2009-07-18 20:54:54
Do you still have the sequel to this? I would love to read it!
this story was sweet with hilarious humor :)

can't wait to read the seqel :)
all of the Valentines Day Sucks parts were hilarious :)

drunk Anne being the best part :)
this chapter was hilarious, especially when she told Madam Pompfrey her symptoms :p
ughh Magda, look at what you did :(

loved Oliver's reaction to finding out about Magda lying

and Oliver did want to go with Anne :)
2009-07-18 20:54:54
Great fluffy story! Hope to see a sequel in the future!
Where did the sequel go?
2009-07-18 20:54:54
PLEASE don't write a sequel

Author's Response: You're kind of twenty chapters too late... awks. Not sure if I should take any offence, but thank you for reading until the end anyway. x
I loved everything about this! Great job, honestly, one of the first Hogwarts-era stories I've read and enjoyed in years! I'm now off to the squeal now! So I'll see you there :)


XOXO WildFlower!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've had to avoid things due to R/L stuff, but I hope you've been enjoying the sequel. x
Fantastic way to end it. 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And thank you for the constant reviews, they've been lovely. x
That was so sad. 9/10 : (
Poor poor amy. 9/10 : )
Naw poor would. Im so sorry but ive just relised that i keep calling adrian, aiden. Sorry. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: No worries, dearie. We're all stubborn about things x
Oh poor anne. 9/10 : )
I worry about amy. 9/10 : )
Wouldnt it be nice if she could date all three without them careing. 9/10 : )
Haha. Only anne would get into these situations. 9/10 : )
I quite like aiden. 9/10 : )
I loved that anne told cedric the truth. 9/10 : )
This is going to be so sad for amy when cedric dies. 9/10 : )
If anne is a fourth year gryffindor shouldnt hermione, parvati, and lavender be in their dorm? 9/10 : )
Haha. I kind of like adrian. 9/10 : )
Haha. Loved it!! It was hilarious. 9/10 : )
Haha. Loved a drunk anne. 9/10 : )
Great chapter. Loved it. 9/10 : )


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