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2016-04-08 8:27am
A great story, if there is more to come why is it marked as completed?
2013-05-09 8:54pm
Long time coming back to this story--health issue and all, sorry. Anyway, now I'm really hurting for Draco. He's done it but at what cost to his sanity? I hope there's more coming down the line. Love to see more.
2012-10-04 7:10am
oh i feel so silly :)
I didn't realise that you are already writing a sequel :)
looking forward to it very much!

Author's Response: The first chapter is posted; either go to my author's page or search the title 'Quintessence'. I look forward to hearing what you think!
2012-10-04 7:06am
you should write another few chapters. it seems to cut off at the end it could turn into a longer story like a novella or novel that would be great!
you are an amazing writer, i would never have been able to think of this stuff :)

Author's Response: Hi Lexie!
Thanks for reviewing. I thought it best to separate this story into two because Valediction represents Draco seeking her soul, while Quintessence (the sequel) is her life after getting her soul back. I through it important to distinguish between the two. Thanks for your kind words!
2011-11-24 10:07am
You are really good at writing. you should definitely write a book!

Author's Response: Thank you!
2009-12-16 10:47pm
While I enjoyed the chapter I'm a little sad it was so short...even though it seemed to end at the perfect time :) I think that this was a realistic outcome. Draco leaving it up to Snidget to provide Hermione with the bad news about Ron was the right decision in my opinion. I liked that they kissed and that Hermione said she "could feel" that he was her fiance. That made it seem like there was some hope for them after all. And it made me sad that he ran away, but I think if Draco was a real person (haha, I wish!) then this would be the way he would handle the situation. Great job!

Author's Response: I know, I hated writing it like that because I knew if I was reading it, I would want to punch myself in the face for ending it there. But I felt like to continue would take away from the emotion of those moments.

I tried to think "What would I do, if in Draco's shoes, after all he went through?" He has obviously grown affection for Hermione - and replacing her memories would bring her indescribable pain.

It was kind of fun to write Hermione (for those few seconds) without her memories - she has no recollection of hating Draco. It made me curious - if Draco had grown up in a different family would Hermione have this attraction to him? I chose to humor myself and the readers by assuming yes.

Thank you once again for voicing your thoughtful opinion! I appreciate it very, very much :)
2009-12-16 10:42pm
I love the story so far. Sorry it's taken me so long to write a review. I normally read the HPFF stories from my ipod and I'm dreadful at using the touch screen to write. But, anyway, this story has been wonderful. At first when I read the synopsis I wasn't sure what to expect, and you gave me something that surprised me. It has a unique plot, and I think that the way you wrote Draco was perfect. I feel like this is a fathomable personality for him to have even in JK's world. I can't wait to see what happens when Hermione is conscious again!

Author's Response: No worries - I am too! I can't handle reading on that tiny screen for an extended period of time, so props to you! Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect as I continued writing this story, so I'm glad you were surprised. I think that my "technique" when writing Draco is... not to have one. I go with what I know, but I don't analyze him too closely - for fear that I would realize Dramiones themselves are complete insanity. And then that takes the fun out of writing. I'm glad you like my characterization of him - and I can't wait to see how you like the next few chapters! Thank you reviewing - it's so sweet!
2009-08-21 6:52am
I really liked the opening of this chapter.

But I wasn't sure if i bought the fact that draco could just be in a dementor's company without having either a patronus or else having no happy thoughts at all for them to feed from.

I was thinking, what is the lifespan of a dementor anyway? Because effectively they're like a living horcurx, no?

Author's Response: I'm glad! I think the reason Draco could be in the company of a Dementor without truly being affected is that he really has no happy memories. After the battle, all he could think of was the destruction of the war and then he found Hermione. The image of her soulless body is always in his mind as he hunts for the Dementor that kissed her, correct? So he has no happy thoughts for the Dementor to draw from. That is a very good question and an interesting comparison between a Dementor and a horcrux. I think that a Dementor dies only when the soul they have sucked is taken from them, which is rare. However, I do not know if there is a "limit" to how many souls a Dementor can take. Maybe they never die. But if we ask how they die, then we must also ask how they are born. I wonder what JK's theory is...

Thank you once again for reviewing. ^_^
2009-08-21 6:39am
If draco does not intend to live afterwards, then why does he rush to his own doom. I guess because he dislikes life so much.

