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Reading Reviews for It Finds You Unexpectedly
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Review #1, by GeekMom13 Changes

23rd November 2016:
Amazing story, now I'm on to the next part! Thanks

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Review #2, by Frankie05 Escape

23rd August 2015:
Oh man, Pansy again, being ridiculous. You did a great job showing how Crabbe and Goyle trade loyalties very quickly, when they go and talk to Malfoy. I like that he isn't as forgiving and is frustrated with them and with Blaise. I like his little one liner about everything being big about them!

Hermione is so genuinely nice when she asks these bullies to sit with them, it is a true reflection of her character.

Ah but then she becomes like a little minx. I am very curious what is going through Draco's head when they make it back to the common room. ANd oh, things escalated... Did they sleep together?

Oh no, Dramatic Ron.. What is wrong with him?!

Ah so Lucius has escaped Azkaban and Hermione is in danger. Ruh Roh...I can see how this would put a strain on the relationship.

Uh oh. Who is making deals with Pansy? Is it Ron? Crazy Psycho ron? Whoever it is, it cant be good, to try and tear Draco and Hermione apart.

So Harry runs to McGonagall. Is she the Headmistress now? Because earlier chapter it was Dumbledore. And I fully expect Hermione to be sad about Ron, it's in her nature.

Author's Response: They did sleep together, yes! I would have written it out, but I believe at the time I wasn't completely comfortable with my abilities, haha. I honestly can't really remember why I made McGonagall the one he runs too. Whether she is the Headmaster or he just goes to her as Head of Gryffindor. My bad, sorry I can't quite remember!

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Review #3, by Frankie05 Karma

23rd August 2015:
Well he found her. How sad that she is in a huddle and is completely unaware of her surroundings, she doesn't even recognize Malfoy. But he is there, a constant - I like that and I like that she calls out to him, that he is the one she wants. This story is progressing nicely.

He is so nice to her, caring for her, being patient with her. I hope this doesn't turn out negatively later on, because I like nice Draco. Plus he makes her drink and he is very genuine with her. Nice.

"Since when does Hermione Granger need advice?" "Since she found out what a crutacious curse feels like" Wow. this is really good writing. and it makes me hurt for both of them.

She doesn't want to get hit again, this breaks my heart. Draco obviously recognizes something and he calms down but Im so sad for Hermione.

wow sudden feelings talk. but it's nice that she's not giving up on them.

I'm so glad she finally told Harry! Harry will understand - and of course he does! He's saving a seat for Malfoy!

Ron is so arrogant! Like he wants to get beaten up by Draco. I'm majorly pulling for Draco here. But then Hermione comes in and saves the day. (Although Draco is not very Head boyish right now :( ) But she says she didn't go out with Ron because of his anger so hopefully he won't be this crazy again. Still good for Draco - because I severely dislike Ron.

Author's Response: I love a little bit of fluffy Draco, so I got my fill of him in here. He's not very Head boy-ish because... Well, he's Draco and he still doesn't have much control over his anger.

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Review #4, by Frankie05 Explosions

23rd August 2015:
blaise is a good friend. He keeps reassuring Draco, especially after the monstrosity that Pansy is. And he instantly recognizes that Hermione has something positive to do with Draco. But also calls him on things, Hermione with his father and Ron. He's a good friend, well written, good job.

Ginny is such a good friend, taking the news so well. I like that. Girlfriends almost always surprise each other with how they respond. And Hermione finally admitting her feelings! all of this foreboding about Ron makes me nervous about what he is going to do..

Draco seems very protective and Ron is looking more and more dangerous. wow. What is going to happen!? THE SUSPENSE IS BUILDING.

Myrtle is creepy but I like that she is so forward with Malfoy. And there is Pansy, probably sopping wet from crying and Myrtles malfunctioning bathroom. What a tart.

Does he have some sort of connection to Hermione? Is that why he can feel things?

Oh no. Someone got her- I bet its Ron. It was!! how creepy!! Whats wrong with him why so secretive? RON IS MENTAL. HE IS A CRAZY PERSON. WHY DOES HE THINK HE CAN CONTROL HERMIONE AND THAT HIS ACTIONS ARE OKAY. HE CRUCIOED HER AND THEN LEFT HER THERE. OH MY.

At least Draco is coming to get her. Whoosh.

*quickly turns to next chapter*

Author's Response: I am loving your reactions. Seriously.

