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Pretty good overall. I liked it!~Jaymee
That was pretty good! I definitely like how it gives the inner perspective of both Hermione and Draco. Their point of views and such. Very encouraging as well which made me smile. Make sure to go back and proofread some things (maybe get a beta) and thanks for the great read! May good writings continue to you. ~Moni Jane

Author's Response: thank you
Alright. I had a little trouble reading this. There were a lot of choppy parts and it was all a bit out of character. I would say that if you changed it around just a little I could use it as my speech for valedictorian in high school and no one would know it was part of something Harry potter. I wish it would have been more in character because even Hermione didn't seem herself and even with the fact that Draco got help he would tell the world that he was a death's not what you do.but other wise it was good. 7/10


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