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Reading Reviews for Truth Or Dare
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Review #1, by oneandonlymrsmalfoy Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

16th January 2013:
what house did she get in?haha :)

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Review #2, by dracos lover Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

10th September 2012:
I love your story so much!

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Review #3, by Siriusly Love Sirius Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

13th June 2012:
So, so beautiful :')
I really enjoyed this this story a lot! Although I thought it moved rather fast throughout the whole thing, maybe the chapters could have been a bit longer and more detailed, but at the end of the day the plot was so amazing that I just decided I didn't give a Hippogriffs' arse about the detail :) Well done :D

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Review #4, by accio_draco Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

3rd October 2011:
it was amazing!!! please please write a sequel!!!

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Review #5, by accio_draco The Longest Two Weeks

2nd October 2011:
i bet shes pregnant!

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Review #6, by tha.king.m_m Am I Falling For Him?

8th September 2011:
It's boring and all of this is happening to fast I think 3/10

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Review #7, by inspiredl Ugly Duckling...Until Now

4th August 2011:
This seems like a really promising start and I can't wait to read chapter 2!
April is an interesting new character and I hope you build upon her in later chapters. :)
In terms of your writing style I can't gauge much so far but description seems to be your strengh, whilst I think you should work on making your dialogue more natural.
A good start overall,
Lily :)

(InspiredL, Hufflepuff)

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Review #8, by Megz Ugly Duckling...Until Now

26th July 2011:
It's good but it is quite short:)

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Review #9, by mmorris290 Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

24th July 2011:
It was good, but not very realistic at all. Everything seemed to play out too perfectly.

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Review #10, by Jamie Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

14th July 2011:
A sequel is needed! I wish there was a way to rate the whole story not just the chapters.

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Review #11, by iheartdraco100 Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

13th May 2011:
omg! i LOVED this story and of course im interested in a sequel pleaasee write one

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Review #12, by darklove Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

2nd May 2011:
heyya.u did a very pretty well excellent job...the story was indeed ravishing...
there's something i'd like to ask you...if u dont mind...
well...we have a sort of theory that Draco and Hermione 's relation is a bit complicated...right??
but why did u make it so easy.???...hey i didnt mean to offend u but im just curious?
it was good reading it...and btw what is the sequel to this???

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Review #13, by anon Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

23rd April 2011:
They may have the same names as the characters in the books, but they ARE NOT Malfoy and Hermione. AT. ALL. If you are looking for even slightly believable fanfiction this is NOT it. :( :(

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Review #14, by Sarahkay502 Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

17th April 2011:
This was a really sweet story! I loved it.

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Review #15, by prissypadfoot Ugly Duckling...Until Now

11th April 2011:
Good start, but please.. No more, "Oh my Merlin"s!

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Review #16, by Lucy_Dumbledore Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

8th April 2011:
Loved this story! pls write a sequel that would be awesome.

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Review #17, by M Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

6th April 2011:
That was lovely. There were some plot holes, but it ended so nicely. Lovely.

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Review #18, by Karona More Than Special

6th April 2011:
It's a fairly ood storyline, but you could do with having an editor look it over. It has some MAJOR flaws and decrepencies.

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Review #19, by heartsrock Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

16th June 2010:
love the story cant wait to read the sequel

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Review #20, by xfirespritex Missing?

16th June 2010:
Okay so truthfully this story started to lose me a little with how quickly and easily things were going but I kept on to see where it would go and now I'm glad I did. Baby Drama and a missing Baby Daddy? Now I've gotta read.

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Review #21, by xfirespritex Ugly Duckling...Until Now

16th June 2010:
haha excellent beginning chapter! I can't wait to see what happens.

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Review #22, by ginnyrox895 Her Life Was Over

13th September 2009:
Aww...I love stories like this. It's like they connect Harry Potter to real life. Great job!

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Review #23, by Ale Let Him Stare

10th April 2009:
yeahh finally found a story with truth or dare !! but a tiny question.. why didnt harry stopped hermione from going with draco???

Author's Response: I think I mentioned he'd been drinking too. Im not sure. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll check.
Sorry everyone, theres been a major hold up in my story for a good while, soon enough I'll get it done!I leave school in around a month, so thne I'll have all the time in the world :)


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Review #24, by mrslpm Epilogue: Eleven Years Later

10th April 2009:
Absoulutly amazing... even better than amazing!

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Review #25, by Samantha Am I Falling For Him?

4th April 2009:
This is really good. :]

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