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Reading Reviews for Charmed
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Review #1, by justxxStormy This is the Night

5th September 2009:
hey! im jXs. I was looking through storys for people who creat there own banner or have banners up. Im not sure how to get a banner up soo could you help me?? if you could it would be ever so apperciated THANKS

Author's Response: I'd be happy to help :)
My info is on my page coz they wont let me put it into a review
Soo yeah I'm happy to help , okay iv just said tht twice lol

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Review #2, by random Welcome to my truth

2nd May 2009:
dun dun... DUN!

so voldemort knocked someone up?
wow he isn't just a monster but a pimp monster

Author's Response: HAHA
ur review is funni sorry needed to say tht
originally i wasn't going to do this, but if i didnt have a big *thing* happening it would be boring, so be honest is this a good idea?

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Review #3, by random Never Alone

2nd May 2009:
doesn't anyone get married before they're knocked up anymorre

Author's Response: haha i know, but in their defense they get married before the babys born

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Review #4, by siriuslyawesome Stand in the Rain

5th February 2009:
Wow so
firstly and i will hope u excuse my language but i think we can all agree bellatrix is a bitch.

Im really glad that remus came back

And if i was her i would probably have turned bright red when dumbeldor mentioned big plans which was hysterical

cant wait for ur next chappie... the big ball i assume make everything go mostly smooth she deserves it lol

Author's Response: Lol yeah she is aint she ?
Same couldnt have Illusion angry at him forever =)
I know my teacher revealed my plans and i could remember bieng embarresed so i thot id make illusion have a cringe lol
yeah hopefully next chapter will be up in two days time or even tomorrow
thanks for reviewing ! =P x

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Review #5, by siriuslyawesome Smells Like Teenage Spirit

26th January 2009:
So i just read all your stories that lead into this and i loved them all im just way to lazy to comment...

Adrianna needs to get over it i mean geesh its just a boy.

Oh and i have to mention i love the name Illusion...

Mick sounds so good, and i really liked that she likes Binns no one really ever mentions him outside of him class being mind numbingly boring...

I cant wait till Mick re asks his family question to see how she explains everything.
I can't believe she really believes her dad betrayed everyone like that.
She is going to have a lot of stuff to work through, and i hope you throw harry in sometime.

up date soon por favor

Author's Response: lol im exactly the same about reviewing although i love recieving them :D
I know i based her on a girl at my school whos EXACTLY like that

Me too :)

Oh aye Mick is actualy from Moonlight and i love him ^_^

Yeah, dont worry he finds out and harry come in eventually

its actually nearly done so il be updating soon !

Thanks 4 the review :)

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