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Review #1, by Keira Epilogue

12th November 2017:
It is amazing...really. It made me feel tons of emotions...such a drama, I even cried. Thank you dear author!

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Review #2, by harrysgirl99 Intervention

6th November 2017:
I loved this chapter, mainly because it has Aidan's POV in it. That boy is adorable! I love that kid.

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Review #3, by insertcreativeusername New Years, Old Years, They're All The Same

18th October 2017:
I swear to god Rose Weasley, you better use PROTECTION this time!

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Review #4, by Sarah Epilogue

21st August 2017:
This has been an amazing story. You are the new J.K. Rowling. You planed out the books well. I love your work keep it up.

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Review #5, by Kayleigh Epilogue

23rd July 2017:
I need more of this story please.

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Review #6, by Red_Pollard Trials and Tribulations

5th July 2017:
Is this chapter title a JCS reference?

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Review #7, by Oksana Epilogue

11th May 2017:
Dear Padfoot4ever! Thank you very much for this incredible story. I'm in love with it, as I do with Delicate, it's true:) Please, don't stop writing - you have a huge talent! :)

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Review #8, by sela Weekend At Jenny's: Part I

28th April 2017:
“Should I apologise?” I ask, “Even though I was speaking from the heart?”

HAHAHA. Seriously, I love this story.

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Review #9, by you_make_me_wander Epilogue

2nd March 2017:
What a great ending to such an amazing fic!

I absolutely loved the flashforward and finding out that not only does Aidan have similar internal monologues to his mother's, I was so happy to find out Rose and Scorpius ended up having more children *-*

Besides, Rose's reaction to Kate was perfect if you ask me XD

Thank you so muh for writing both "Delicate" and "Still delicate". You're an amazing writer and it was a pleasure to read them

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Review #10, by you_make_me_wander Cry And Cry Again

2nd March 2017:
This chapter was absolutely heartbreaking, amazing job! I don't cry for just any story but reading Aidan telling Rose he'll be a good boy, a better boy so he can keep living with her...

Yeah, you can have my heart. I didn't need it

Incredible work

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Review #11, by you_make_me_wander The Crup And The Cow

1st March 2017:
All these cow references are absolutely hilarious. I love Rose's temper to pieces, I honestly do!

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Review #12, by you_make_me_wander A Beginning Of Sorts

1st March 2017:

As I was reading the chapter I couldn't help but think that it was gonna get messy, that Scorp had found someone else, but get married?!

You really are kind of great with plot twists, I'll give you that ;)

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Review #13, by Charlie Epilogue

14th January 2017:
Cant believe its actually over! So sad what where your other books,might have a read of them #delicate #stilldelicate!

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Review #14, by Lavanya Epilogue

11th January 2017:
You write really well! Keep writing!

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Review #15, by jbrielle Dirt

16th November 2016:
lol this makes me think of Trump and Hillary. but obvi Hermione is way better than Hillary

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Review #16, by Everlasting Faerie Light Epilogue

13th November 2016:
I absolutely love Delicate and Still Delicate. I read them a few times a year, and I find that as I get older, I can really feel Rose's character. These stories really do cheer me up.

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Review #17, by Anne Panam Epilogue

6th November 2016:
WOW! I LLOOOVVE this story; ive probably read it a bajillion times; delicate and still delicate cheer me up when i need it the most!!! You are truly gifted and im so thankful for having a writer like u!

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Review #18, by GNcat1 Weekend At Jenny's: Part I

26th October 2016:
Very funny. My husband stuck his head in my room to see what the laughter was all about. You have a gift for humor.

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Review #19, by littleun91 Epilogue

21st October 2016:
Love it. Have read it 3 times now, start to finish and still get as emotional as I did the first time. Thank you for writing this!

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Review #20, by Charity Lumpkins The Contenders

6th October 2016:
This is a bad chapter

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Review #21, by Charity lumpkins Turning Tables

6th October 2016:
Do rose and scorpius ever get married?

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Review #22, by Londeka Epilogue

15th September 2016:
I read this story atleast once every year

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Review #23, by Zenix Epilogue

5th September 2016:
Positively brilliant. I had given up hope for Rosius, but I was quite gladly mistaken. Amazing job. You deserve every accolade possible.

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Review #24, by VivekRai Disclosure

2nd September 2016:
Yo amazing stroy, character, lines, drama, action masti and everything else! Love you loads!

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Review #25, by iop Unwelcomed Changes

2nd September 2016:

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