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I like this one:)

i loved the creativity with the boggart!!! i could would have never of thought of that! it was funny and romantic!!! i loved it keep up the good work!!!
Oh my gosh I love this fic!! It's sooooo sweet!! I love how you showed Ginny thinking about the Muggle make-up, then the letter(which I loved, by the way - it was so sweet and well-written), and then the "incident". I love your desrciptions - they were precise, perfect, and absolutely wonderful. It was great how you described the emotions as well as the actions. Your choice of words was perfect too. I did notice a few grammar things, but not enough to turn me off - only like one or two things. This is such a great story - the idea is so sweet, and the way you wrote it makes it even better. It sticks to canon - I could imagine Ron's boggart being something like that. Ginny's reaction, of course, was canon as well and I just loved the conversation at the end and how Ron had tried to call Ginny back - he cares about her!! This is definitely a ten, my favorite Harry/Ginny fic, and it's going on my favorites. Great job! :)
2006-03-14 4:21am
Great story!!!!!
2006-02-23 11:07pm
Love it so far! Great job! I was laughing the whole way through! Please keep writing like this!
2006-02-21 12:22am


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