I forgot i was mean to be following this story until right now.

Author's Response: I see it quite differently - I think Draco is rushing to save Hermione's soul, in fear that it may be, already, too late. But I believe that it is also true that he does not see his life as big importance to him. Thanks for reviewing!
2009-08-15 4:33pm
Lol! That was kind of cute how she thought he was her boyfriend. For a moment I thought that he might hold off her memories for a while. I feel so sorry for them both though when she got her memories back.

Author's Response: I believe a part of Draco WANTED to hold back the memories, so he could enjoy the non-Draco-loathing-Hermione. This slightly reminds me of Voldemort's mom and how she fed Tom Riddle Sr. the love potion but eventually stopped because she had hoped that he would love her despite the potion. Anyhow, I wasn't really sure how to play out that "scene", with Draco in pain and Hermione in, if possible, even more pain when she gets her memories back, so I wrote minimal description, hoping the reader would ge it. (Which I think you did)

It's so kind of you to review - thank you so very much.
2009-08-15 4:22pm
Ooooh! That was an exciting chapter! It was really cool to see how you had thought out the soul extracting spell worked and what a soul was like outside a body. Though everyone would probably be a little bit different. And Voldemort's soul would be a bit more different as it's in pieces. :P

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so! Yes, I'm sure everyone's soul is different. Not only would Voldemort's soul be original due to the fact that it is in pieces but also because of how dark and evil of a person he is. (I personally think it would be all black, like his heart... ^_^)

Thank you once again for reviewing. It means so much to me.
2009-08-15 4:00pm
Woah! We are getting there! I'm excited to see what happens next. What will happen when he performed the spell and what then? Will there be more difficulties? Well I'm off to read in a moment.

First I wasn't sure if I got it why the dementors weren't interested in Draco. But am I right in the thought that it's for the same reason that he isn't affected by them: that he doesn't really have happy emotions for them to suck out, but just determination (a bit like Sirius had).

Author's Response: Yes, I quite like pulling cliffies on my readers. ^_^ You are correct - like Sirius, Draco doesn't have any happy emotions, as you would say. The determination in the form of Hermione's soulless body is really motivating him. He couldn't leave her soulless for any longer than necessary, just like he couldn't leave her in the Forbidden Forest. I wonder what you'll think of the next chapter... ^_^ Thank you for reviewing.
2009-08-15 3:37pm
This is another great chapter. I love it how he is conscious of her even though she isn't in a conscious state. Then he even gets that conscious that he starts talking to her. I feel really sorry for him, when he feels that he has no one or nothing to do after he is done with the Hermione business.

Author's Response: Aww, I'm happy you think so! Yes, he really has come to care for her - the scene where he talks to her was so great to write, as it's the first true "dialogue" per se between them, even though she can't hear or respond to him - and I really feel like he thinks that this is his only true act of kindness, but it ends up changing his life and perspective permanently. (I think that the death of his parents also contributed to this.) Thank you for reviewing again! ^_^
2009-08-15 3:21pm
I keep feeling moved by this story! Here the newspaper pieces were a really good idea as it gives a hint of how it might have been for Harry and his friends after the final battle. There would have been a lot of different notices about what happened to everyone and how they related to Harry.

What I like most about this chapter is again the way Draco interacts with Snidget and the way he thinks out everything about Hermione. Here is even more about him getting nicer to Snidget, which I already talked about in my previous review. I also just now realised how alike he and Regulus could be. You draw even more of a paralel with their faith and trust in their house-elves, but there is already a similarity between them in canon as both being the pureblood boys who first go the way they are thought, but then back away from it and aid the good side. Both are the ones who are somewhere in between.

A great chapter again! :)

Author's Response: ^_^ I'm so glad! I actually wrote a lot of newspaper "clippings" but because there were so many and the rest of the chapter was too short, they violated ToS and I cut them down by at least 50 percent. I'm glad you appreciated them because I thought they would be helpful for the reader, so that they could get a gist of what happened after the battle.

I never really thought of the similarities between Regulous and Draco - good point! I think another reason Draco is so nice to Snidget is because Draco realizes that for once in his life, Snidget will have an actual meaningful purpose (when Draco departs on his journey) and Draco doesn't want Snidget to leave the house (though, he wouldn't dare disobey his orders) and abandon Hermione, who would, otherwise, die. I think that this is another testament to how much Draco is growing to really care for Hermione.

