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Review #1, by ReeBeeConfessions of a Guy Bookworm: The Letter

11th July 2016:
Hey there! I don't know if you remember me-- I remember you left a few super sweet reviews on my very old very cringey stories! So when I saw this I thought I might leave a review?

So anyway, I'm excited to see where this'll go! A book-loving Gryffindor is something very different and I'm excited to see what you'll do! And poor Lily! But I get what he meant- he seems very unique! I wonder what consequences rejecting THE Lily Potter will have!

Good luck with this! Update soon!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! I didn't think you'd remember me. But thanks all the same. I'm glad you like the story. And as for Ben, I kinda tried doing something different, seeing that it's usually the other way around in stories. As for how Lily will react, I don't really know yet. But I will tell you that I am planning on having the Wotters appear a lot. :)

Thanks again!


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Review #2, by ReeBeeCircle of Silence: One

23rd December 2015:

Here for our swap! :D

THIS IS SO INTERESING!!! I haven't ever actually areas Rose as an auror so that was different (in a good way) and I'm interested to see how you're going to characterise her as the story goes on! And then the mystery man- I'm guessing Scorpius? Oh well I'll have to read to find out ;)

God I'm starting to really love mysteries and must get to more of your stories honestly :P

And the mystery itself woah. How do you think of these things!! Like the hair and everything I'm so intrigued and I think it was an amazing beginning!! I also found it odd how they were the same height like exact same so I'm guessing that that has something to do with it?

I'm actually so curious and excited for you!!! And of course knowing me i want the romance to begin ;) BUT YES. MYSTERY YOU GO GURL. love your style of writing to it's like so on point with the genre and there was nothing I picked up on as for CC.

I also found the description of the morgue pretty interesting like honestly I don't think I've ever read a description of a morgue (both in fanfiction and novels) and your description was awesome and I could totally just picture it.

The mystery though. Wow. I'm going to read on as soon as possible! :D

Thanks for the swap love!


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Review #3, by ReeBeeWelcome to the LC: welcome to my flat/that time camille went insane with a toothbrush

23rd December 2015:
for god's sake BABE DONT END LIKE THIS!!! i'm just joking (partially anyway) okay I'm sorry for the short review in advance- I'm just rushing off somewhere now.


also. the end. not cool babe not cool. i only kid it was very interesting and my guess is that teddy was the one who got her home after the biscuit incident and i really want to know more so update soon okay???

-Curie :)

PS sorry for my slightly insane nature in this review

Author's Response: haha! this review was such much fun to read! thank you!

i sent you an PM about other fics on this site that i think treat women fairly. it means so much to me that that resonated with you!

i'm working on the next chapter right now!

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Review #4, by ReeBeeWelcome to the LC: The things we do for brownies and/or the electric bill

23rd December 2015:
hello there!

Here for our swap!

Well this was an absolute pleasure to read!! It was a lively introduction with lots of things happening and lots of characters! Your OC is really interesting and I absolutely loved the internal monologue as you started the story! It was really really funny with the comments on when she works and the LC and things! And I also am super curious to see where you'll go with this as its not really a job you read a lot about is it? Working as a waitress so kudos to you for creativity! And is Delilah a feminist? I'm just wondering because of the interest in the comics about girl power and stuff??

Okay I think you've got a good balance between random description and narrative here which is super awesome to see! The only thing I'd say is maybe making it a bit more clearer that Ligia and Moriam work in the shop?? I'm not sure if I missed it or anything but I thought they were customers until you mentioned passing the orders back to Ligia?

And now I'm not sure whether I should be more curious about who the hooded stranger is because he seemed like a cutie or who the new recruit is! So nice job on drawing the reader in!

As far as introductory chapters go I think you've done a fabulous job! And I'm very very very interested!

Thank you for the swap!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: thanks so much Curie!

there's so many exciting jobs in the wizarding world, but i really wanted to focus on the every day jobs. i mean, somebody's gotta work at the leaky cauldron and the knight bus.

delilah is definitely a feminist. girl power comics forever!

thank you for pointing out your confusion about Ligia and Moriam- that's so helpful!

thanks for the swap!

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Review #5, by ReeBeeMistletoe Investigations: Mistletoe Investigations

22nd December 2015:
sigh, i saw this before but didnt read it and therefore missed out on first review :( ANYWAY. THIS WAS ADORABLE!!!


I love the cuteness and how B says 'you love me' and then Lorcan thinks about how he agrees and you know me my heart kind of died. and the JAMES' APPEARANCE. IT WAS SUCH A CAMEO BUT MY HEART STILL FLUTTERED AND EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING AND PERFECT AND STUFF.

and then lorcan!!! I absolutely adore their friendship!! And I honestly had no idea that B knew Albus or rose! Like that was really interesting!!

