2010-05-06 02:42:20
Wow. I can't really say anything else, I'm totally stunned!
So amazing writing, and the fact that you didn't just focus on one character, but you filled the story with how the war looked like through different eyes. The part when Fred, Molly, Percy, Harry and when Harry saw that the last of the marauders were dead, made me cry. I love the marauders and Fred and George, and Fred's dead, through Percy's and Molly's eyes, were so beautiful they also made me cry.

Amazing! 10/10 points, should've wished I could give you 20/10 points.

Author's Response: wow thank you so much thats really high praise. I'm glad that you enjoyed the different points of view. Sorry I made you cry though :( - i've been there with several stories like this one. Thanks for your feedback :) - Kirsty xxx
2010-05-06 02:42:20

Author's Response: thank you so much - Kirsty xxx
2010-05-06 02:42:20
Amazing. It really was written so well. And I love this song. Perfect match

Author's Response: thank you so much- I love that song too and thought that it just matched everything about the days following the war- thankyou for reading and reviewing- Kirsty xxx
I decided to return the favour! This was stunningly beautiful, and some of the imagery left me momentarily speechless. It may have seemed choppy in places, but that was only because you were including so many different characters so it was unavoidable, really.

"The night was black with only the stars and moon to provide light. The stars twinkled bright in the sky, as though willing for the right side to win, as though they knew what was happening billions of miles below. "

That was genius. I loved that description more than anything. Well done, and thank you!

-Patch x

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing this (it was a spur of the moment inspiration thing) and I was worried that it was a little bit choppy- but then that kinda goes with the whole idea of it. Its war and mourning after all!

I'm glad that you liked the whole stars bit! I always like to think the stars mean more than we give them credit for!

I'm glad I got the whole description thing down! Merlin bless my 3rd year English teacher! :P

Thanks for reading and reviewing! -Kirsty xxx
2010-05-06 02:42:20
Aw Kirsty, this was sooo good! I loved it (: It was extremely bittersweet, just like the final battle in the book. You did a great job showing each character in the battle, it was just great :D

And good job with the lyric placement, they really helped the story flow.

Keep up the great writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I'm glad you liked it! I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the awesome banner! :D
2010-05-06 02:42:20
i liked the style - it made the story very rapid

I also really liked how you didn't just focus on one person

Watch the third/ first person switches though - it can make it difficult to read

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! This was my first one shot/song fic so thankyou for the warning about whiching narrative styles! :D And I thought that so many people were effected by the battle that focusing on one person wouldnt get the full scope- Kirsty xxx


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