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This is a really good story. Love the plot twists, and the drama, and the love triangles. I just really wanna see some Harry/Luna stuff! Haha, but great story all in all.

Keep up the good work.

OHMYGAWD!!cant wait til the next chapter.
2010-07-09 4:02pm
DRAMA! This is SO good!! Blaise!!! Ron. Draco. Ron. Draco. UGHH! All the drama is so intriguing!!! I'm also reading Time Turner, and I'm going to start on Boundaries soon. I can't wait to read more of this!!
2010-06-25 3:30pm
I didn't like it much. Its like what happened in previous chapters is forgotten. Like Pansy in the store already had talked to Luna. The story is getting kind of schizophrenic. How did Ginny know where Luna now lived. Too much is unexplained or with no background. Some good ideas but in unbelievable settings and circumastances.
2010-06-25 3:11pm
Good but with some mistakes. You mention letters from Draco but as far as I can remember he only sent one. Also the kiss scene is a little unbelievable especially from the start of the conversation. Would you kiss a convicted murder just released from prison because you knew him from school and didn't like him then? Trust is earned and as Hermione in character is highly intelligent I doubt the credibility of the kiss. I did like the cliffhanger though. Who caught her? Ron visiting Pansy?
2010-06-25 2:53pm
It just keeps getting better. I like your writing style I've decided. Its slow and tortuous but rewarding. I like the theme that people can change. On to the next chapter.
2010-06-25 2:34pm
I liked this chapter. Well written. You are tortuously slow in revealing secrets. I may like that depending on what is revealed or if they are revealed. Shouldn't someone have rebuked Ginny for her statement? I'm guessing there is jealousy behind this? I'm still adjusting to your writing style. Not sure whether I like it or not yet. Depends on what's ahead.
2010-06-25 2:13pm
Pretty good dialogue. Some interesting setup work. Not sure about the last part with Ginny and Harry in bed together. What's the relationship? Lovers? In the same bed together at the burrow not married? A little out of character for Molly? Well I guess I will see in the coming chapters. Pretty well written.
2010-06-19 9:08am
woah!! this story is taking such an awesome turn!! I cant wait to read more!! please update soon!
2010-06-18 1:44am
*string of curses* Draco's an arsehole. I wish he was nicer in this one, but obviously he just loves being an arrogant prat huh? grrr. I'll wait patiently for the next chapter! ^_^

2010-06-17 4:11pm
well dome this is ereally good, u should update more often thoguh:)
2010-06-16 1:27pm
Brilliant, i really like your stories
2010-03-05 5:25pm
I`m sorry but this is so OOC for everyone. Ginny and Luna were friends and out of Hermione, Harry, Ron and Neville she was the ONLY one who always stood up to her and defended her against them. So if you need a mean girl, why not someone else apart from the only one in canon who seems to like her . i really have a hard time reading so OOC fics.
2010-02-28 9:09pm
I love it! It might be going a little fast, but I think it's great! :D I can't wait for the fifth chapter... I like to see Harry with different girls, and I totally like the Harry/Luna couple! He's always so nice to her... Guess I'm becoming a bit freakish. Overall A-! It's really good! Please keep writing! :D
2010-02-15 7:54pm
Great story! I can't wait to read the rest!
2010-02-14 4:42pm
Write another chapter! I want to read!!!
2010-02-12 8:18pm
I love the story so far! Ah! and they had to be interrupted! :) Great job.
2010-01-19 9:03pm
right another one! please!!!
2010-01-19 2:05pm
More please! :) I enjoyed this very much. The plot line is building and you have me wondering what's next. Good job! :)
2010-01-04 10:12am
hey. great going. a bit fast but i loved it. oh and i am so eager to know what happens next!! update soon.
2010-01-02 1:43am
I think it's amazing, lots of humor which I enjoy. I like how you show how the characters developed. The only reason I didn't give you a 10/10 was because you left me hanging. Just kidding :) It's good, you keep people interested.
2009-12-30 1:37pm
omg! this is so good!
2009-12-26 9:31pm
In case you didn't read the books, Ginny was actually one of the only peolple who stood up for luna and stopped people calling her loony. She was one of her only friends. Plus, hermione barely had anything to do with Luna. Let alone be bestfriends with her.
2009-12-26 11:01am


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