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Review #1, by Parvati_Khatri The Secret's In The Telling

12th June 2012:
Hey! I liked it, a lot! But I'm not really clear on what's going on. Not because your writing isn't clear, more because I'm a little slow... :P I liked it anyway!

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Review #2, by apocalypse The Secret's In The Telling

22nd October 2011:
This story is so beautiful! Absolutely brilliant. I loved that what they shared was so deep and yet so physical and that they were secretive but still knew all along that it was all just temporary and, sooner or later, they would have to face off in battle and go against each other with deathly intent. A Dramione of the very best kid, I feel; realistic and beautiful, but not over-poweringly so. Very, very well done. :D

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Review #3, by saffy22100 The Secret's In The Telling

2nd May 2010:
i like this story. you used the song into this really well and it just... flowed. it was written really well and the structure of the story was flawless. i love the connection between hermione and draco. it's wonderful. :)

plus your banner is amazing. it explains the story itself. the fanfiction was sad though. i wish they could stay together but not everything can have a happily ever after i guess... no matter how much you wish. anyway, great job!


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Review #4, by cheer2 The Secret's In The Telling

26th April 2010:
Wow that was great. It was so sad but it really was a good story. I had to stop myself from crying while I was reading it. Not only did the song fit amazingly but you really did a great job at portraying their feelings.

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Review #5, by xxDRAxHERMxx The Secret's In The Telling

4th March 2010:
More please? I loved this. Reflects my mood perfectly, and now I am reflecting theres. Beautiful. Please continue it, at least so I can see their thoughts through what happened next.

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Review #6, by AndThenTragedyStruck The Secret's In The Telling

2nd March 2010:
I really enjoyed it. I think you did a fantastic job of capturing the raw emotions and the difficulty of the situation. I loved how they both knew what he was up to, and that despite that, neither said anything about it.

That's exactly how I'd imagine it would happen, and I applaud you on your marvelous portrayal of all of the complex emotions. It felt raw and dangerous and desperate.

So, well done. I liked it quite a bit.


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