And then the whole idea was really clever and cute and really really cute. The mistletoe like OF COURSE.

anyway! LOVE THIS. keep writing more!!!

-Curie :)


Anyway, yess! I loved writing Hogwarts B and S! My goal actually: suffocate people with fluff. *u* AND YES JAMES OFC I couldn't not write him. All the time I was like, he has to be here! And so I did. Although there wasn't much of a Blotter scene. I did consider writing one but y'know...meh.

YES I thought about the possibility of Rose liking Lorcan bec at some point Scorp broke her heart HAH and I've always sorta kinda shipped Draco/Luna before and some dark thought deep within me is sorta like Lorcan being their love child BAHAHA BOTTOMLINE: Lorcan does look a tad like Scorp in my story and just why the heck not Rose fall for a kinder yet pessimistic alternative? Y'know? (You can bug me more about these in my tumblr--we can chat!)


Thank you again for the reviews~ You are so amazing. I'll hand you a dozen baskets of virtual squishy hugs and cookies. Deffo cookies.

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Review #6, by ReeBeeThe Sacred Twenty-Eight Club: Friendly Behaviour

22nd December 2015:
THIS IS SO GOOD!!! Please please please update soon!!! :D


hm, the person who found them, I'm guessing someone like Scorpius but not someone who is super strict on blood status?

Or maybe it is, honestly I'm just hoping :P they're too cute!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm hoping to have something for when the queue reopens!

I'm so happy you like James! It's always nerve wrecking writing him because everyone likes different portrayals of him.

You'll definitely have to wait and see who caught them, but I doubt anyone will guess correctly.


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Review #7, by ReeBeeColombiana: Chapter One

21st December 2015:
Hello there Vicki!! Here for our swap!

You know I was planning to surprise you by reading chapter two without a swap :P But I was on the train when I read chapter one and I had reached my destination and then I've been busy writing mostly while my muse is still with me :P so I'm sort of sad I didn't get to but still too happy because I STILL READ THIS!!! UPDATE SOON WONT YOU?

Anyway! This is an awesome introduction! I love the placement of this after the prologue I like knowing what happens next so when her boss assures her that its all safe and boring it was extremely ironic and so so hilarious :P But yes, it was really awesome!

And then the characterisation you've set up is really amazing and consistent! I love how her Slytherin properties are coming out, like when she said she didn't agree with the importance placed on blood status but didn't say anything because it would benefit her and her family! And then THE SNARKY-NESS ARE LIKE LIFE GOALS MAN. I love the comeback and I don't know why but I really do feel like the fan cast as Ashley Benson is really awesome?? And super suiting

And you know me by now so I can't wait for the introduction of Tristan! :D SO UPDATE SOON OKAY???

Thank you for the swap! We'll do it again soon!!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey Curie!!!

Oh really? Aw, you're so kind! Thank you for the thought! I'm going to try and update I promise, I have 5 chapter written out but I'm struggling with chapter 2, it's the only one that's blank! Annoying but i'm trying my hardest!!

Thank you so much! You're so kind, your words are making me squee! You're the best Curie!

Thank you! I had to get it in their somewhere! I didn't want to make her too AU, she was a Slytherin ultimately so she needed a few traits! YES! LIFE GOALS FTW! I wish I was that snarky in real life! I was so unsure on Ashley at first but I kept coming back to her and then she grew on me!

I will try, thank you!

We should definitely do it again!!


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Review #8, by ReeBeeTis The Season: All I Want For Christmas

21st December 2015:
Hi Kaitlin!!! :D

Oh my goodness YES A CHANGED DRACO!!! :D YOU KNOW. I'M A FAN OF CHARACTERS WHO CHANGE ESPECIALLY DRACO. like I know people believe that he can't change but i'm really not one of those people. honestly and this was just SO REFRESHING. after all he was just a boy when those things happened and I know I look back and regret a lot of my decisions or even beliefs at the end of each year, let alone when I'm grown up?? like honestly, he did do horrible stuff which he should take responsibility for. but i do think he has a lot of possibility to change and THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THAT!!! and i like how some people didn't change as well? Like it was awesome and now I'm just ranting on your review I'm sorry!

Anyway, this was adorable honestly like I said I love love love romance. and this just made me all warm and fuzzy like I love the conversation and the end made me sad! Will there be another one shot with these two? Draco really does need redemption and thank you for this!

other than that the only CC had was that when Daphne spoke it came out a teeny bit mechanical? It was a little stilted but I'm not sure if that was intentional to symbolise her 'proper' behaviour and her in her mind anyway- dignified ancestry?

