2005-10-06 00:28:22
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Author's Response: thanks!
2005-10-06 00:28:22
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Author's Response: ok, I'm working on it,thanks for the review!
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Author's Response: by the looks of it, the next update will be in one week, and thxs for the review!
2005-10-06 00:28:22
Great chapter! Keep it up and update soon! ~Ginny19994

Author's Response: Thanks bunches!I've been working on the chapter some, hopefully I'm done before my sister arrives
2005-07-28 16:58:36
cool but i swear james is meant to be head boy

Author's Response: Well, my friend wanted me to put James, but I thought why would Dumbledore pick James, when Remus is there, smarter and more responsible
2005-07-28 16:58:36
Awesome story!! Keep up the great work!! I love it!! Update soon! ~Ginny19994

Author's Response: thanks, I haven't been able to write for a while.Just a couple sentences a day.
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Author's Response: Thank You!I'm writing the third chapter right now!
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Author's Response: Dank you!!!!
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Author's Response: you'll see exactly what happens in later chapters!
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Author's Response: it shouldn't be long!
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Author's Response: I've submited my 2nd chapter (which is in limbo), and I'm working on another FanFic called 'A Journal of a Hufflepuff'
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Author's Response: Chapter 2 is in limbo right now! You might not have to wait much longer!
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Author's Response: Thanks! : )

Author's Response: Please keep the reviews comin'!
2005-06-16 22:55:28
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Author's Response: Well, through all the rain, I thought that they might not be able to see her clearly.OKay, I'll make sure I update as soon as I finish the 2nd chapter.


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