjoy the story.


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Review #4, by PendleWizard Finding the Future

18th April 2017:
What a beautiful, beautiful story. I binge-read it over a number of days in every spare minute (and quite a few non-spare ones) and I had a lump in my throat for much of it.

I love the world you have created here and the detail you have put into it. You have told a wonderful tale of burgeoning adulthood and love. The rendition of Ron is so clever - rehabilitating him from his traditional hapless sidekick role and yet being true to what we know about him.

And OK - I admit it - it brought back fond memories of exploring 'the delightful territory between snogging and making babies' (yes - I'm another slightly older reader).

As a somewhat pendantic Englishman, I really appreciate that you are attempting to put this into British English, even if you don't always get it quite right. It really enhances a story if the setting and idiom are right.

So huge thanks for such a brilliant book. I am eagerly awaiting the next update of Grand Trine.

Author's Response: PendleWizard,

Thanks again! I didn't think Ron would really suit Hermione without something to give him confidence and her more reason to be proud of him. It's one thing to "fall in love" and another to keep a relationship alive and well, so I thought a talent different from Hermione's would be workable.

I was fond of the "territory between snogging and making babies" myself, figured they'd be too!

If I get any of the idiom right it is because people like you have been so generous with your advice.

Thank you very much,


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Review #5, by Julivadi Finding the Future

30th March 2017:
What a fabulous story! I have read this book over a few days because I truthfully have found it difficult to put down. You are a very talented author and have woven genuine emotion, tension, humour and empathy into a wonderful tale of the four school friends that have turned into well educated, loving adult couples. This tale of their final year at Hogwarts and their blossoming love and magic is well worthy of publishing. I would certainly buy this book if it were offered for sale, and would be proud to place it alongside JKR's published works. I am now going to have a look at your next novel, but perhaps I had better leave reading it until the morning, I have already spent several nights reading until the small hours.
I really do have a problem with the old "just one more chapter" syndrome. That only happens with REALLY good books though.
I will leave this review with my congratulations on an excellent book, and my plea for more of the same, please.

Author's Response: Julivadi,

Thank you for your very kind review. I think that people -- like myself -- who became attached to Ms. Rowling's characters, want to experience more with them. For us even their shopping can be interesting because it is our favorites who are doing It.

I hope you like "Harry Potter and the Grand Trine," it is the same people who have begun their carriers. Bye the way, you probably won't be surprised to know that you are not alone in the "one more chapter" syndrome.

Thanks, the encouragement is great.


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Review #6, by LiteratureFan The Old School

27th March 2017:
I enjoyed the first few chapters but had to leave it there. It feels wrong that Harry and Hermione don't seem to have any knowledge from their early niggle years. It also seems odd that nobody in the wizard community knows how to travel to Australia (when we already know that the Weasleys have been as far as Eqypt), how to contact the Australian ministry or how to change galleons into niggle money.

Author's Response: I understand. I was most interested in keeping the characters "canon." All you mention I had to accept after I told the story I had to tell. Although I felt like I paid considerable attention to continuity with the books, and even J.K. Rowling's later comments, what I wanted to write was not a perfect fit.

Thank you for your comments.


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Review #7, by dumbledore_wannabe The Best Present Ever

28th September 2016:
So I'm re-reading this story, and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed how you used this one chapter to allow TWO Weasleys to bring something new to their family. It was great to see Ron finally come into his own! And Charlie brought something new to his family too, although it seems that maybe only Fred has noticed so far. I It is lovely to see this issue brought up in such an undramatic and accepting way. :)

Author's Response: dumbledore_wannabe,

To make a relationship with Hermione work, Ron had to be something that gave him the confidence to deal with a powerful and somewhat demanding woman. I made Carlos a little obvious so as to not say but let the reader decide for themselves that Charlie is gay. Why not, wizards are people and we come in those varieties?

This is one of my favorite chapters because I always empathized with Ron's self-uncertainties and enjoyed imagining him as a more confident Ron.

Thanks for your review,


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Review #8, by NWilkinson Finding the Future

13th July 2016:
Really enjoyed this! Fab story! I love that Ron NASA been given an incredible talent, he's always been a little left behind, so its nice to see him doing something incredible!

Author's Response: Nwilkinson,

Thank you for writing.