Thank you so much for, once again, reviewing! It means a lot to me. :D
2009-08-15 11:34am
lol I love it that the book is called "Soul Searching", as usually soul searching is thought of as something else.

I like the way you portray the relationship between Draco and Snidget. It's like Draco had before a bit of the same attitude to house elves as most wizards (like Ron for example); quite indifferent, and maybe with a hint of Lucius' meanness to them, but now he is realizing that he can be nice to them too. He has maybe in general started to realize that niceness towards most is better, but then there's the little thought that maybe Hermione somehow influences him about the house-elf stuff anyway.

This is really interesting how you build up the stuff about how the soullessness and soul searching and the dementors kiss works. It's one of the things that was never really explained in the books so it's interesting to read your theory about it.

Author's Response: Yeah, I actually thought about that when I was re-reading the chapter one day. I do believe that unconsciously Hermione affected Draco's attitude towards house-elves, but he's still getting used to being "nice" to Snidget. It was fun to explain my theory on how the whole no soul thing works as I do feel it was an unanswered aspect of HP. Thanks a lot for reviewing - it was so sweet of you!
2009-08-15 3:04am
I like how Draco's parents are kind of a ghostly presence in this chapter and how Draco is partly because of that very torn about what to do and if he is doing what is right. You also explain his feelings and reasons to try to save her well. I get a feeling that this is going to be a plausible Dramione and that this could be canon Draco.

Author's Response: Oh, I hope so! I'm so glad that Draco doesn't seem OoC. Thanks so much for reviewing!
2009-08-11 2:39am
Your write Draco really well! He is the one we know especially from canon in HBP and DH when he is both scared and trying to act brave and somewhere on the edge of good and evil, not knowing which side to choose. You portray that very well. Though I've never been to any battle, I imagine that his feelings are something like it would be; all the pictures haunting you and doubt if it was even worth the fight to win even when on the winning side. Wars aren't pretty.
Good job again on the chapter! This story continues to hold me in its grip.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you think so. It was so kind of you to review!
2009-08-11 2:23am
I've really had this on my list of stories to be read for a long time since I stumbled across it and I'm glad I started reading it now again. This first chapter really pulls in the reader and I at least was living the moment with Hermione, my heart beating faster as "death" comes closer to her. Great start!

Author's Response: *squee* I did actually notice that you favorite'd this story, which was plenty good enough for me, but now you've reviewed. Yay! Any how, I'm so glad it hooked you! I really hope that the rest of the story lives up to the first chapter's standards... ^_^ Thank you so much for reviewing!
2009-08-01 3:57am
WoW.. Alot of humanity...that's sweet, really.
A pureblood saving a mud..Im kinda glad his parents aren't around to see this..


Author's Response: Yes, it is sweet of him. I agree - his parents wouldn't really accept his "fraternization" with a muggleborn.
2009-08-01 3:48am
Well, I guess there IS humanity in Draco afterall...
Nicely written...
I wonder what's going to happen after he pulls her out.if he pulls her out...

Author's Response: Yes, surprise right? Once again, thank you. You'll find out soon!
2009-08-01 3:37am
Well, is this a hint of humanity I'm scencing in Mr. Malfoy??
This started out soo great, I think its my favorite chapter one yet,,Fantastic job!!!

Author's Response: Yes, the monster may be human afterall... ^_^ Aww, thanks a lot!
2009-06-07 2:50pm
I really enjoy the use of spells and magical content. Some stories I read are only love stories and they forget the fact that they are witches and wizards lol. Well done!

Author's Response: ^_^ I think it's kind of silly for an author to forget that the HP books are based all around magic and not to include them in HPFF is kind of going against the whole plot. Anyway, thank you for (once again) reviewing!
2009-06-07 2:37pm
Poor Ron. =[ This is so sad lol. But very good.

Author's Response: Yeah, I hated killing him off. Thanks for reviewing!
2009-06-07 2:24pm
The sadness is overwhelming! But it's such a lovely piece of work. Great job.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!
2009-06-07 2:17pm
This is soo sad lol Your killing me here! Ginny and Hermione better not be dead this better be a dream or something!

Author's Response: ^_^ Just keep reading. Thanks for reviewing.


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