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The pre-Book 7 note explains the many unremarked resurrections. You have Snape's psychology down extremely well. You've given him a better voice than Harry.
2009-05-27 9:29pm
interestig take, nice
2008-06-04 2:22pm
This could be a really cool story if you decided to carry it out into a few more've always done my favorite Harry Snape relationship storries and I think this is just another example. Keep on writting!!
2008-04-19 10:27am
As usual a wonderful tale but one that leaves room for a lot of speculation. If I could write I'd try to go on with it just for my own entertainment, not to steal anything from you. It's so interesting to think that Harry coulkd wind up a muggle/squib potioneer and maybe even wind up with a sort of friendship with the Snape of this story. But I can't write, I wouldn't poach even if I could, so I can only wpeculate. Thanks again fo publishing so readers like me can enjoy your hard work.
It may not be canon, but it is a great one-shot.

I really enjoyed you writing style and your character portrayal.

Good work!
2007-08-27 4:43pm
interesting story. decided to read some of your other stories while I wait for what you are doing now. enjoyed this story. i like your style of writing. I know that harry will help Snape out.
2007-06-06 8:58pm
Never read anything quite like this... I must say, as sad and unbearable as the idea of it is, it's interesting to see how you made this story a metaphor for the ending of the books. I enjoy that, but it does sadden and even scare me a little that the magic will be over soon. Hopefully, it won't be lost.

I too suspect that he'll lose his scar, but I also believe that he will defeat Voldemort. I know he has it in him, he always has, and always will. I definitely believe in Harry.

Enemy is just another word for friend in disguise it seems. Or at least you've twisted my perception of what is evil and what something means to be the truth. I think I'll stick with you a while, I feel my brain growing!

Real life will soon take over, and even if we sweat and burn our feul, as you've said, the lines between fantasy and reality will surely become more defined once the wondering is over.

Beautiful quotation at the beginning, beautiful because it sets the tone and opens the story so nicely. And Shakespeare is just... Shakespeare, right?

Though it pains me to believe that anything can be perfect, I'll give you a 10/10 because of the enormity of this story, and the brain that created it. :)

Endless aproval and much more thanks,


Author's Response: Well, thanks for the lovely review. Your line about fantasy and reality becoming better defined is very acute. That's a really nice way to state it. It also presents a new conundrum in that better defining the edges of fantasy makes it more real, but it's fantasy so . . . ;-)
2007-05-30 1:17pm
Wow - I absolutely love your writing. I am in the middle of reading your trilogy - unless it continues on... (hopefully?). My only complaint is that I am not getting any of my other work done as this has been such a pleasant and comsuming distraction. Keep on writing!
2007-05-28 8:25pm
Nicely done as always.
it was okay. I didn't feel any sort of emotional pulling i usually get from one of your more intesne chapters, but it is plausible. Kinda anticlimatic, but it's a one shot, so thats moot point isn't it? there wasn't a 'build up' in the first place. The conversations needed some more pep to it, i thought it was a bit too casual considering what had happened to Harry.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know what you mean. I knew that, but every time I revised it, I found it said what I wanted it to and only made minor tweaks. In some ways canon HP downplays what must be major issues (like the Giant attacks mentioned in the opening of book 6, for example). When it gets in the way of other things you are doing with the story, eh. It happens. This story was burdened with more than the usual ulterior motive. That didn't help its literal reading any.
2007-05-03 2:20am
this is bloody good

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope my guesses about who dies are correct. I fear they are not. ;_(
2007-04-16 7:05am
well written one shot
It would be interesting to have an other chapter
2007-04-14 4:04pm
oh my, oh my. i LOVE it. absolutely wonderful. such talent...tsk.

don't let it go to waste, that'd be a pity.

2007-04-12 7:26pm

well, i could see this happening as well. the last battle and harry losing his scar and power. it could work. glad you did not have harry die at the end. i like how Snape helps harry out, even if they don't particularly like each other. i think Snape is a powerful ally when others are lost in
the battle.

have you ever read "The Fair Unknown". it is very dramatic story which is very powerful of good over evil. it is a story here on this website. if you have not read it, then it would be a good read for you. I had often thought it would be a good ending for JK Rowlings, Harry Potter books.
it's very intense and sent chills up my spine to read all the things that Harry had to face before the final battle with Voldemort and the death
eaters, and how his friends helped him survive.

Author's Response: Thanks I'll note it for when I hit a snag in my current rapid output.
2007-04-11 10:17pm
Nice look at life for Harry beyond Book 7. I was so excited when I saw that Resolution was up, but I decided to check out this first. I love how you have Harry lose his magic with his scar and I love the interchanges between him and Snape. Wonderful job. :D

PS I agree. It'll be sad to lose that element of uncertainty and imagination with the arrival of Book 7.
2007-04-09 11:01am
Fabulous. My favourite line: "Fang rose up and licked Harry’s face, which Harry also did not have a counter for." I love how you write Snape.
2007-04-09 10:42am
Yeah, I'm sure he won't lose his powers either, but him losing his scar never really occurred to me, but I can see how it might be a real possibility. I had other obligations half way into your story, but got totally sucked in and couldn't stop reading. This coming from a person who usually reads the more romantic, ansty stories, and not many of those either. Great job!
2007-04-09 8:57am
Hi! Wow i'm the first reviewer...! me too, i don't think harry is going to lose his magic, i really hope he's not going to die, but problaly he will...
Anyway, you have the great gift to make things and situations seem real and possible, as harry losing his magic or snape adopting harry in your other fictions
I'm happy in your vision of the 'afterwar' the trio is still alive, it's so tragic when they get killed
I particolary enjoied the conversation between harry and snape in the hut and when hermione suggests harry to go play quidditch with ginny and he brighten up...
It's true as much as i want to read the last book and know how it will end, i know it will be different reading fanfiction when the plot will be won't be as enjoyable as it's now...
great work, your one of the best writer in this site...!


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