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Oh, that was cute. I like how everything worked out.
Rolf was sweet and Luna seemed subdued, actually. I love how she and Dean are good friends. The Neville/Luna bit... honestly. xD. I am rather glad you included Hannah though. =). Lots of Yellow, I like it. Nargles are fantastic. It was perfectly adequate.


Author's Response: lol well I am glad it was adequate :)
Sooo cute! Rolf and Luna are adorable!

Author's Response: lol thank you, glad you liked it :)
I liked this a lot! It was definitely a good one-shot! I love the yellow imagery, I think it definitely works for Luna. I really think that's a good challenge, with the colors, and you did a good job with it.

I admire you for writing about Luna. She's not an easy character, and I thought you did pretty well with her. The characterization seemed right on, and I love how you put a little bit of Neville in there too. I always thought that they would have been a perfect couple, but you were able to explain it in a way that was very believable.

I love how you had Hermione doubting her and her creatures, and how she proved to be right. That was cute. I thought the ending was perfect, and you really did a good job creating the relationship between Luna and Rolf. It was definitely believable.

The only thing was that there seemed to be a couple of grammar issues. Nothing too big, but like in the second sentence, your should be you're. I just wasn't sure about how it was going to go because there was a mistake in the beginning, but it was definitely better past that.

So great job on this! I'm definitely impressed that you were able to fit seven challenges into this. :)

Author's Response: I am glad I did Luna well lol that was the one challenge I was worried about! Its good that everything was believable too :D Glad you liked it! Also I am impressed with my self for having that main in such a short oneshot lol
That was really cute. I love how Ginny is able to redirect Luna, while still respecting her. Luna is an awesome character, you wrote her well.

Author's Response: Yay so happy I wrote her well hehe and yeah, I have never seen Ginny as the kind of person to disrespect anyone. Glad you liked it :)
i absolutely love that someone wrote about luna. the yellowness was awesome.. very like her. it was a good one-shot. one of the best i've read in a while.

Author's Response: I'm glad the yellow was so very like her hehe means that one of the challenges worked out :) Also glad its one of the best you've read it in awhile, makes me very happy! :D
Aww, that was really beautiful. Totally Luna, too. She's my favorite character. Very fluffy and cute. Nicely done. xD
Thanks for taking up my challenge & others' as well.

Author's Response: great, I'm so glad she was in character as that was one of the challenges hehe also glad you liked it :D
Hah! Awesome! I love the way you used "Ignorance is Bliss" in the story! It really worked! And bringing yellow into their wedding was very in character! I've always thought Luna and yellow go! And as I'm a very HUGE Neville/Luna fan, I'm glad you brought them into it, even though it was in the past.

There were a few grammar errors, but they weren't obvious, and I say no spelling mistakes, which is seldom found in a fanfic, even if they are just typos!

I really liked your description and the way you developed the characters and made Rolf suddenly become open about their realtionship! Well done! I also enjoyed the length - not too long, not too short! :D

Well done, I loved it!

Author's Response: Luna saying that line to Hermione is just great isn't it lol I'm happy you liked it! And Rolf suddenly became open in the event of surprising his new wife with the Nargles hehe thought it was a good way to distract everyone xD I'm glad you loved it!! :D
Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous

luff it!

Author's Response: yay!! hehe glad its all those things!
Hey there, nova! Thank you so much for entering this into my challenge. You're the first to submit their piece, and I'm very excited to see what else is created! You did a really nice job with this. I adore you characterization of Rolf. I want one! :P

Nice job!

Author's Response: lol you want one, I want one...we all want one ;) Thanks again for betaing it for me! Its good to know I did a really nice job, hope you liked the use of the quote! hehe
I really liked it, it was interesting. It's amazing how you managed to fix seven challenges into one, but it came out very nicely. :)

Author's Response: yeah seven wow lol glad to know it came out good :) and that you liked it!
This was really good! I'm a Neville/Luna shipper, but I still loved your characterization of Rolf. The best line was:

'Ignorance is bliss Hermione, you really should cherish it.'

Again, great job!

Author's Response: hehe it was one of the challenges to use that Ignorance line and I thought it would be great for Luna to say it to Hermione :D glad you liked my characterization of Rolf and the story!!


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