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... of course ... please go on?... -lol- I'll help... if i can... well.. can't goover to your house today... so maybe tomarrow? my mama says I can... -lol- Go Sissy's GO!!! -lol- ... yes I'm a psychopathic moron.. -lmao!!!-

Author's Response: Well i already know you're a psychopathic moron...because you're my best and only giggle sissy ^_^ and i heart your psychopathic moronness 'cause without it you wouldnt be any fun and that would be sad :-(
wowie!!!! i love the qiao sissy's yay!!!! go da!!! go xiao!!! -lol-

Author's Response: Yeah! wheeeeeeee! the qiao sissy's rock the planet wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author's Response: almost forgot!....Whee my giggle sissy! ^_^
2005-05-13 5:19am
love it please go on with your story.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll add a new one as soon as i can


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