hey babes!! me again!!! like i said-jack's mine...all mine...and yours too...if you want him...which i think you do.! how are you??? missing u!
2007-05-09 15:23:48
hey, couldn't be bothered to log in, but it's me, Gwen...well, naish. let's play a game, you can be rose, and i'm gwen! maybe not. sorry, reading new torchwood book, so i'm a bit hyper! u know i luv u tho!! hm (drools) sorry, was looking at picture of jack on the front...(drools again) no, not looking, not looking...you wish! need 2 know about the fan convention, babe, gotta get tickets!!! see ya later, luv gwen/naish (Jack's mine! All mine! And don't you even think about it!! Hands off!...sorry!)
is this u boo? gr8 story!!! i'm writing a new one, might call it Hermione's Secret. what do u think!!??? revising during half term, but we can so get together if u want? chakde phatte!!


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