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oooh, i like this story already, you really capture the characters personalities well, good work there!! keep on writing!

love lou aka xxx_firesparks_xxx

Author's Response: OOOh thankie thankie. I'm still working on chappy 3 so I haven't abandoned it. Keep an eye on my page to see if I've updated.
Dude this is soo good... update soon your very good at writing

Author's Response: Thank you!!! Any writer needs that told to them every once in a while. Yeah I enjoyed writing this one. I hope to update soon so keep looking to see if I have and if not just keep hounding me about it (lol) I'm sure I'll get it done some time. :)
I hope you do this for fun. The characters are not like themeslves at all. You should practice more because there are many grammatical errors, and much of what is said is unrealistic. I think the idea is cute; please do not be angry with me because I am trying to give constructive criticism.

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry I enjoy getting constructive criticism. Any thing to help make my stories better is welcome.
2006-12-10 12:33pm
I love this fic, its so good. I am a HUGE Ron and Hermione shipper , and this fic is purely awesome.


Author's Response: Well thanks I enjoy writing them.
Please do not think that this is a personal attack. Or a flame. Just a simple review. The begining is good, don't get me wrong, but it seems a little fast. Well not a little, but a lot. But thats ok. This is a good story though! Seriously! I like it, the only problem is the speed at which the story is going. Thats all.

Author's Response: Yeah thanks for the tip.
cute! but a few tips:: use some more detail and dont be so rushed. and also, the way you have it spaced makes it a little hard to read, so try to fix that. but this story is very cute so far!

Author's Response: Thank you.
that was pretty good . I would really like to read the sequel

Author's Response: I am working on it.

Author's Response: I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you ive just been busy you know with school and all. I will try to write more. Thanx.
Plz Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: ill try thanx
Jaja, what were they doing? you didn´t say... I thougth well, (not think bad), they were just snogging... Well, actually your fic is really good, so continue it, please!Bye

Author's Response: thanx. cant you uses your amagination i mean yeah im sure they were snogging aswell but also they were... you know...
Very nice I love it alot!!!

Author's Response: Thanx and if you liked that one i just posted a new series you might like.
Funny but i think it needs more

Author's Response: thanx
I really thought the part were Misses Weasley walk in was funny

Author's Response: yeah me too thanx. your the first one to review this piticular story. thanx again
This is really original, l like it! Update soon!

Author's Response: thanx and will try to update soon
pretty good, might want to work on formatting tho ;)

Author's Response: OK thanx
This is awesome! I love this story! Make more chapters. I Love it!

Author's Response: thanx i think its one of my better ones too

Author's Response: thanx


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