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this whole story has been really good! to all of you guys, i'm really enjoying it, so I hope you update soon! this story has a pretty great concept and its sucked me in! also, it helps that i am hopelessly in love with Draco! *sighs dreamily* I love all the characters too, really creative how you guys had them all in different houses!
i know that each chapter is written by a different author but it would be faster to just make a general review concerning ALL the chapters so far, so that was it!
10/10! :D
can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you reviewed on my chapter so I get to respond :D
Thanks so much for the review, and I'm really glad you like our story! Thanks again!
Woo, nice job chica! I love how Izzy threatens to blast things apart (Mostly Pansy's) The couch incident was brillant. By the way, DOES ANYONE NOTICE WE'VE GOT 15 PEOPLE WHO FAVORITED THIS?? (17 including ourselves) WOOT *dances around* Anyways, good job Ems!

Author's Response: Thanks...I just got on for the first time in awhile and figured I'd check out this page and I found an unanswered revew of mine! BTW, I read the chapter you emailed me...looked good! Who's suppossed to be writing next??

Alright, I figure I have to be here. It's good. And barely worth the wait. But good. I like that they had to shrink Pansy's stuff.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm sorry it took so long. But hey, I am answering my reviews :) hehe. And I really, truely am sorry for the whole blowout thing. Adios amiga,

it was good! loved the bit with the couch! that must have been painfull! i hate pansy, absolutly hate her! i'm glad about what happened in this story, *snicker* clown faces! ha, loved it!
another 10/10 girls, keep em' coming i love this story!

Author's Response: Well, I finally got on here (my computer is a BUTT) and decided to answer my reviews so Kate doesn't have to do it for me. I

love the couch part, too. It makes me laugh.

Thanks for the review,
LADIES ARE YOU AWARE THAT 8 PEOPLE HAVE THIS IN FAVORITES?!?! (Not including ourselves that is) W000T!! :D Anyways, just spreading the good news. *parties till the sun comes up, or the moms screams at me for jumping on the bed. Everyone welcome to reply. lmao Kate probably will >_> ADIOS!

Author's Response: Seriously?!? This is the favorite of eight people BESIDES us? S***, that's good news! GREAT news! *squee*

ha, loved this chapter! those staircases! anyway, i'll give you a 10/10 for this chapter! please update soon!

Author's Response: Yay! Review! Thank you! You are on our frequent readers and I love you for it. And you review every chapter, which is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for being wonderful!
2007-03-07 12:31am
Keep up the great work! :P

Author's Response: Thank you gobs for taking a small amount fo your time and reviewing! (Hint Hint: review EVERY chapter)

*is keeping of the great work* We have Off_Her_Hippogriff writing next. So take that matter up with her and her short chapters! JK, OHH!! *runs away to hide from evil green dinosaur that's after soul*
2007-03-06 8:28pm
your story is starting off really well, i can't wait to see what happens next. Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: It would fantastical (is that a word you think?) if you would review every chapter, because my co-horts and I love reviews for everything! We do, honestly.
NAH-HAA!!! SEE, I REVIEWED! Ok, I'm done yelling. Macy seems mean to Cora. And here I thought they were friends. Whatever. Yay chapter 4 *spins noisemaker lazily*... ... ... I wish they would hurry up and validate chapter 5.

Author's Response: Oh, the enthusiasm that radiates from you is infectious... *snores*. Macy isn't really her friend, she's Gloria's friend and Gloria takes pity on Cora... sort of. I guess. Cora doesn't have any real good friends, as is apparent. Validation takes a while, you have to be patient, m'dear! Yeesh!
Nice job WC. I can't wait till NN gets the chapter up. ~10/10~ BMRG lol.

Author's Response: Hey there BuMeRG, lol. Glad you liked it. Nutty actually has the chapter written, and I think she sent it out in an email... gotta get going on that chapter graphic >_> lol. Thanks for the review, as always :D ~whocares
hey whocares! ( i don't!) nah, just joking! (sorry couldn't resist :D) ANYWAY! loved this chapter! i like how this story has different chapters for different characters. makes it interesting! 10/10
cant wait for next chapter!

Also, AntiSadiesForce4, if yould like to read one of my stories, i'd really like it! you don't have to though! :D

Author's Response: Lol, I've kind of brought those jokes on myself, haven't I? I'm glad you liked the chapter. We all have a lot of fun writing this, and it's nice to hear that other people enjoy it as much as we do! Now, go poke Nutty until she gets the next chapter written! :D
Oh. My. Gawd. Does anyone else see the way this chapter is formatted? Argh! I'm gonna go fix it... I guess... >:( I'm proud of my chapter graphic... lol... good chapter, blue! Nutty's right, it is a bit cliche (and SHE spelled cliche wrong hehehe...) what with the "staring out into the stars" on the "Astronomy Tower" and "Air Quotes". No wait, that last one was me. Can you tell I'm hyper? Yeah, I just chugged a like six seven ups XD w00t!

