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2008-05-24 11:28pm
haha i love sirius' line! what a lovely story. i love lily and james. they are so cute together!

2008-02-10 6:09pm
were like totly crying rite now we love u!
2008-02-10 3:33pm
what the heak i want to no what happens!
2007-12-10 7:30am
BEST STORY EVER! so cool and clever! my head is spinning lol!
so i just found your story and i think its awesome! but now i'm slightly confused... whats the deal with voldemort? wasn't he already resurrected last year (as ron mentioned..)? how did he become body-less again? besides that, its great so far and i will now continue on!
errr i feel sooo wrong 4 asking this but...did they do that?u no umm...
"James’ mouth was wide open, “You’ve had SEX!” "iz that true?
If James does die in this time, then Harry wouldn't exist
2007-06-14 5:44pm
How can they be up at midnight on the full moon and Remus not be transformed into his werewolf self. It doesn't work.
2007-03-02 10:46pm

"Once you go Black, you never go back"

Perfect! Hilarious! OMG! HAHAHAHA!

Sirius is SO funny in this story... love it!

Love the mirror too btw ;)
2007-03-02 10:20pm
ahahahaha blonde moments! tehe. sirius is always so funny.
2007-03-02 9:55pm
"You minx!" omg so funny...

Hilarious and a good read. The only negative thing I have to say is your use of commas.

For example:
"So why don’t you have a girlfriend, Remus?" as opposed to "So why don’t you have a girlfriend Remus?"

“What do you want, Potter?” as opposed to “What do you want Potter?”

Author's Response: Haha, sorry :S my english teacher has the same complaint!
2007-02-07 8:25am
I'm confused. have Lily and Remus forgotten about it too?

Author's Response: No, they're just choosing to ignore it, in the hope that what they experienced wasn't true and wouldn't happen in the future
2006-10-29 10:13pm
That sounds like the Subtle Knife, in the His Dark Materials series.

Author's Response: Do you know, I actually read that book after I'd written the story? So's you know, I don't care if you don't believe me, but I never stole nuffin gov... be a clever girl and pick out the double negative, but yeah, I didn't actually steal the story, I've always had the idea..... don't suppose you've got any comments about the actual story?
2006-08-31 2:47pm
Beaver Girl?!?! L.O.L. Hermione acts soooo out of character, its hillarious!!

Author's Response: Haha, well, once you go Black, you never go back ;)
2006-08-18 1:52am
haha that was great, i think that james and sirius may have been a little too stupid, but otherwise i loved it! funny and smart, great job!

Author's Response: Thanks :) I should explain that the way I wrote James and Sirius were just chiefly for comic value - they were actually arrogant and incredibly egotistic, and bullying, as I am sure you remember from the fifth book... I didn't like that, so I made them my way! Anyway, thank you again! xxxxxxxxxx
2006-08-18 1:51am
haha that was great, i think that james and sirius may have been a little too stupid, but otherwise i loved it! funny and smart, great job!
is this story over??? im soo sad it was soo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GAY!! remus is gay!! i think ill cry now *criess* i guess ill have to forget about my love for lupin :'( !! no j/k ill always love him!
great going!!! stiil great!

Author's Response: Haha, don't worry, Remus is as straight as they come :D I love him so much, I had to get him a girlfriend though! Thanks for your great reviews, I feel all happy now :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
great yet again!!
omg i couldn't stop laughing it was great that's all i can say!!! keep going!it's perfect 10/10
2006-07-21 5:42pm
Awesome story! Just one little glitch so far : Sirius is an escaped convict, he can't go running around, the Ministry of Magic is out to get him. Everyone knows what he looks like too....

Author's Response: He IS only sixteen at the time... people would be looking for a very scary looking, unwashed maybe, raggedly clothed thirty five-forty year old man... however, you do have a point. If you notice though, I kept all the Marauders out of sight generally on the principal that they would be recognised at school. They sleep under the invisibility cloak and (coincidentally, hehe) everyone was in Hogsmeade at the time that the Marauders showed up in that time :D xxx
I thought it only fair to comment on my own story just to clear some things up...

1) "Pen" was a typo! Silly author! *slaps wrists* I shall rectify it immediately

2) Don't forget that James and Sirius acted the fool a lot in their youths. Also, you should remember that in the fifth book they were remarkably arrogant - even cruel to Snape, so, objectively, wouldn't you rather have a childish pair who make you giggle? I think they're rather endearing really, but maybe that's just me...

3) Some chapters may be a bit short but in some cases I couldn't help it - that was where I had ended it in my story and I couldn't go on without looking as though it was rushing itself!

4) Lily's insight comes out a lot in the first few chapters when regarding James. As for how she feels about Remus, well, she yells at James and Sirius in chapter 6 and tells them how great Remus is, also you can see throughout the story how affectionate she is with him. The aim of the story was mostly to throw James and Lily together, I wanted James to do something so wonderful she wouldn't dream of turning him down. In HP 5 she shows real venom when she's telling James she wouldn't dream of going out with him and she seems to really mean it - and yet she started going out with him soon because, well, they had Harry! So James must have done something pretty momentous to gain her love...

Oh well, please don't hate me for trying to straighten some stuff out. On the final note - I wuv James and Sirius and I think they're just great as they are - at least insult my penmanship and say I'm a crappy writer or something :D byeeeeeeeee!!! xxxxx
you make sirius and james sound stupid when in the books there described as good at almost anything... and you make them sound like children... a magic quill that takes you to a different dimension and a magic eraser? is this some kind of prank remus is playing on james and sisius?

Author's Response: Nooo, it's not a prank at all. As for Remus and James sounding like children... well, that's just for comic relief really :S my bad
why did remus say pen? dont they use quills? but this chapter was rather funny!!!

Author's Response: Oops, typo!


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