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2008-05-19 5:43pm
It was really good. You captured her emotions really well, especially her frustration, and her needs. The song went really well with it. xx

Author's Response: Stoirm my dear! Thank you so much for reviewing my story! :D I am so pleased you thought it was good too! I think the song worked well too, I actually came up with the idea when I was listening to the song and working on another fanfic hehe
2007-09-30 7:24am
This was well written. I loved the way you didn't mention who it was until the very end. Great songfic.

Author's Response: thanks!! and yeah, I wanted people to feel more of the emotion rather then be thinking about the character :)
2007-09-22 4:20pm
Good. And the banner is marvellous. Is it your own work?

Author's Response: thanks :) and yes I do all my banners myself
2007-08-30 8:08pm
Beautiful. I love you, Jen. And I love your writing. =) This was wonderful and I love how Ginny just couldn't write anything. Great job!

Author's Response: awww, love!! :D I don't think there is anything she could say in that situation and anything I can say in this one so.... *just sends love waves* ;)
2007-08-24 8:56pm
Awww, that was so sweet. That song sounds good too. That was a very unique song fic. nice job.

Author's Response: thank you :) glad you liked it!
2007-07-30 9:33am
Very poetic. That's a wonderful poem that you wrote. I always did believe that poetry offers more power and at the same time brevity as compared to prose. You showed it well in this piece. The use of repetition in your poems gives it emphasis and urgency. Your use of the varying styles and rhythm makes it all so disjointed, and thus gives emphasis to her confusion.

I like that you didn't tell us readers immediately whose POV this was. Adds to the mystery and surreal feel to this piece. Kudos for a job well done :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it wasn't a poem :)

I didn't want to tell anyone who it was because I wanted her emotions to tell the story.
2007-07-30 1:43am
i like this. its pretty ominous. i like your writing style. it was short yet enjoyable. write more.

Author's Response: hehe this one was supposed to be short and written very specifically to fit the emotions of the story
2007-07-29 8:56pm
Wow! Great fic, very well written. you could feel what she was going through trying to get the words out.

Author's Response: I was hoping the read would catch her emotions rather then think about what she is doing. I hating just being told whats happening hehe glad you enjoyed it! :D
2007-07-29 5:47pm
That was excellent! You showed the emotions beautifully and I like how you kept who it was a secret until the end. It was really sad though, but nevertheless I loved it.

I really didnt see anything wrong, and you kept my attention all the way through. Great job!

Author's Response: hurrah! glad you liked it :) I am glad the emotions came through because thats what I wanted to focus not, not what she was thinking or doing but what she was feeling doing it.
2007-07-29 3:38pm
aww that was incredibly sad. Poetic like...
Was ginny going to go with Harry to hunt for Horcruxes? It's a great fic, i loved it alot.


Really nice, 9/10

Author's Response: You got it right :) hehe I'm glad you liked it!
2007-07-29 2:06pm

That was mindblowingly good. Awesomeness *dances about in cyber space and throws cookies and muffins at random people*

[♥] Rettopyrrah [♥]

Author's Response: lol thanks very much *eats cookie*


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