Oh my gosh! Poor Professor Sprout! I absolutely loved the last line you used--it sounds so catchy and lighthearted, even though it really is an awful thing to have happened to Pr. Sprout!

I personally find it a little unlikely that this would happen (Sprout and McGonagall seemed to be on a friendly basis, Sprout has worked for over 30 years, and, as you mentioned this sort of thing happens in potions class all the time) so I'm wondering if maybe fleshing out the details of the incident would have helped? Perhaps making the popplepoids more dangerous? Perhaps using a different headmaster (someone more like Umbridge, who'd just fire anyone for anything?) Or maybe just mentioning and drawing attention to the number of incidents that have happened over the years would have made it seem a little more rounded out.

I think by even making it longer, and even showing little snippets of everything else that went wrong, you could even make more room for humor as well. Whatever the case, it was a nice, quick, enjoyable read! :)

House Cup 2014 Review
Hello there :)
I liked your tale quite a bit. However, I feel that it could have been much longer!

Firing the Head of Hufflepuff and the teacher of Herbology would certainly call for a greater explanation, or a more well-drawn out one, maybe! It happened very quickly and I couldn't help but wonder if McGonagall wouldn't let her off for being a great teacher and for being around for quite long!
I'm happy for the fact that you decided to write a piece on the incident you've dealt with. How unique, I found it! The idea of the tale! And I love Neville. Yay :)
All in all, great idea, but could do with a little more explanation, I feel! :)
Good job though!
that was a reli good story and i liked the way you kept some of the old characters aswell.
The poor woman! That's just not right!

Author's Response: ...
NO! I HEART SPROUT! SHE'S SO JOLLY! hehe but Neville is cool too! (aww McGonagall is a meanie to sack sprout!!!)

haha Loved your story! great job!

Author's Response: thank you sooooooooooo much!
i love these reviews! *gives you a cookie*
WOW! Very origional! I have never seen a story telling how Sprout was sacked! Cool! Also, I read what ships you like. I agree 100% with you, except I tolerate the DH ship, it's the HH ship I can't stand! Anyhow, keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Thank you soooooooooooo much. Imfasis(sp?) on the o's. I don't like Harry Hermione ships either. I also like Remus/OC. Yays may story is [slowly] getting popularer!
it was good?

tad bit too short and rushed.
but.. it was good.
but not very McGonnagle-esque?
I honestly don't know how to put it, but i did like it.

work hard on your next story; i'll be reading it :]


Author's Response: thankies, the idea really just came to me and i wrote it in like.... five minutes. it was supposed to just be random funniness glad you liked it!
Aw, I thought it was cute. Are all of those plants canon, or did you come up with them? Because if you did, then those were very good, they sounded a lot like something JK would put in the story. [=

Author's Response: thankies you for R&R and yes I did come up with those names. I'm not sure how as I normally have a TON of trouble with proper nouns. Thankies. :)
Yay! Good story. :) I think u no who this is XD! lol.
"There was plenty of teaches still there such as"
shouldn't that be teachers? :P

Author's Response: yayz! yes it should be teachers but i dontfeel like changing it so it stays. and anna...HI!!! my first real review! I dont think it will ever REALLY be reviewed by REAL people (I mean people I dont know). Oh, well. I wonder how you get more reads....
YAY! I am reviewing myself for no reason whatsoever.Well, I thought itwas good! *sniffs*


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