I thought that if Ron were to be with Hermione in a successful couple he would need to feel more confident. I thought the best way for him to be confident would be something he was proud of, a talent.

In "Grand Trine," the sequel to "Chinese Book," this lets me write him as a stronger character.


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Review #9, by GoldOpals Finding the Future

16th December 2015:
This is an incredible novel which has shown not only a great story line and character development but evolution in writing skills as well.

Author's Response: GoldOpals,

Thank you very much. I've never written fiction before, learning something about it was a tremendous pleasure.


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Review #10, by annimal16 Finding the Future

22nd November 2015:
He love the story.
But the big question is
Are you gona make more?
And i think you changed the story a bit do i need to reread it?

Author's Response: annimal16,

Glad you enjoyed it. I've been fixing typos and my poor British English but the story is the same. A couple of dialog fixes here and there, but no essential change in the story line.

Yes, I am working on another that I hope to start posing in the new year. It picks up Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, married couples beginning their careers, when they happen upon the mystery of a missing powerful magical object that takes them deep into the Muggle world.

Thanks for your review,


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Review #11, by Siesi3 Chapter 1: Tears of Sorrow - Tears of Joy

5th October 2015:
Amaizing 10 stars and decenetly seams like j.k. wrote it im so adicted

Author's Response: Siesi3,

Thank you for your review and kind words. JRK created such a rich world and such compelling charters that it gives the fan fiction writer a lot to work with.

I hope you will find the rest of the story interesting as well.



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Review #12, by LittleTom45 Finding the Future

4th October 2015:
This is a wonderful story and one of the best I have read this year. You have a great and wonderful talent. Your writing not only captures the reader but teaches and gets the reader thinking. The adaptions of mixing muggles and magics, touring new locations, and learning history really keep the reader enthralled. I hope to read more of your work.

Author's Response: LittleRom45,

You are very kid and I am humbled to receive this review.

I am working on a new story that I hope to start posting in the new year.

Again, thank you so much, this is wonderfully encouraging.


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Review #13, by LittleTom45 Chapter 1: Tears of Sorrow - Tears of Joy

30th September 2015:
What an excellent read. I am so happy I happened upon this story. I think this will be very enjoyable.

Author's Response: Little Tom,

Thank you for reviewing, I certainly hope you continue to enjoy the story.


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Review #14, by dumbledore_wannabe Broom Magic

14th September 2015:
Just wanted to say how very much I am enjoying this story. It's such a different type of story. Very happy and relaxing! It's so nice just to see the characters being themselves. And, as a fellow "older Harry Potter fan," I can really appreciate the different emphasis in this story.

I've been binge-reading - but now I'm slowing down, because I want it to last as long as possible. :)

Author's Response: Dumbledore_wannabe,

Thank you very much.

When I finished "Deathly Hallows," what struck me as unresolved is that the four friends would be traumatized. Magical or Muggle what else could be the outcome of living minutes away from death for most of your life?

Another idea also set the course for this very long exposition about their thoughts and feelings. I wanted to see these characters Ms. Rowling made so ease to care for have some happy times. I wanted to see Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione have some laughs, a little romance, and the families they desired.

Things speed up toward the conclusion; there is flying, spying, fighting and (I hope it reads as) suspense, but as they are maturing all along, love and sex as well.



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Review #15, by dumbledore_wannabe A Real Non Sequiter

9th September 2015:
"...beat around the Flutterby." Made me giggle! It's the little things like that which make all the difference in the reading experience. I've just discovered this story and am enjoying it quite a bit. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thanks Dumbledore_wannabe,

Glad you're enjoying it and I hope the story will continue to please you.


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Review #16, by cledabeth Finding the Future

27th July 2015:
You're a very good writer! I thought it was an excellent story!

Author's Response: Cledabeth,

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.


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Review #17, by BooBo Finding the Future

1st March 2015:
I really like this storyline, it's not the same old same old. Is there any possibility of your writing a sequel?

Author's Response: BooBo

Thanks, glad you like it. Yes, I am working on a sequel but I'm only about half way to where I could begin posting.


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Review #18, by budabobo Finding the Future

29th January 2015:
I really like the whole story and the way you made the characters stand out. found this story the other day and read it straight trough. keep thee great stories coming.

