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Reading Reviews for LoveLust
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Review #1, by dracoyoflam From Hogwarts To Kings Cross

15th September 2012:
hi, i don't know if you know but you're story is being posted on youtube without anything saying that you wrote it. the link won't post so just search for xharrypotterfreakx and it will be there.
I just thought you would want to know.

Author's Response: OMG!!! Thanks so much I will try to check it out!!!

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Review #2, by Mad4Gred Questions and Answers

28th April 2012:
don't make her go back... let her go to her house and just camp. your herminone needs to man up

Author's Response: She does indeed :) Thanks for reading x

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Review #3, by Jakumo1 Questions and Answers

2nd December 2011:
What happens next?! And do Hermione and Draco finally get together?! I gotta know! :-3

Author's Response: i'm stuck for inspiration on this story but it will get finished

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Review #4, by halfprincess Questions and Answers

2nd August 2011:
I lovee this fanfic. It's my favorite out of all the ones I've read so far. Please update!

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Review #5, by halfprincess Questions and Answers

2nd August 2011:
I lovee this fanfic. It's my favorite out of all the ones I've read so far. Please update!

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Review #6, by KattyPotter2008 Questions and Answers

13th March 2011:
I've been waiting forever for you write the next chapter!! That's just how gchatperood it is!!

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Review #7, by KatDaniels Questions and Answers

10th March 2011:
I sure hope you update this story in a hurry! I just adore Draco in this story, being the badboy that doesn't really know what to do. Gosh, Hermione wasn't the only one who fell in love with him to out it that way!
REALLY looking forward to reading some more of this. My hope is that somehow they stick together. Please??

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Review #8, by adluvshp Questions and Answers

28th February 2011:
oh god no no no!! why did this happen???!!! no!! :((

please make everything alright!

waiting for the next chp!


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Review #9, by Lex_Weasley Questions and Answers

14th February 2011:
GAH! get them back together! :O hurry please!

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Review #10, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Questions and Answers

8th February 2011:
OMG...love it...cant wait til the next chapter.

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Review #11, by Lex_Weasley Christmas At The Burrow

24th November 2010:
OMG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a new chapter. i have NOTHING to read! O.o

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Review #12, by Kai Christmas At The Burrow

22nd November 2010:
Another great story(:
I love it so far.

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Review #13, by Lex Christmas At The Burrow

5th November 2010:
OHMYGOD! PLEASEE Add another chapter! :D its SO good!

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Review #14, by Lex Ignorance

5th November 2010:
I AM HOOKED! Dayuuum! O.o You are an awesome writer!

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Review #15, by TheFourMusketeers Christmas At The Burrow

26th October 2010:
Awww why is everyone so mean to her? Oh wells I love the story!

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Review #16, by Brittany Wid Christmas At The Burrow

26th October 2010:
I really love this story so far. You've done a great job. I feel like it just kind of land slided into Draco feeling the same way. He seemed to have an elaborate plot, and it just fell apart. Well, obviously it would, but it just kind of ended. Never really elaborated on that. That's been the only thing to bug me. There are a few things that seem very, snap; quick sudden, flying out of nowhere.
Keep it up though. I'm truly enjoying it.
Beautifully written.
xox, Bri

Author's Response: thanks. thats only because im drawing it to an end. sorry people...

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Review #17, by jackysaurr Christmas At The Burrow

25th October 2010:
I absolutely love this story. It's so endearing. I couldn't stop reading! Please post more soon! :D

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Review #18, by Blue Biro Christmas At The Burrow

25th October 2010:
aw, amazing chapter!
pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease update soon!
you rock!
becky ;p
:) x

Author's Response: thanks again becky. i almost look forward to your reviews now haha ;) this fanfic will be done soon unfortunately so check out my page for others.

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Review #19, by adluvshp Christmas At The Burrow

25th October 2010:
woah!!! great chp as ever!!! i so hate ron now!! and thank god hermione and ron didnt make up!! i hate their pairing!! great going!!! please do update more soon!!



Author's Response: i hate it too. i never wanted them to get together in the books because i dont think in reality its posible. they fight too much. glad you liked it and there should be another chapter soon. got a few other stories on the go, you see :D

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Review #20, by adluvshp From Hogwarts To Kings Cross

11th September 2010:
haha nice chp!! update more soon! cheers!

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Review #21, by couldyoureallyknow From Hogwarts To Kings Cross

10th September 2010:
more soon please!! :)

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Review #22, by Blue Biro From Hogwarts To Kings Cross

10th September 2010:
aw, please tell me mrs weasley wont be as judgemental as everyone else?
amazing chapter, pelase update soon!
L-OV-V-E-D it! you rock!
becky ;p

Author's Response: we all know that mrs weasly will be judgmental. its just in her nature :) glad you liked it there will b another chapter up in a week

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Review #23, by tessa Confession

9th August 2010:
MOAR!! i need moar!! update pweeze! please, no matter what you do, dont get hermione preggers. please. dont make her get pregnant at the end of the story!
ok anyway ggreat fantastic story, now update!

Author's Response: i wouldn't dream of it :)

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Review #24, by TravelingHermione Confession

3rd August 2010:
Dannng! Pansy is a b*tch! Good thing Draco dealt with it though :)

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Review #25, by Blue Biro Confession

30th July 2010:
aw, great chapter, so much action!
cant wait for the next one, please update soon!
becky ;p

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