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Well done. Nice to see Fred & George helping out another twin.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D
that was a great one-shot!

parvati is one of my favourite characters

i also love that george and fred comforted her

it was sooo good!

100/10 :)


Author's Response: aww thanks hun, glad you liked the story :)
I've never read this kind of fic before, and never seen one before but it's nicely original. You dealt with her emotions well, and you could sense the detachment she felt. What the hat said was really clever, and I loved the jokey way with which Fred and George comforted her. xx

Author's Response: Stoirm again with the reviewing...I'm starting to think you may like my work ;) hehe anyways I am really surprised you have never read this kind of fic before considering it was for a challenge but I still understand that they can be pretty rare. I'm glad you could sense the detachment, it was something I really wanted to show cause it wasn't just her sister, it was her twin. Thanks again for a great review!
Its Really Good. i Loved It. =]

Author's Response: yay glad you like it :)
I really like the characters Parvati and Padma. I wish people would write more stories about them.

Author's Response: yeah me too! Glad you liked it :)
First of all, I'm terribly sorry this review is so late. I've been incredibly busy lately...Well this was a really cute story. It's a very unique idea; I've never read any Patil twins stories, so this was a refreshing read for me. grammatically, I noticed a few mistakes, things like missing commas and typos, but nothing to lose sleep over =)

I think the topic of twins is a very interesting one. I hate the fact that a good portion of the public think that because two people look alike that they are the same person. The fact that you used the Patil twins to explain that this is not the case, was very wise. I think their story is a perfect example of this issue, and having them sorted in two different houses is great illustration of their different personalities.

I think your representation of the Patil girls was great. The characterization was spot-on in my opinion. We really haven't been given much to work with in Ms. Rowling's books, so no one really knows how far we can go before making them out of character. Fred and George however, I don't know if I was feeling their characterization. Well, towards the end was where I began to get a bit skeptical. I like that you are having another set of twins explain things of this matter to Padma and Parvati, though I don't think they're as wise and all-knowing as they came across to me here. Or at least they won't be so willing to show it, if you understand what I mean. This line kind of threw me off the characterization train, if I may: “Or being the best of friends,” George added with a grin to his twin brother. It just seemed... too mushy for Fred and George? I dunno, it just didn't sit right with me.

Other than that, all seemed well. Keep up the good work and have fun ^_^


Author's Response: I really liked that JK put them in different houses too :) and I really wanted to understand why so I wrote a fic about it hehe as for Fred and George, I really think there is a lot more to them then they show too, but I think sometimes they do show it under special circumstances. Like I am sure they can relate to how Parvati is feeling and know they are probably the only ones who can make her feel I don't know xD sorry for the short-ish review but I have a lot of challenges to finish, but thank you so much for it!!! :D
It's great to see people focusing on how the hat sorted other people, especially Harry's own class. This one was particularly interesting because, while I am not twins to either of my siblings, we are all very much alike and I'd be quite down not to be sorted into the same house as either of them! I don't even like it when they leave on business trips and I'm stuck at home going to college! I expect this to be really quite close to how they actually felt in being sorted into different houses. Good story, I enjoyed it greatly!

Author's Response: I am noticing that the people who review this story talk about their own twins or siblings and how they can relate which is really quite pleasing to me to know people can do that with my writing :) I am glad you enjoyed the story!!
That was great! I loved the quote "Their one, united heart was broken. " It's brilliant. Nice job on this. =) There's one spacing problem that I can remember. The second to last paragraph's last sentence should have one more space between it. (Did that make sense?) Anyways, great job as always! =)

Author's Response: oops silly word :D the page breaks right then so its always hard to tell if I added enough spaces hehe but glad you liked it! that makes me very happy :D cause if you didn't then I would have to change it until you did haha
Hello there novadestin! I've obviously come to leave that review. :)

This is a really interesting idea. I've read a couple of "the sorting of..." one-shots, but never before have I read something about the Patil twins. Snaps go out to you for deciding to tackle their character. These sisters are not characters we know a whole heck of a lot about, and so with the information you were given, I think you did a nice job.

Your flow was good, and I like your writing style. I think that you captured a kind of eleven year old innocence that most, if not all, of the first years had in the beginning. You conveyed the saddness Pravati must have felt at being seperated from her sister well also.

I liked how you included Fred and George. I agree, a bit ironic, but good just the same. ;) Overall nice job, sweetie. I enjoyed this one-shot.


Author's Response: aww thanks for the great review nana!! yeah this was for the "the sorting of challenge..." hehe and I thought it would be really cool to explore how twins felt about being put in different houses.

woot snaps to me hehe and yeah the only thing we really know is that they are VERY close. It seemed like a wonderful psych thing for me to explore hehe go psych major xD

as for Fred and George, I don't think anyone else could have made her feel better about it :)
awww, i liked that fred and george addition a lot!

Author's Response: Everyone likes the Weasley twins :)
i am a twin and i don't really think we are THAT close, but yes we are close

good job!

Author's Response: thank you!
awwe this is such a sweet story! i loved fred and george in it! good job

Author's Response: hehe everyone loves the use of Fred and George :D glad you liked it!
I really like how Fred and George came in with a bit of wisdom like that. I really think that you did AMAZINGLY! 10/10

Author's Response: Fred and George were really the only two who could understand how she felt so I think it was only right to have them there :) And thanks very much, glad you liked it!!! :D
awwh love it

so cute, i love how fred and george were the ones who were talking to her. very cute,

this is for a challenge? i hope u win!

Author's Response: thank you :) I think Fred and George were the only two who could make her feel better.


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