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Reading Reviews for Tempting Fate
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Review #1, by penguinforpresident Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

24th October 2017:
I've read this and Along Came Sirius over 100 times and even after all this time I am still always gutted that it ends here.

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Review #2, by prongslittleflower Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

6th August 2017:
Just finished rereading Along Came Sirius, and I was checking out your author's note and seeing that you'd written this story, so I thought I'd have a read and let me just say that now I'm not sure which of them I like better! I've always been a sucker for a Sirius/OC but I'm absolutely loving this James/Lily story. It's really up there with some of my favorite Fanfictions of all time. And I can't wait to read more from you. I know you haven't updated in awhile and I totally understand that. But I'm going to make sure this is on my favorites and my reading list and hope that you'll decide to finish it! Again, I loved loved loved this story, and can't wait to see what you'll decide to do with it. Hope things get back to normal for Sirius and Adara, and can't wait to see James and Lily's relationship flourish even through the hardships we know are to come! :)

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Review #3, by mini marauder Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

23rd July 2017:
I do wish you would finish this story. :(

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Review #4, by Cyria Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

11th August 2015:
Hey! I would like to translate your story, 'Along came Sirius' in Finnish and publish it on a site called Finfanfun.fi (it's similar than this one but just in Finnish). Of course, I won't take any credits etc. :) I know this is probably a lost cause, because you haven't updated for a loong time but I really hope you'll answer. Love your stories!

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Review #5, by marinka23 Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

2nd August 2014:
What a great story! Come back to us:)

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Review #6, by Courtney Neely Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

1st August 2014:
Ummm I was wondering when the next chapters will
come out. I really love the first book, "Along
Came Sirius", and I really like th beginning of
this one!

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Review #7, by Ribbons Chapter Eight: Of Emergency Avoidance Mode and Emotional Wreckage

25th July 2014:
I just want you to know that I read this story a couple of months ago and loved it (especially this chapter!), but then didn't come on the site for a while. Then, a couple weeks ago I 'rediscovered' hpff and wanted to read this story. Only problem was...I couldn't find it! It literally drove me insane for about five days, until today, when I finally searched the right combination of words and it popped up. I'm just so grateful this exists and that I found it! Btw, this is my favorite Lily/James kissing scene I've ever read, and I've read a lot, so kudos to you my friend!


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Review #8, by Court Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

13th March 2014:
I'm not sure if this story has been abandoned but I really hope we get to read more of Lily and James as a couple. This is my favorite of all your stories and I love the way you write them together and would love to see how they work through their issues, as I'm sure we haven't seen the last of both of them struggling with Elizabeth as well as other things. Hope you get to update soon. Thanks for sharing!

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Review #9, by Maggie Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

8th March 2014:
Please do continue. This is one of the best stories I have read. You are an amazing writer

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Review #10, by Ayra11 Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

1st March 2014:
Hey there! I previously your Sirius/Adara story so I know they'll eventually get back together. But still, I do feel a bit bad for old Sirius.

You're a good writer, and I think you're improving all the time. The difference between the first chapter of your Sirius/Adara story and this one are huge - you can see you're getting better and better :). Congrats and update soon!

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Review #11, by ugh Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

1st March 2014:
you're killin me leaving me hanging with the adara sirius thang...

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Review #12, by wow Chapter Twelve: Of Cuts and Bruises

28th February 2014:
so I'm home sick today and spent the whole day in bed reading the prequel to this, and am now reading this one. such an addicting story, you are an amazing writer but damn what is it with you and having love lives come together at the same time the girl's dad was killed by death eaters? i mean sheesh, poor adara and lilly! nobody can catch a break here.

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Review #13, by Ash Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

24th February 2014:
Ah I am DYING for this to be completed. I have read this in like a hour and want to find you what happens with 'Dara' and sirius. Not to mention James and lily. Please tell me you are still going to update this.

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Review #14, by Guest Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

18th January 2014:
Plz continue writing.. Your story is amazing.

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Review #15, by pinkhpfan Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

11th January 2014:
I wish you would come back and finish!

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Review #16, by anon Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

14th July 2013:
Please update?
This is my favorite story ever :)

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Review #17, by JessiJ90 Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

10th May 2013:
OMG wow. You are a fantastic writer, this is how I imagined the "Lily and James" story beginning. I would have reviewed the other chapters as well but I got caught up in reading them. I love your perspective and I think you have a very talented easy read style. Please update soon, can't wait to see more!

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Review #18, by DrPepperchik Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

8th May 2013:
Where have you been???
I sure hope you haven't abandoned this story=(
I absolutely love it and all of your fans and myself included would be sooo sad if you never finish.
We looove you!!!
Here's to hoping to read the next chapter soon!!

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Review #19, by Mad for Mauraders Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

19th March 2013:

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Review #20, by anon Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

27th February 2013:
please update soon! your story is fantastic :)

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Review #21, by Hegd Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

24th February 2013:
:( I tried finding your tumblr and meet the author page but its all gone and you haven't updated a story in forever :(! pLease don't abandon your stories you are way too talented and have way too many ardent followers for you to just give up on us all :(

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Review #22, by TheOnlyDevnet Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

4th February 2013:
Thank you so much for writing this, I really just love it :) more chapters would be nice...you know, just saying. apparently reviews=happiness and happiness=updates if I remember correctly, so here's my contribution. I simply request that you continue being awesome

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Review #23, by _zoe_101_yeah_ Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

9th January 2013:
Please!! Hurry up and write more, I'm actually obsessed with this story.. Don't make me wait !! Thats just plain evil.

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Review #24, by ....... Chapter Fifteen: Of Surprises and Stupidity

2nd January 2013:
Please please write more I love your story !

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Review #25, by SiriuslyLily Chapter One: Of Unfulfilled Promises and Horrible Sisters

21st November 2012:
i like this, though i wish it was from adaras point of view. :) but i do love lily(not that way, I AM FEMALE!!) toots-

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