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wow, this story was AMAZING, and really happy.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! :) I am very glad you enjoyed reading it!
I love it I like all the memories and stuff. But the ending, are you going to conitune! I wanna know what happened. But if you don't continue I will just guess that htey worked out all right!:D Loved it!

Author's Response: XD I hope u enjoyed the next chapter...thank u!! XD
Good job! loved the weaving in and out of memories. The only thing I have an issue with is the ending. It just...ends. it sounds more like a cliff hanger than an ending. Are you planing to write more? I'd love to know what happens. I hope they manage to work things out.

Author's Response: :) ahahah thank you! The cliff hanger was on purpose because I wasn't sure which ending would better suit the story. :D But I think I will write more!! :)

thank u so much for the review! :)

from light_blue


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