This one was just so amazing! I have goosebumps. I love how Harry, Ron and Neville have grown a lot closer over the years and even the Weasley family have accepting him into their family.
I had tears in my eyes when I was reading this, especially when he walked absentmindedly to his mother and she saw her granddaughter for the first time. And when she said Neville, I could have cried, added with the necklace!
I love, love this one. It's just so fabulous!

alicia and anne

Author's Response: thank you! wow! That means a lot

also, slytherin pride!
The only mistake I spotted was 'gryffindore', which should be 'gryffindor'. Otherwise, I thought this was so sweet! :) I also read the Remus The Monster one too, which was great!

Author's Response: thanks! will fix!
This was the saddest one, Poppy and Peter seemed so happy. They had a cute start to their story and I wished that they had longer together. I'm glad that they got married though, its really weird to think that Poppy was married! And I don't know why? Probably because I never thought about the teachers having lifes outside the school. You're stories are really making me think of the other teachers now and wondering what their stories are? Can't wait to read more!

Alicia and anne
This is really sad one, I really feel for Remus. Having a job that sounds so good then to have it ripped away from him instantly because of him being a werewolf! I can't believe they sent him to the ministry! They were so heartless! its so horrible that there's all the prejudices. I'm so glad he got a job at Hogwarts though!I wish he could have stayed there longer. He deserves more happiness in his life. Once again another well written chapter!

Alicia and anne
I love the idea for your stories, its nice to have information on the teachers backgrounds. You wrote flitwicks story so well, its bad that he had to go through so much bullying especially having to go hospital a few times. But I'm glad it gave him the will to be better, as he's fabulous at charms. No wonder he got champion! Was that happening at hogwarts or was the champion dueling outside of it? I always imagined him to just be a small man not part goblin, but I reckon he is part goblin. I love this!
Alicia and anne
I think this is such an interesting idea for a story, and I especially like this chapter! From the little that we know about centaurs, you have created a believable and moving plot. Good job!

Author's Response: thank yoU!
I liked this! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of these professor stories, and I'd actually love it if you ever decided to write a longer Flitwick story. I can't remember--is Flitwick quarter goblin or half? Because in this story he was mentioned as half, but if his mother is half, then he would be a quarter...?

I guess it doesn't matter though, this was great! Good job!

-SereneChaos, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Yeah, I wasn't sure myself. But thank you!
Aww Ol' Sluggy is in love :D I love it!

Author's Response: hahah thanks! it was just a simple fun story
2010-12-16 21:25:56
I believe it was Ernie McMillan(Sp?) from Hufflepuff that said what if we want to stay

Author's Response: ooh! thanks!
Hi :) Checking out your Neville story as promised. I'm really glad you suggested it. It's very sweet. The story line is lovely and I really liked your description of the holidays at the Potter's. I would recommend that you get a beta to help a bit with spelling and some structure things. Two content errors that I noticed: Hannah's mother died when she was in her sixth year, so maybe consider making it an aunt or her father or something. Also, Luna's husband is named Rolf. Scamander is his last name.

Author's Response: wow, thank you. so many mistakes! i'm a little embarrassed.
This was absolutely stunning. Easily one of the most beautiful post-Hogwarts oneshots I have ever read. Everything was completely realistic, and so moving--I nearly cried when Alice finally recognized Neville and (maybe?) her granddaughter. I liked how pared-down the whole thing was. There wasn't too much description or narration. Just straightforward emotions and dialogue that spoke for itself. I don't have enough praise for it. I'll definitely fav this story, I hope more people read it. 10/10

xoxo wenderbender
Wow, Pomfrey as a love-lorn student. Sweet, and very touching. I'm a little surprised though that she changed her name back to Pomfrey after Peter passed away though. I mean, most women would keep their married name, especially if they were that much in love...but maybe she used Pomfrey for professional reasons?

Still lovely to read! xoxo wenderbender
Oooh, lovely! It seems like you tackle a lot of unusual characters in your writing. I've always wondered what it was like for Flitwick attending Hogwarts as a part-goblin. And his dueling history...actually, considering how unique he is, I'm kinda surprised now that so few people have written him! Well, this chapter was wonderful and I'm looking forward to reading your perspectives on the rest of the Hogwarts staff.

xoxo wenderbender
This is so beautiful! And it makes me cry so much :') it's a little AU though, as Hannah's mother died in, I Think, her 6th year :)
This is fantastic! I haven't checked this story for a while, and when I come back there are 4 new chapters :)
Okay, so I went and checked the thesaurus and I have: fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, ace, boss, exceptional, favourable, stupendous, super, superb, superior, tip-top, and lots of others. They all describe this story and this chapter!
Oh God, not Hagrid as a child, why? Why is it so cute? This was awesome (I'm running out of good describing words for your chapters, I'm going to check the thesaurus) so sad as well. I loved the earphones, very inventive ;)
Aw, I love the start, there you were going on beautifully about the instruments, being all deep, and then the little boy just interrupts with the most childish things ever. A brilliant ending, well done.
FANG DIED? OH MY GOD THIS IS WORSE THAN DOBBY AND FRED PUT TOGETHER! But seriously, this was great, you've captured Harry in his older years, at least he's how I expect him to be.
Okay, so I'm back with the incessant reviewing, I had to go do WORK, ugh. Anyways, this is so cute, why is it you have such a talent for making me upset? A beautiful little tale.
Am I getting on your nerves yet with the excessive reviewing? Yes? I thought so, but anyway, I love this, Dolores with a soft side is something I thought could never be executed quite right, but I think you just did!

Author's Response: No! these reviews are amazing!
Oh God, you've got me crying again. Why are these all so SAD (and sweet, of course)? I hope there's a happy one coming up or I'm just going to turn into a blubbering wreck.
Damn you! Damn you for almost making me cry! Correction, ACTUALLY MAKING ME CRY. 10/10, you mean person.
Okay, so I've decided to review every SINGLE chapter, so they're going to be pretty short. This is so sad, I always found Lupin so, uh, what's the word? I don't know, he's just so delicate, but with this harsh, side. I love how you referred to the wolf, it's a brilliant way of portraying how detached, but also attached he feels to that side of him.
Aw! Now I feel so much for Flitwick! To be fair, and I know this makes me an idiot, I never realised he was part-goblin, I just thought he was a midget! Shows the development of my observation and deduction skills. Great chapter, I'm sure I'll love this story.

Author's Response: well, his wikipedia page said he was and he has pointy ears. Also, it makes for an interesting story! :)


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