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I really like this, and I can't wait to see where you take it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I can't wait to see where it goes. It kinda writes itself. Nifty.
yeah! you updated my friend! Wow, this Lena character, i find that, strangely, she is remarkably similar to you Dyl! What a coincidince! lol. Ah, you do as a do my dear, except for the whole 'curly' hair, you only wish i'm sure (considering your hair's straight as a pin, well, just not curly the way i think of 'culry' as ) Hey! you know what rhymes with curly? Surly! yeah, that was random. So i'm wondering, considering that usualy when people write they put a little bi of themselves into their story, is there any one at our school whose a 'Lily Evans'? you can tell me later, (now though preferably) :D and i'll tell you that 'OTHER' thing. Well, love your writing, excellent my dear. excellent! It flows. I love fluidity, isn't it marvelous? Well 'course it is. *snorts* 'course. Ah but you must get the ball rolling in this story, (not to mention up date loads sooner.and get me my banner, teheheheheheheh) stop. alright. must go. lovely writing! so excited. S'great, as per usual! (*snorts* as per usual...tehehe) well tata. :D

Author's Response: haha lol glad you like it. You're right, I do wish I had curly hair. The Lily in the story is actually a mix of people from school and Hartsbrook. I'll give you more details when I see you. That reminds me, we should get together before vacation is done. Darn, you're not on IM. You MUST tell me the 'OTHER' thing! It's killing me.
k, I gots to go. I have Starlight tonight. k, cheerio old chap, have a cup a tea.
2007-01-20 7:11pm
oh it's really beautiful!

Author's Response: thanx! up date should be soon


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