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Reading Reviews for Are You My Heaven?
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Dramoine_3 Grilled Cheese

15th December 2014:
Very nice. You have a lot of talent and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope to post more chapters soon!

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Review #2, by HollyHogwarts Ding Dong

31st July 2014:
Well, well ,well.
Thank God Draco returned! I have no idea where you plan to go with this story, but i am so excited to read whatever you do!
You are a wonderful writer and i hope that you continue writing. You have a very nice way of telling a story.
Please update this soon, i love reading your stories.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad you are enjoying it! I will post as soon as I can! (I work 9 hour shifts almost every day!)

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Review #3, by HollyHogwarts Searching

17th July 2014:
Can you please update this soon? I am really curious to know what happens.
Who is the father?
What will happen to Hermione and Draco?
Too many questions that need to be answered in more chapters.

(PS thank-you for telling me there was another book)

Author's Response: I will update soon, I do have the next chapter finished so keep an eye out for it.

You are most welcome. Wouldn't want you to suffer from the cliff hanger for too long :D

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Review #4, by edjwha Digging Deeper

8th February 2014:
where are the rest of the chapters? Please update.

Author's Response: I'm sorry that you've waited so long, I had major writers block and forgot my password to the website. But I am back and more should be coming your way

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Review #5, by MissRoo4589 Digging Deeper

7th January 2012:
this is so sad!!! please tell me that draco and mione get back together! love this story btw

Author's Response: I can't tell you if that'll happen or not! You'll have to keep reading :)

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Review #6, by ginnypotter1234567 Digging Deeper

4th January 2012:
PLEASE finish I need u to finish it PLEASE

Author's Response: I know it has been quite a while, I promise I will have more ASAP!!! I am writing new chapters right now and hope to have them posted soon

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Review #7, by weasleywishes Digging Deeper

16th August 2011:
i've read the whole story so far and so far I'm really sad at this part and the fact there's no more well so far and I wanted to know if you were ever going to complete this story? anyway it's really good and I love it.

Author's Response: I'm sorry it's so sad. I am going to complete the story, it has just taken me a very long time!! More will come shortly I promise!

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Review #8, by Unwrittenangle Digging Deeper

22nd December 2010:
keep writing!!! This storys great!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for all your kind reviews of my story!

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Review #9, by raynegoldenhart Life Must Go On

28th January 2010:
nu~ i thought he knew she was raped? he can't walk out! D:

Author's Response: He did know... but he just doesnt really realize whats going on ... it will take him sometime ;) boys are slow! ha ha or at least in this story this one is :) And he did walk out ... but its a story :) just wait to see what happens!

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Review #10, by fredlovesme18 Life Must Go On

28th July 2009:
AAH! HE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO HER! WHY DOESN'T HE? That was so sweet...the part written by Draco was amazing. Everything was perfect. Good chapter- short, but so sweet.
Nicely done,
fredlovesme18 10/10 :)

Author's Response: AW thanks :)!
I was like hmmm... i wonder if anyone will actually like this chatper, it took effort not gonna lie lol :P but as soon as i stop working like a mad man ... more should be coming ur way.

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Review #11, by fredlovesme18 Falling Apart

17th May 2009:
I loved how you had Ginny write a part of it! This was so good and I cannot wait to her about Draco and what happened...so it is his baby? Or is it Tom's?
fredlovesme18 ;)

Author's Response: ohh well u will just have to wait and see ;)
sorry i havent posted in awhile!
im experiencing writers block but i do have ideas!

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Review #12, by Christy86 Falling Apart

12th March 2009:
update soon can't wait for for chapter goodwrk

Author's Response: Thank you :) Glad you liked it... and thankyou for reviewing!

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