Thank you for the swap!

-Curie :)

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Review #9, by ReeBeeMy Wish: Then You Stand

21st December 2015:
WHAT DO I EVEN SAY. hello might be the normal thing actually :P

but still I'm sorry this review won't be long I'm just so emotion i swear i was going to review the first chapter but then the last word was his name and I got so carried away with the feels and everything and well, yes.

ITS SO SAD. like i can't even express the emotion I'm feeling. all i know is that I'm very very sad. I'm usually much of a crier and well in this story i sobbed so much (most of them were dry sobs with heaving chests and well strangled cat like sounds-- I'm not a really pretty crier :P ) but it was so sad. so many tears. my. God.

Honestly the characterisation is just perfect. Usually when I read a flashback its like gosh I'm going to be emotional but like bring it on. I was actually dreading your flashbacks after reading the first one because it shattered my heart in a way I thought wasn't possible. dread in the best way of course. Like mostly in short stories its super hard to convey someones character well enough to make the flashback meaningful and affect a reader that much but god did you do that. like honestly I was just so scared for the flashbacks my stomach twisted and i cried more and my god. it was so good.

and james. i'm a die hard James fan i kid you not. like literally I was searching for completely James stories in the advanced search on hpff when I came across this. i love james so much that I can't even read stories where he's written in a way i can't imagine him like i just can't. so this was the most perfect portrayal of james. he's so kind and sweet yet in Scorpius' memory I can see his mischievousness and teasing with how he addresses Scorpius at first and everything. he really is perfect.

I would talk about plot but I think I would really start crying again like seriously I just went and had a shower after reading and now am writing the review. I honestly don't know. it was so beautiful and it made me hate everything like stupid faulty brooms. I loved how it suddenly hit me towards the end that there was a reason you'd chosen to write those particular flashbacks. it really really really did kill.

anyway thank you for writing this wonderful one shot. i'm off to go cry more. and read fluff. lots of it. to help me feel better :P but i really think this was one of my favourite sad pieces ever including original fiction and novels and stuff. thank you for writing it.

-Curie :)

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Review #10, by ReeBeeColors: Blue

20th December 2015:
hello! here for our review swap! :)

FIRSTLY. THAT SONG IS LIFE. like actually i love it so much!! oh my god its so good and I love how everything in this piece flows along with that song like its so fitting and amazing and I really really really love!!!

THIS IS SO SAD. SO SO SAD. i love how it starts of with like their love and how he makes her happy and it seems really cute and everyone's like aww because they're adorable and everything bright with passion and stuff. like fire an electricity all crackling with love and stuff!

but then I love the slow transition as things as are revealed about how much they all are crumbling with the drugs and how they start relying on it to feel calm and thats when I got scared because thats never good right :/

and then the end. was. so. sad. I loved how you described it with the grey everything and the reveal that he was gone and it made me really sad like please don't.

BUT. overall AMAZING STORY and that description was absolutely lovely!!! I loved most how in line the story was to the song it was so cute like AWHH!!! but IT WAS STILL SO SAD!!!

Thank you for the swap! I really really enjoyed this!!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hi Curie!

Thanks so much for the review! I'm so glad you liked this!

I love this song so much too! I played it on repeat for hours as I wrote this haha. I worked hard to make the song lyrics flow well with the story too. I think it's pretty clear how much inspiration I took from it.

I'm glad you found it so sad and emotional. It's my first really tragic story, so it was a bit of a challenge to write.

Thanks again for stopping by!


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Review #11, by ReeBeeColombiana: Prologue

16th December 2015:
HI VICKI! I'm so glad we swapped like thank you for getting my procastinating self to read this!!! IT WAS SO GOID I LOVE TRISTAN AGAIN!! The snarkiness really does get me!! Sorry it's late though!!

Okay firstly the characterisation is so on point. I love how sassy Daphne is like the snapping and being bitter about her boss and of course Tristan blames her for him spilling can free!!! It's so adorable and having read he Christmas one shot it was just so lovely and I'm really happy now!!! And I love how she calls him Texas and that annoys him like that's the smallest touch but it's so cool and adorable!!! I LOVE TRISTAN I REALLY DO. LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY DO!!!

Okay and then the plot. I'm in awe of people who write mystery therefore forever in awe of how you managed to create a nice plot and an amazing introduction to that. And then I'm super amazed at how Daphne and Tristan's relationship is integrated into the plot like I think you did that seamlessly!! I'm also really interested and curious as to what's going to happen now!!


