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2012-03-04 3:05am
Oh my Rowling, this is so funny ! 'and there we shall leave them, getting drunk and most probably ending up face down in a ditch wearing ladies underwear and singing a sea shanty.' That was my favourite part :) Love, xx
haha!! well that was intense!! :)
2008-06-11 6:53pm
i laughed so hard, my grandma came in to check on me! she thought i was having some kind of fit!
THis is awesome, I love a story that makes me laugh. Strip tease! Whoo hoo!
i love 2 c that! jk great story.
That was hilarious. OMG! I can hardly breath. 10/10
2006-11-27 3:27pm
OMG!!! I'm stilll laughing!! strip dance...*sigh...heheheh...*
2006-08-13 7:37pm
hahahehehoho. Very funny. I liked. 10/10!
2006-08-03 4:36am
that was funny as hell. first the fire...then the messed up plans ... then the strip dance.
i almost fell off my chair laughing.
i loved the story! u r an awesome writer.
love, norma
Heh! I like it. Very humerous. ( Is that how you spell it? LOL)
2006-06-29 5:29pm
You've got me laughing my head off. Seriously. Sorry, but YOUR MIND IS POLLUTED WITH SICKNESS. Mine is too. It's funny to see my sister's half laughing half grossed out shocked expression.
2006-06-22 4:02pm
That was just HILARIOUS!!!!!
2006-05-29 11:13am
sooooo funny, normally the humour ones aren't actually funny but this was hilarious! the hand on fire thing was the best
Awwww, I loved it. You really got Siriuss' character down. My favorite. One of the best!
2006-03-18 3:30am
that was really funny!!!!! you made my day!
2006-03-08 3:44am
That was... I can't describe it. Hell, that was so damn funny, I almost laughed my ass off... *g* The image of a naked, dancing James will never ever leave me again... *g* Where on earth did you get that idea from? Aw, I really, really love that story! Thank you so much!!!
2006-03-07 8:18pm
hilarious! i actually fell off my chair laughing so hard! that was absolutely brilliant!
Excellent story. I wish there was more
2006-03-05 1:48am
This was hilarious in an odd sort of disturbing way!! I had so much fun reading this!! How very...original!! KEEP WRITING!!
lol!!!!!!!! HA HA HA THAT WOZ SO FUNNY I CANT STOP LAFFIN!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
PMSL! That was hilarious! Well done! I loved all the pranks and the naked James! :D
2006-03-04 2:38am
This story brighted my day, err night(it's 9:30pm here). Very,very funny. I was laughing so hard I fell out of my chair and my mom came to see if I was okay! Anyways loved the story, it was very well written and very funny!


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