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Review #5, by Frankie05 Tension

23rd August 2015:
There is the Draco we all know and love (to hate). He is venomous when it comes to Pansy. AND HE HIT HER. No way. Malfoy's don't hit women (In my opinion but dang!) This is going to comeback and haunt him. How did he go from strong and powerful to crying and begging Hermione to stay? HM

violent Chapter. Now Ron is punching Harry?! some friend! Why are Fred and George there? haven't they graduated and moved on? But nice for Fred and George to stick up for Harry and Hermione and to call Ron on his crazy. The twins always make me smile!

And now in the Hospital Wing, Draco has to take medicine. Oh no :( Why doesn't Harry want Hermione to know what's going on? this won't bode well at all. But i like that there is something in common with Malfoy and Harry. Maybe a blossoming friendship.

Ohh shower scene. This is steamy. I can feel the resentment from Hermione having not talked to him in a few days. But now he is touching her, and surnames again. Ouch. NOw it's really getting steamy. Whoosh. And his back. Oh no. Hermione is so compassionate. i bet she is going to be good for him. But you've made me hate Lucius so well done :)

Author's Response: I brought George and Fred back because I have ultimate twin love. I needed them back! I tried to make the violence in this chapter not too daunting, but I wanted to try and show that everyone is kind of starting to lose their minds. And that Ron is starting to go off the deep end.
I hate Lucius too xD

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Review #6, by Frankie05 Understanding

23rd August 2015:
This chapter starts off pretty good. Hermione is giddy, and that is pretty adorable. It's interesting that Malfoy sees her and leaves the Great Hall. I like that, they are a bit quick to call each other by their first names when they haven't said their first names in years.

It's interesting that Hermione would tell Draco of Harry not sure about Voldemort, but I like that Draco is not ashamed of her. He tells his friend. That's sweet.

I like the innocence of falling asleep on the couch and they both woke up at different times and ran their fingers through each others hair. It is a very sweet gesture.

That was an interesting first kiss. Curiosity can be a rough thing so, so I am curious to see where this goes. But he leaves! WHY?

Ron had that coming. I'm not a huge Ron fan, so I don't feel bad that Draco cursed him. But leave it to Hermione to diffuse the tension. Well done. And now Ron is over reacting. Typical. And she's making him smile. I love FLUFF.

Harry is a pretty good friend here, loving and accepting Hermione but with caution. I like that about him.

OOO a Harry/Hermione kiss, and he doesn't love her more than a sister, so there's a yay!! And a bit more foreshadowing I'm guessing, with Harry not trusting Ron.

so interesting on the way to the library. Awkward tension between Ginny and Harry (shouldn't she be a 6th year if they are Head boy and girl age?)

and even more interesting the interaction between Pansy and Hermione. it's terrifying what Hermione could have done to her. and Draco needs her. Let's hope for both of their sakes that Pansy didn't hear that.

Author's Response: You are SO right on Ginny supposed to being a sixth year. I completely spaced on that, not sure if it was a typo or not. Yelp.
Glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #7, by Frankie05 Outbursts

23rd August 2015:

I am just going to review as I read because I've noticed I have thoughts and I'm sure as the chapter progresses I will have more :)

Harry is interesting. You are spot on about how Voldemort always seems to wait until closer to the end of the school year for anything to happen. And Ron isn't a Prefect? or Just not in this story?

I always cringe when Mudblood comes out of someones mouth. And poor Draco, he's hurting and I don't know why (Death Eater stuff probably) and Hermione is curious. I like that he is not responding negatively towards her, and then he is very bold in how he acts against her. AND SHE IS BOLD TOO - hello hermione. And Malfoy is totally into that. I bet you are foreshadowing something in where he confides in her.

The interaction between Ron and Harry is interesting. Ron's nervousness about her being with Malfoy seems abit off, and then he switches to the thought of moving things along with her, and Harry is mad. Oh no, does Harry have the hots for Hermione too?

Okay - so are they head boy and girl? Is that why they are heading up this meeting. And he totally has Hermione's back but I bet he is super confused about his feelings. Pansy is awful and I like how you portrayed her here. Poor Hermione is getting rejected by just trying to be nice (this part is why I'm wondering if they are Heads because of the part where she says they are rooming together)

Okay you answered my question. Well done on Hagrid's talking. It is difficult and you pulled it off. Another Draco/Hermione interaction but this one is weird. He already admits to having feelings for her but she handled that really well - asking to be friends. I like how there is a bunch of confusion surrounding them - it makes it a bit more realistic.

One thing i noticed throughout the whole story was the dialogue seems a bit forced. I'm not a master of dialogue but that was something I noticed. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing this chapter! Ron is not a Prefect, sorry for any confusion on that. Hermione and Draco are Heads, which is why they are kind of 'leading' the meeting. I'm really glad I got Hagrid's way of speech a bit spot on and I am super appreciative of your comment on the dialogue. While this story is finished, it was written in high school and I'm still looking for ways to improve for future writing.
Thank you so much!