Write more okay? We'll swap again soon!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: HEY CURIE! I'm sorry this took me forever to respond to! Haha, Tristan is a fave of mine, they really work together as a couple!

Thank you! Sassy Daphne is my goal in life! and I really think it sets off Tristan! I feel like I portrayed him much differently in the christmas one shot but that's set after the story, when obviously they've been through everything together! Haha, when I was writing that part, I couldn't help but smile at his replies, which sounds stupid but I just loved writing it! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Aww, thank you! I struggle with mystery and just told myself it was more action than anything so I didn't hit a wall whilst writing it! And it worked for the most part! Curie, you're making me grin like a lunatic - you're way too kind!


Curie, you're totally the best, we should definitely do this more often!


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Review #12, by ReeBeeThe unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart: The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart

16th December 2015:
Hi Chiara!!

Here for our review swap! I'm sorry its late!! I've seen you a lot around the forums but never really had the chance to talk to you so this was a pleasure!! :D

First of all HOW ADORABLE!!! like actually so cute!!! I love the title as well like its so i don't know how to describe it but like quaint and just so cute!!! AND BRIAN WHAT A NAME FOR A BOGGART and SHIRLEY! I love how its sort of like alliteration with her name and squib and brian and boggart!!

First of all characterisation was so adorable. i know I'm using that word far too much but i don't know how to describe it otherwise!!! like what do I say! And shirley is the epitome of innocence with her little curls and blue eyes and brian well, he is too I guess in his own way but I love how they're both like cute innocent characters but one with a suiting physical appearance and another with a more scary physical appearance??

AND THE PLOT HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SO CREATIVE!!! LIKE REALLY HOW! I DONT UNDERSTAND WOMAN HOW!!! give me the secret to your creativity I beg!! It was so cute!!! The ending made me all warm and happy inside like omg. so so so satisfying!! I can imagine Shirley growing up giggling as Brian turns into different things to make her laugh and I can imagine brian being super good at looking after her and loving her more than her parents ever would have.

And i also like the touch where Brian's parents missed him and went out to look for him its so nice to see something usually portrayed as evil and horrible, being portrayed as showing love for family here. it was really really nice!!

Anyway I loved this!! Thank you for the swap!!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey, Curie! :)
It was a real pleasure swapping with you, too!!! And, yes, we should definitely get to know each other better!!! :D

Aww... This review... Thank you so much! Your entusiasm and sweetness made me smile so widely!!!

Ahahah! I did want their names to be sort of allitterations with Squib and Boggart respectively! I'm glad you appreciated it! :)

They are cute and innocent. And, yes, Shirley just has the looks. :) Brian, being a boggart, looks like... well, a boggart. ;) But he's so cute just the same!

Oh, my... *blushing* I'm not sure if I'm so creative... And I surely don't have a secret to share... Simply ideas spring up in my brain and I try to write them down. Nothing more than that, really.

Ahahah! I like your image! I'm sure Brian would definitely turn into funny things to make her laugh! :D (well... once he learns to control his scaring-people-instinct...) And he would definitely look after her in a much loving way than her parents would have!

I'm glad you liked Brian's parents being concerned for him and going to search for him! They were much better parents than Shirley's human ones!

Thanks so much to you for the swap and the absolutely adorable review!!!
Much love,

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Review #13, by ReeBeeCountdown to Christmas: Countdown to Christmas

15th December 2015:
oh my god Vicki so when I was making the banner, i was super curious because SAM CLAFLIN'S BONE STRUCTURE RIGHT? so I decided to red it and now i was to squee and run laps around the house shouting out like crazy man this was just too cute like my stomach is in knots and i can't type properly I'm literally going back and correcting each second word which has a typo. like omg.

first of all, the character. i love her!!! she's so like blank at the start when it comes to christmas but I love how she's still like a little kid when she really gets into it!!! LIKE ITS SO CUTE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! or maybe you do :P were you squeeing when you wrote this??? like actually though!! I literally love her so much especially when she gets into the Christmas spirit and everything like even the way she speaks is childish and its so cute!!!

AND TRISTAN OMG IT SUITS SAM CLAFLIN SO MUCH LIKE I CAN IMAGINE HIS FACE SAYING EVERYTHING THAT TRISTAN SAYS! I seriously think I need to go back and check out Columbiana like HE'S JUST SO ADORABLE. and the last scene is so cute I can't even man! like he's literally one of MY FAVOURITE MALE OCs EVER!!! :D


-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey Curie! haha, yes, how amazing is it? It's so enviable, I would do anything for bone structure like that! Aww, thank you! I was really unsure about it (like I am about most fics!) but i'm glad you enjoyed it - it turned out a little cheesier than usual and I know it won't win because for one, your challenge entry is just phenomenal but I did enjoy writing it!

