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2010-04-01 7:13pm
Very cute, but um what do those little drawings mean (they replace words but I don't kno which words >

Author's Response: mmk. . i shall check this out!
2008-05-05 11:34pm
Aww! Very cute...very fluffy. : )

Author's Response: LOVE da FLUFF! ^_^
2008-01-02 12:36am
The last part is a let down.

Author's Response: sorry.
2007-10-29 6:24pm
ok first of all. . . THAT-WAS-THE-GREATEST-CHAPTER-IVE-EVER-READ! i cant believ how good of a chapter it was and i cant believ how many stories youve written:O tewnty four and ive only read two of them and they were the greatest! youve got really good writing skills and i cant wait to read more.


(P.S. do u like my sign and would read my story? its called:
The Adventures the Marauders. please please read and review :-)

Author's Response: Really? You think so? sweet! thanks! lol! ^_^

(P.S. That is totally sweet! i love it! if i get the chance/time, i will! it might be a while, but i'll do my best! )
2007-06-10 8:54am
I love lily/james! this was cute. >-)

Author's Response: thanks. ^_^ they are cute together, arent they. they kinda remind me of harry/ginny, don't you think? i mean, Harry and James are practically identical - the eyes, and Lily and Ginny are both red-heads. see anything there?
2007-04-19 12:52am
wow...keep up the good work

Author's Response: thanks. ^_^
2007-04-18 8:35pm
While the plot is good, for me it was overshadowed with grammatical errors. I suggest getting a beta-reader or proof-reading your stories yourself. Best of luck!

Author's Response: thanks. yeah, i just write them and post them.
2007-04-09 2:14pm
aw. typical love story!

Author's Response: yeah.
thanks ^_^
2007-03-25 7:34pm
not theof work but eh

Author's Response: ?
2007-03-24 6:40pm
Unrealistic ending, at least for the few sentences preceeding it. There was some Spelling/Grammer Check and capitalization needed.
Cute idea, but it could have been worked a bit more.
Keep writing!
Love ~K (7/10)

Author's Response: yeah.
i can't spell and i hate grammar!
2007-03-15 10:15pm
Aww, so cute! Very fluffy! Loved it!

Author's Response: thanks ^_^
2007-03-03 10:01am
God I hate Snape! He is such an awful, disgusting, greasy GIT! But this one-shot was awsome! Totally fab. Can't wait for you other one-shots!

Author's Response: i know! thanx! well, i've got a ton of them. well, kind of, but i want to update 7 dates a bit.
2007-03-02 3:45pm
Yeah, it was good.

Author's Response: thanks! ^_^
2007-03-02 1:42pm
that was soo cute :) i really enjoyed it. if you have a mo would you please read something on mine and tell me what you think? thanks so much :P

Author's Response: thankss!! ^_^


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