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Review #8, by Alisa Understanding

24th February 2013:

Author's Response: Why thank you! That's a very generous compliment! I recently just recovered my account, so if you've read the sequel so far, expect updates!
XO, hailO

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Review #9, by Maddie Changes

23rd October 2011:
ITS OVER?!?!??
Write more! This is so good!!

Author's Response: Please check out the sequel, What Makes A Dragon Tick!!

XO, hailO

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Review #10, by Leona Violet Changes

5th September 2011:
it is a little thin in some areas and i felt like draco and hermione fell in love way to fast but i like the story as a whole and cannot wait for more :)

Author's Response: It might have partly been because I was eager for them to connect! Whoops! Thanks for reading! :)

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Review #11, by Kristina Changes

15th August 2011:
This has fantastic drama in it that I haven't seen in a lot of fanfics. Amazingly done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! :)

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Review #12, by Draco-Lover14 Changes

14th March 2011:
OMG a wonderful story... I cried on the last chapter... It was so sad.. Anyways I hope you do annother Draco/Hermione love story soon..


Author's Response: Did you really?! I'm honored I made you cry! This is long overdue, but I hope you've liked What Makes A Dragon Tick so far, if you've read it! Thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by slikravenclaw Explosions

31st December 2010:
It is seriously good Draco is a bit out of character... and the ending is so good hehe

Author's Response: I wanted Draco to be a little OOC. I know a lot of people don't tend to like that all that much, but a little OOC here and there is healthy. :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #14, by Kayela Changes

26th November 2010:
you are an awesome author, but you should really try to give more details. I, for one, do not think hermione would just turn around and become friends with malfoy because he was crying. You should try to stick with the personalities of each characer(: but, overall, your a really good author and i enjoyed readin this

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the tips. I wrote this in high school when I was starting and I know that the characters are very OOC. No, she wouldn't have taken to him that fast. Still cute though haha :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #15, by TheWolfLover Changes

22nd October 2010:
Crap. That's a good story.

Author's Response: Crap. You're a good reader. :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #16, by bwdancer5678 Changes

21st July 2010:

Author's Response: There is!!
And it's coming VERY soon!

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Review #17, by littlemissmb Changes

15th April 2010:
hey, i just read it all the way through, it was a cool story but there are alot of errors, you need to make up your mind about which year they are in, you said they were in fifth, then sixth then fifth again then seventh then fifth, it was kinda confusing, ginny kinda just disappeared and i think you pacted to much drama into the last five chapters. but it was good. i enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Really? I wasn't even aware! lol
Thank you for pointing that out to me! I'm definitely going to get that fixed. And they are in seventh year, just to pull things along into perspective. Thank you for taking the time to read through all of my errors! :)

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Review #18, by chloe Changes

5th April 2010:
i love this story
really pull on my heart strings
you have to write a follow on
draco and hermione have got to have there happy ending
your writting is outstanding cnt wait to read more of your stories :)

Author's Response: Why thank you :)
I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to respond to this. College is a curse and a blessing! There is a sequel and I will start submitting the chapters once I edit them :)

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Review #19, by Dramione4eva Bitter

19th November 2009:
You definitely need to update more often!!!

Author's Response: lol i actually update once a chapter is approved. it just takes longer for the chapter to validate XD

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Review #20, by 0nightmare0 Outbursts

1st September 2009:
i really love ur story i hope u update soon :)

Author's Response: I have updated :)
chapter 3 will be next once chapter 2 is validated.

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Review #21, by CallMeHermione Outbursts

19th August 2009:
Your really good, nice job!

Author's Response: thank you!!!

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Review #22, by Avanell 2 Escape

18th August 2009:
Great story! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: thank you! chapter 7 is coming soon!

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Review #23, by Julia Escape

17th August 2009:
Oh , I love this story, amazing job! :) You're really talented writer and I really hope you'll continue writing this story!
Can't wait to see what will happen next! :D

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!

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Review #24, by griffindorechicky101 Karma

22nd June 2009:
AWW i love it! Please do hurry with the next one

Author's Response: im sorry that its taken me this long to respond to your review! thank you for reading and the next chapter is one its way!

xo, hailO

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Review #25, by Kayla1320 Karma

1st June 2009:
Loving this story so far =)

Author's Response: im sorry thats it taken me this long to respond. thanks for reading and dont worry! the next chapter is on its way!!

xo, hailO

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