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Review #1, by knitsocks To Fire Whiskey and Africa

27th November 2010:
please please PLEASE write more! Its one of my favorite stories ever and I need more! You are such a brilliant writer and I hope you finish this story soon

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Review #2, by Natalia To Fire Whiskey and Africa

1st June 2010:
PLEASE PLEASE POST MORE!!! It is such a good story, I need to have more of it!!!

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Review #3, by coops To Fire Whiskey and Africa

24th February 2010:
is this officially completed? great story

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Review #4, by snazzymuse To Fire Whiskey and Africa

28th August 2009:
aww Bridget and Sophia are so cute! "Aflica" made me smile. (: I like this story, it's different from the usual Rose/Scorpius pairings. I especially like how everyone's so accepting of him. Tim was annoying during the reunion chapter, sheesh; I think he definitely still has a thing for Rose. the triplets joke made my day haha keep up the good work!

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Review #5, by Camilla Monet To Fire Whiskey and Africa

26th August 2009:
OOO can't wait til the next part comes out!!!

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Review #6, by Camilla Monet To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

26th August 2009:
This is kinda sad :( but i love it :))

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Review #7, by ILuvSev4Evr7 To Fire Whiskey and Africa

27th July 2009:
Please update. :) Pleeaassee.

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Review #8, by ValJinx To Fire Whiskey and Africa

23rd July 2009:
Awesome story. I think Scorpius took it quite well, Will he be overreacting soon? Please update soon. Im so intrigued.

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Review #9, by lyrix82 To Fire Whiskey and Africa

22nd July 2009:
Yay! it all went well! I was a little worried for a moment that Scorp was going to be so mad but he's taken it just how I wanted him too! Excellent, thank you! xx

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Review #10, by ash To Fire Whiskey and Africa

18th July 2009:
hey thats was great cant wait for chapter 4

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Review #11, by Happyface412 To Fire Whiskey and Africa

13th July 2009:
It was good.
I lauged and smiled and fretted in the appropriate times. Thanks for the giraffe shout out.
I thought he was reallly cute with the kids, adorable even.
It was really good. I need more though so post post POST!

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Review #12, by jadelouise To Fire Whiskey and Africa

12th July 2009:
great chapter
update soon

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Review #13, by Harry_Potter123  To Fire Whiskey and Africa

11th July 2009:
FINALLY i thought she would never tell him!!!

I loved to story :)


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Review #14, by Harry_Potter123  To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

13th June 2009:
Hey. Loved the story.
When is the next chapter going to be up?

xoxoxoxoxoxo POST SOON xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Review #15, by Kt_Clare_Lily To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

24th April 2009:
Can't wait for more!
This story is coming a long very nicely!

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Review #16, by JKRowlingFan22 To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

7th March 2009:
This story has a great start and an excellent plot! I cannot wait to hear what happens next! Keep on writing and UPDATE SOON! When will she tell Scorpius about the kids?

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Review #17, by LiveforLuna To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

22nd February 2009:
Omgosh, They so still love eachother! I wonder how he's going to react! If he's going to hate her!!


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Review #18, by LiveforLuna To Reunions and Ice cream

22nd February 2009:
ohh, this seems fun!
and I love your title!

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Review #19, by fre To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

18th February 2009:
hey! that's a really good interested to find out wat scorpius' reaction's like when he finds out!! hehe

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Review #20, by magical words To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

18th February 2009:
So cute and original! I love it. Please update soon!

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Review #21, by CocoChanel55 To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

15th February 2009:
I love this story. And I love how you fast forward to when they're all grown up. I'm DYING to see how Scorpius reacts. POST SOON PLEASE!

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Review #22, by CocoChanel55 To Reunions and Ice cream

15th February 2009:
OMG! This is so cute. You are super super talented!

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Review #23, by I_LOVE_love To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

8th February 2009:
Awww, I loved it!!! I'm sooo sorry that this reviews missed your birthday though! I've just been a bit busy for hpff, sad to say. But I thoroughly loved chapter two! I love how Rose and Scorpius kinda just fell back into step with a relationship-type attitude, it's perfect! I can't wait for his reaction when he finds out that he has twin daughters! haha ;) Can't wait for chapter three!! :)

Author's Response: it's okay. thanks so much ^_^

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Review #24, by Childish_Fairy To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

31st January 2009:
I love this story!
its fantastic!

Author's Response: lol i'm working on it. thanks ^_^

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Review #25, by darinmeg To Little Black Dresses and Grandparents

27th January 2009:
I love this story! I am not sure what it is about how you write the characters but I am really enjoying it! I really love the way that you are writing Rose and Scorpious's relationship. I love the interaction. I would love to see the relationship continue to grow.

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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