Author's Response: Thanks Budabobo,

I'm working on the next story. Still a way to go though.


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Review #19, by Jay Dargin Finding the Future

23rd August 2014:
I have read so many Harry Potter FFs, and they all fall a bit short, but i thoroughly enjoyed reading this amazing story, with fleshed out characters, true to JKR's molds, absolutely amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Looing forward to enjoying your sequel.

Author's Response: Jay,

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. It always feels good when someone likes the story.


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Review #20, by suzwester Back to Diagon Alley

19th August 2014:
A few chapters in and I'm really liking this story. Best FF I have read to date!

Author's Response: suzwester,

Thank you very much. I hope you will continue to enjoy the rest of the story.


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Review #21, by Jennyfersuper Finding the Future

18th August 2014:
I just read this entire story through in a little under 48 hours, so to say I enjoyed it is a bit of an under-statement. I really loved the premise of this novel. I was looking for something post-war and you incorporated the two things I was most wanting to read which was another year at Hogwarts for the group and finding Hermione's parents. I loved that it was not overly dark and focused on the healing process they went through and how the characters found a purpose for their lives and with each other. I loved the Chinese Book, your imagination shined through this and the details showed how well thought out the story was for you. I found it to be a fluid read, it was a little bit too detailed in some parts, but that did not take away from the flow of the storyline. I also really loved how there were no easy-outs for the group. Getting to Hermione's parents took planning and considerable work on the groups part and lead to their fuller understanding of the muggle world and how that world could very well impact them in the future. Excellent job! I hope to see a sequel from you in the future or even a new unique story as you are a superb story-teller. Thank you for taking the time to write out this marvelous bit of your imagination!

Author's Response: Jennyfersuper,

Thank you, thank you, I am honored to receive such a review. I'm guessing that having finished JKR's wonderful novels, we both wanted to know these characters we had grown to love a bit longer, and to see them make their way to a well-earned and happy life.

I am working on a sequel, it is going slowly because summers where I live are extremely busy with farm work. I hope to start posting this fall.

Again thank you.


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Review #22, by ARLENE Finding the Future

30th July 2014:
Fantastic loved every word waiting for the next chapters

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm working on something but earning a living keeps getting in the way of my hobby and I have nothing done.


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Review #23, by Amy A Real Non Sequiter

30th July 2014:
I have no idea what prompted that conversation. Why the lecture when nothing was happening? None of the four were even talking about marriage. They already wanted to do so many things that surely did not involve marriage. So there is a huge disconnect.

Not that the conversation didn't flow. It seemed intrusive and pointless. The tirade Arthur started had no connection with the rest of it. And anyone intruding in a young couple's relationship would not be met with such easy conversation.

Overall though, I like your writing and the thought you put into it. But this chapter was a bit disjointed, especially when Molly started talking about postponing getting married. WHERE did that come from? Nowhere!

Author's Response: Amy,

I get your issue. The idea is that Molly and Arthur have been watching the two couples, and know that at the rate snogging is going, it will be well past snogging soon. Molly was sure in the first chapter that they should go back to school, keep the snogging snogging for a school year, and Arthur agrees for a slightly different reason. He sees the edge the war has put to their magic and how powerful they're likely to be, and he knows his daughter is a risk taker. So he wants the four trained, to know as much as they can because he and Kingsley are already talking about getting the four into the ministry.

The chapter idea was that neither Arthur nor Molly could wait, they had to have their say, and soon, so they took a topic not really too related to start the conversation they wanted too much to wait for.

I can see where this could not come off in the chapter as it is written. I am working on something else but with think what I could do with the chapter. Thank you for you critique.


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Review #24, by tojousPur Return to the Ministry

20th July 2014:
boring...learn to write better

Author's Response: Thank you, I'll keep working at it.


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Review #25, by Involuntarymuggle Finding the Future

23rd June 2014:
This was a marvelous story. A very unique take on what happened after the war. The characters were well thought out, each following the blueprint created by their creator, yet changing into how you envisioned them. While there were some confusing parts and spelling errors, the story itself shined through. A truly magical take on a magical world. I congratulate you on your work and your writing. It was truly a joy to read.

Author's Response: Thank you very much Involuntarymuggle. I'm slowly getting at fixing the proofing. Thank you for taking the time to review, it is welcome encouragement.


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