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Review #1, by Mr_Reviewer That final stretch

2nd August 2009:
It was pretty good but, there were a lot of spelling mistakes. For example you spelled "couldn't" like this "couldent" also you forgot the captials on peoples names. It was descriptive but a little over the top as well.

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Review #2, by JUNE_BUG That final stretch

1st July 2009:
i like it, good start. im a huge H/G fan and cant get enough of their stories. id like to see where this story goes:)

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Review #3, by FriendofMolly That final stretch

4th June 2009:
O, lot of good stuff, but alas a lot of bad. There's certainly enough for you to continue. In fact with that cliffie, it would be a crime if you stopped. I will suggest you get a beta, as there was typos, misspells, and some non capitalization. I like that you had Harry take the twin core wand with the intent to destroy it. Why oh why did he go alone? I know he wasn't thinking of the danger he might encounter. So I have a couple of guesses of what might have happened, you did throw what I thought was a hint during the tomb scene. I'm thinking Harry didn't get hit by the red flashes, as he remembered them, but not as if he felt them. Could someone have followed him? Could being in Godric's Hollow brought help from a local wizard? Or was it something else. So Yes, Please continue this unique fiction.

Author's Response: i know there are alot of issues but this first chapter was just to see if i could get some intrest around it =] so yes i will be upsdating soon and yes i believe i have infact found a beta =]

many many thanks for R&R =]


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Review #4, by Harry and Ginny That final stretch

4th June 2009:
4 ur 1st chapter it isn't bad but there are some things that need to be told. firstly, u have a lot of spelling mistakes and Harry's name is with capital letters and not like u wrote sometimes, harry.
If u ever need help just send an e-mail to s _ alexandra25 @ hotmail . com (the e-mail doesn't have spaces) and don't 4get to tell who u are so i can know. don't take me wrong as i write this review please.
Anyway what's going to happen now? will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: awe thankyou so much =] i realize i need a beta. but i dont really write all that much, but i havent even finished writing the plot just yet.

i just chucked the first chapter up to see if i could spark any interest. lucky me. but i will take you up on the emailing.

and thankyou so much for the review =] it is appreciated!


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