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Pretty dang nice! :)

Seems pretty good!
i love it! write another chapter!

Author's Response: Heh, I'd love to. Stupid writer's block.
2009-12-18 5:05pm
awesome!! alice *wink wink*! lmao ! this is really good! would you help me post up crossbreed on a dif site or something...?

Author's Response: Of course Evelyn *wink wink* Hahaha, I'll creep and finda good one.
2009-12-18 5:11am
i like the way you wrote this story! i thoughts it was really funny when it was in Lavenders POV and she thought 'yes! beat that Granger girl!' mean, yes, but makes a great effect on how Lavender was feeling. keep it up! ^^


Author's Response: HEY! YOU'RE GREAT! You win at life. Thank you so much :)


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