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okay, its me again, though this review will come b4 my other one. i logged out just to say that I will check and wait until the second chap is validated and whatnot. k? k.

ACK! soawesomeican'twaittoreadmore!
2007-03-07 11:25pm
ggod!!! update PLEEEZE!!

Author's Response: I"M ATTEMPTING LOL
Yay, Ron's no longer with Luna and she ended up with Neville (I'm a N/L shipper..they're so adorable)

And now he is with Hermione, whoo.but what will happen next? Can barely stand to wait for the next chappie!

Author's Response: yay!!! lol i'll post it soon!
Okay, first off I will say that I love this story. Just one little bit of constructive criticism, try to make your chapters a little longer. You don't have to but if you have more in your chapters, you will most likely get more reviews. Anyhow, wonderful job and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you i'll try that. Normally i would have, but i'm very busy with homework and stuff...
Short, but cute and funny, I am patiently awaiting the next chapters

Author's Response: :D
Yeah I like it

It's sweet when characters get back together and well done in the parts where you've filled in the blanks in JKs writing, i.e. what Ron did when he visited Hermione in the hospital wing and stuff:)

Author's Response: excellent. I'm glad you like it!
sounds good cant wait for chapter 1.

Author's Response: lol thanks! I just turned in chapter one but it was rejected because my banner was to big, but i'll shrink it and it should be up in a bit.
Wow this is a sad story, I can't imagine Ron doing that to Hermione but I find it unique and different and my interest is tickled!! I loved the bit "He dated Lavender, and I’ve never seen so much…saliva exchange" quite ammusing I must say! I'm going to stick to this story, I'm rating it 10/10 for its excellent writing and plot, I'm adding it to my faves and you to my fave authors! Well done update soon!! ~wired2damoon~

Author's Response: aww thank you so much! I've just posted chapter two, but it isn't validated yet. It's amazing how people are so fascinated in something that was based off a real life situation lol!!!
oi love it hrry up wit the next chapter

Not bad looking...Eugh, my heart went to Hermione: Ron/Luna is not my ship (ew ew ew) but poor Hermione..four years waiting for him.

The plot (well, background) seems sound so far...but..
A few tips: your spelling/wordage and grammar are a tad off. You used heart as heard once (a typo I think) and 'past' as 'passed (I saw this at least twice, so maybe you don't know, but past can be a noun (example: past, present, or future: That happened in the past) or adjective (e.g. I was a tomato in a past life). Passed is the past tense verb form of pass, meaning something has come to pass (eg The dance has passed)...okay, if those were just typos then I just babbled like an incoherant idiot and if you don't know the difference and still think i babbled incoherently then just ignore it, its not too big a deal...

You might consider getting a beta (someone to check these kind of things...) but the story looks promising!!!

Author's Response: yuppp typos. My Word Processor is retarded, it flips words out. But it's okay for this i suppose, as long as everyone gets the true meaning.


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