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2005-11-30 11:20pm
nice... this is an excellent fic... plz post more soon
2005-09-01 11:42pm
great story, keep it up!
2005-02-12 2:25am
this is really funny! but Felicia has travelewd by floo powder, hasnt she ? in the first chapter? anyway, its a good story, keep going!
Hey.. i made a review on the Authors Notes.. oh well.. I love this story and i would love it if you wrote more! i added you to my favorites too! lol talk to you soon!
Sorry about that. Anyway, I LOVE THIS STORY! I do have one question. Are you going to have any battles in this story at all? That would be awesome-I can see it now, even the music score-but it's your story, you do what you want. It's just a thought. Keep up the good work!
2004-12-11 2:17pm
Wow, I absolutely LOVE your story. I wish I'd have thought of such a great idea. Update soon!!!
2004-12-10 7:03pm
i like the story so far hope you write more chapters soon.
2004-12-10 6:32pm
that was a good first chapter. i look forward to reading the rest.
2004-12-10 1:17pm
What's up with the name-confusion? First her name was Felicity, then her name was Felicia?! Otherwise good chappie =)

Author's Response: Felicia is what she's always been called although her real name is Felicity. Anyways, thanks for the review!
2004-12-07 1:45pm
sweet i love the whole slap around malfoy bit makes me think they are realy sisters! p.s. thank you for telling me of your updates and i have a confession to make i am thinking of retireing ever after from the site because i havent thought much of it so.......
i like it i really lik eit! anytime malfoy gets hit is good... *runs to conslole him*
interesting.... a son from the veil.. i shall have to wait and see.
it was awesome. i like that her bday is on vday instead of sept.
ooh awesome chappie love the concept! a cliifie on the first chappie! but it doesnt matter b/c the next chap is here already haha! didnt work on me!
Keep going, this is getting too good!
Short, but I like it all the same. My chapters are shorter than yours, lol!
Wow, this is getting even better...
I like this idea! It's quite unique. I must now run off to read your next chapters and your other story.
Wow, when I first started reading and Hermione had her twin sister I thought it wasnt going to be a story I would like, but its actually really good... again, really gd writing... but u should just put 1 ! instead of !!!!!... but other than that its really gd :D
2004-12-04 10:42am
I'm loving this story! Update soon!
2004-12-04 10:40am
Wow, I really enjoyed the chapter. This is an awesome story! Very original. Felicia is a great character.
2004-08-31 4:21am
I remeber reading this a long time ago. It was one of the first stories I read on HPFF and liked. I see you haven't updated in a really long time. What I remeber about this story was that it was brilliant, cute, and original. Hopefully, you'll update.
Hey i like ur story so far, it's cute....make it where hermione get's so jealous of her sister, that ron and harry like felicia, and hermione trys to get harry's or ron's attention, but they still don't listen to her, and she get's so furious, that she like dye's her hair, or cuts it shoulder length, etc....u know what i mean? just a suggestion, but still good story! keep up the good work...ok! :)
2004-04-30 7:18pm
Whose son is under the veil? Was that Sirius' dad? Does he care enough about Sirius to say that?
brill! please update soon!


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