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2016-11-06 12:38pm
This was very good. Why didn't you finish?
2015-12-10 2:03pm
Hello! I hope you haven't abandoned this story--I love it. Great first chapters and a great set up. Please continue!
2014-09-08 1:58am
Very well written and a gemrwat story
developing. I hope that it isnt abandoned,
as there is no date shown. Great concept.
2012-07-16 12:29am
wow. lots of V's
is he Vodlemort? because that is the only hp name i know that starts with V
2011-09-22 1:27am
Wow this is really good! I have to say I can't stand the movie due to a film study I did on it but this story puts it in a new light. I'm really keen to see where you take it. Your characters are really well thought out and I love the quotes and such you use. I think you have captured V's character beautifully and I do like how eloquently he speaks. I'm really excited to continue reading this. 10/10
2011-06-25 11:59pm
Love, love, love this story. V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies. Please update soon.
2011-02-05 11:05pm

Now, this is definitely the start to what I believe is an incredible story. Reading plots about if Voldemort actually won is very interesting. This is much different to what I have read, and a great difference at that.

I've never seen "V," but always wanted to (I'm absolutely in love with Natalie Portman right now), and reading this just makes me want to see even more. V seems very interesting so far.

Now, for Hermione, it's perfect. She reads like the character we saw in the books but more mature yet...possibly scarred by everything that's happened. It's refreshing to see that she leaned first on Seamus and then went to Neville instead of Harry and Ron. Usually, it's the Trio 'till the end. I like the flip on this.

Another main reason why I enjoyed this chapter so much is that you didn't force in the information. You mention that Hogwarts fell, but you don't describe how it happened. You mention Neville being deformed by Bellatrix, but don't explain each and every detail of the fight. You mention Hermione losing Ron and Harry, but you don't go any further. I honestly think it's perfect. Adding too much info in the introduction can make it very boring and tough to go through. You added just enough to snatch on to my interest. Now, I need to read on to find out exactly what happened to turn Britain into the mess that Hermione (excuse me, "Mary") lives in.

Wonderful start. Definitely going on with this.


Author's Response: Hello Reyes91! Wow, such a big review!

It's so good to hear you enjoy my take on Voldemort winning. If you haven't seen V for Vendetta, you should, it's a great movie! Don't fret about not seeing it yet though, the story explains enough that's needed!

As to Hermione, it's good to hear that her character comes off as believable. And yes, a move away from the trio, as it's been done pretty well to death.

The information has its time to come out, and I didn't want to force it. It's good to hear I give just enough to make you come back!

Thanks again for the wonderful comment, and I look forward to hearing more from you!
2011-01-03 2:37am
I've completely fallen in love with this story. I really like your plot I wonder who V is? My first guess was Malfoy but that guess is a no no now. I REALLY hope you update soon.
2010-10-18 9:14am
I read Harry Potter and the Oroborus Light and I think it was nice story. I would be able to translate it into Finnish. whether it is okay? :D
2010-10-02 7:17pm
Ok, I'm just gonna keep this review short and simple.
I want more, please?
it's really good and I hope you'll update soon
2010-08-13 1:39pm
When did George get in?
2010-08-01 5:28pm
I love your story and you know how to leave people on the edge of their chair. Please update soon.
2010-08-01 5:14pm
Wow, this story is just getting better and better.
2010-08-01 5:03pm
Wow it is getting very interesting. I love it.
2010-08-01 4:59pm
Brilliant start and looking forward to the rest of the story. Well written, well done
2010-03-24 9:19am
Hey there,

where are you?

It`s just such a fantastix story...

Greetz from Germany
2010-03-14 7:40pm
Wonderful concept. It never dawned on me how seamlessly these two stories could be crossed. I am going to enjoy reading this story.
2010-01-28 6:25pm
This is brilliant! I love it!
2010-01-09 11:27pm
I just want to say thanks this story is actually the first Fanfiction I ever read and I don't think I ever review (how rude of me) any way I loved it instanly and read others so thanks
2009-11-03 11:23pm
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! write more! I love this story! (And heck i don't even get this V thing!) What is this "crossed-over" from? Can you give me some background? Thanks, keep writing! P.S. 10/10!
2009-09-11 12:48am
V for vendetta. yeah
2009-09-01 2:04pm
this is really good so far and i love it
2009-05-16 1:06pm
when are you posting the next section

Author's Response: Hello there. I am trying to get back into the writing business lately, but it has been very hard with how things have been lately. Motivation hasn't been coming to be lately, though I do have the next chapter about 3/4 finished (and it's been sitting like that for some time I'm afraid).

I do hope that it'll go up soon, but unfortunately I can't give an exact time of course. I might get a big boost in motivation and write out the rest in 1 night, or it might take another month; I'm just unsure.

I just don't want to abandon the story, 'cause I hate it personally when a story that I'm reading here on hpff, gets abandoned after a good run.
2009-05-06 9:36pm
i was so excited to encounter this piece on hpff! and then i got to this chapter and was so sad that there were no more updates :(
this combination of worlds is fascinating, and i love all your shakespeare references. your writing style is so intelligent and coherent. please keep up the excellent story you have here!

Author's Response: Hello panoramic!

Excited for the encounter eh? Well, thank you! I know, updates haven't taken place in ages, and I honestly feel terrible about that, 'cause I do want to get more up on the story.

The combination is an interesting one eh? Got the idea while watching the movie, and just started thinking how it would be if they had wands, how it would be different?

You said a lot of nice things there, and I thank you for it! I will be trying to write more, so keep one eye open on this story ok? Thanks again!
2009-05-04 3:53pm
Awsome. I love it!! great twist. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Hey gummybear! Love gummy bears! And gummy worms! m!

Glad you liked the story so far! Hopefully more will be posted in time, so keep an eye out!


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