Author's Response: Yeah I saw that too =\ and yeah i know the stars part is cliche and the astrononmy tower too. But ya'll don't have to keep reminding me. :P
WHY DOES SHE WEAR A GREEN HAT? anyway great story 10/10

Author's Response: She wears the hat to be crazy and different. Lol, That and..GREEN HATS ROCK :)
LOVED IT! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you for being such an avid reader!! I know this isn't my chapter, but I'm glad that you are reviewing every chapter. We all think you're great. :D
ha! interesting, reading more and loving this story 10/10

Author's Response: YAY!!! A REVIEW BY CHOICE OF SOMEONE WHO DID NOT TAKE PART IN THE IDEA!!!! You have no possible idea on how much all four of us love you! thanks for reviewing each chapter. I love you most!!!!!!
I really like your story!
Please post more! :P

Author's Response: Thanks! :)
Oh, wow. I still find this terribly clishe.

Author's Response: That's because I didn't change it. :)
HEHE. Love it OHH (hehe your initals spell oh.) And i hope we're not the only ones to review this story =\ review other people review!

Author's Response: Hey Aries!

I'm responding for Emma, as explained. Glad you reviewed. I don't have anything snarky to say to you, so... yeah...
2007-02-04 10:11pm
Um... you're gonna either find this extremely funny or extremely stupid... but... I was actually sined in as Antisadiesforce4 and didn't realize it and left a review on our own story o.O How stupid am I? Don't answer that. Is still a good chapter.

Author's Response: Remember when you said that you were glad it wasn't ME that was responding to this review? *snicker* Well, here I am. Ok, now...

#1 - You spelled signed wrong. (sined)

#2 - Yes, you are very very stupid. Lol.

P.S. - I'm gonna send back your story bits with the beta job.
Will we forever be the only people who review this story? Anyhow, 'twas a good chapter, and I'm still looking forward to writing more! (Hurry up, people!)

Lots o' Love,

Author's Response: Laura, you idiot. And no, two people read and reviewed the 5th (mine) chapter before any of YOU people.
2007-02-01 6:42pm
Hello! The spaces in between the paragraphs are there, but I'll go fix it soon. Not bad. A little surprised that it's up suddenly, I don't remember ok-ing it for posting. Not that I wouldn't have, just nice to be asked, you know? BUT YAY IT GOT VALIDATED SO QUICKLY! Nice job, Emma. Except for that 25 galleons seems like WAY to much money. Just saying ;D

Author's Response: Alrighty then. I'm answering for Emma since she gave me the go-ahead and I'm sick of these pooping up under "unanswered reviews". So here I am! Replying! To me... *ponders*
NICE JOB NN! This chapter was good, and i'm starting on the 3rd one.


Author's Response: ummm...... you kind of need to wait for the 2nd one, you know. lol
Good chapter, Nutty. Kinda short, but we all know that's not a problem, is it? ;) lol, I love how mean Izzy is. Very Slytherin.

'Tis a good start. I can't believe I have to wait til chapter four! :( *tear*



Author's Response: Lol, it's only you that I would allow to call me Nutty. And yes, I KNOW it was short, and I apologize, but it was SUCH a nice time to cut off!

I'm sorry you have to wait until chapter four, chica. But be patient, besides I know a specific story that we all WANT you to work on terribly!!!! WTHBWTY has been collecting dust for too long now, and it's getting lonely!!!!! grrrr!! :glare: so work on THAT instead of wasting your time bugging us! lol.


NeuroticNut!!! I really do love this chapter...Even if Izzy does come off to be nastier then I wanted her to'll all play out good! I'm glad the four of us decided to do this story because I jsut know it's going to turn out great. I love you're writting style.

(It may be a joined story but since I didn't write this chapter I'm allowed to review *smiles*)

Author's Response: Since this is my chapter, I will reply, k? Alright. Thanks! I'm sorry ifwe came of nasty about the second chapter, but it IS important, give us a break. We're all just worried over our precious babies (meaning each of our characters). And personally, my precious Lori was too closely personality wize with Coni and Cora. *sigh* We're just worried. That AND this will be the second, if not foremost, most important chapter to the story.


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