Daphne is my favourite character ever. With Clara, my OC a close second. I honestly love her and she just comes to life for me! I just couldn't imagine not liking christmas so I was trying to think of ways I could make it happen and then the idea came to me and I knew she had to like it and act like a big kid like i do! I pretty much was :P

Haha, well I made a mistake there making him Tristan because he's my usual face claim for Teddy but he really is Tristan - he reminds of when he played Finnick and that's where it stems from - all the inspirations and feels come from him! He's not like that in Colombiana, not yet anyway but hopefully you'll still like him!

thank you so much for your amazingly happy review, you've made me so happy! And thanks for the totally awesome banner you made!


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Review #14, by ReeBeeRisk It All: You'll Regret This

14th December 2015:
EK TAMMI HAS A NEW STORY! *dances enthusiastically* AND ITS A JAMES ONE!!! OF COURSE YAY! okay u know my total obsession with this guy like YAAS GURL!


first of all Im so interested?? Like what is like that wrong with their marriage that divorce comes into the plan?? And I found it so funny that she was like yeah okay we don't talk for days sometimes... like wow. But the character, I love??? And James seems like a sort of douche which makes me really sad because I love him and well :(

Also the people around her seem super cool as well? Like loyal and adorable and Hugo &hearts like HUGO! The way he was like of shocked was super cute and sigh.

This was a super amazing way to start the story like honestly so good!! Like it was short and cute and really really intriguing!!! I LOVED IT!! write more please? I NEED TO READ MORE!!!

Lovely to read more of your work! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: CURIE!!! *squishes you with the biggest hug* I have a new story! I feel like all I write is James at the moment and that's awesome because I love him!


They're just used to not being able to talk for days at a time because of touring and stuff, and she thought that they were okay with it, but apparently James wasn't. Oh yes, maybe I'll make you love him still? There's still many chapters to come! :D

Ooh Hugo! I'm going to have so much fun writing him in this, he's so different to how I've ever imagined him and rock star!Hugo may very well be my new favourite thing haha

Thank you so much! More is coming Curie!! :D

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Review #15, by ReeBeeWords and Silence: Words and Silence

12th December 2015:
Hello there! Here for our swap! Sorry its super late!!

First of all, your description KILLS ME! Like there were so many lines where just i absolutely almost died!! Like these lines: “Yet Regulus' lips remain unmoving, as if sealed shut by your great aunt's sewing needle last she visited.” and “you're nothing more than a blemish on your cousin Narcissa's perfect skin. The white sheep of the Black family, an anomaly they can't control. “ they’re amazing and so beautiful and have rendered me speechless.

And i also think you nailed the characterisation of James like the whole painting him as mischievous but really really perceptive. AND OMG A PLATONIC HUG. THAT HUG GAVE ME SO MANY FEELS. and of course james feels anger like white hot rage its amazing honestly that scene is described and written so well.

The description of his future after Hogwarts made me tear up a bit because well, he was so bright and motivated but then the war. Im glad you didn’t describe James and Lily’s death scene I think I would have started sobbing immediately. But I also think that maybe that would’ve added to the emotional sense of the fic? but its amazing as is, so not necessary.

Also, some parts of his internal monologue got a bit boring to read so maybe a little more dialogue to split it up? But like it was beautiful and created a really nice atmosphere for the story so I also think its great without more dialogue?

Anyway thank you for the swap!

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Review #16, by ReeBeeOil and Water: oil and water don't mix

11th December 2015:
hi there Adi! Here for our review swap!

Gosh man you've left me speechless. Like seriously i know sometimes people say that for a great story but this one was so perfect. To be honest I clicked on it because I'm writing a little ScoRose and I was feeling the ship after reading a lengthy novel on it but like. Omg. I was so sad when I read this but I don't regret it at all. But still omg I'm literally about to cry babe you don't understand!!!

It made me so sad man like this fic I'm sorry if this is super short I literally am just astounded and speechless. The characterisation completely broke my heart like actually though. Rose was so perfect and the dependency is portrayed so perfectly. And scorpius' coldness it was so like omg

And you're description it's one of the best ones I've EVER read. The description of the sunset. OMG I was so surprised that you described that one scene was so amazing and it was super long and everything but never got slow or anything. The whole thing had an electric feel to it and I'm actually in love Adi like seriously keep writing sleep deprived if you have to (I'm kidding never do that k? Sleep!!!) but I need to read more like this!!! Omg.

And Rose as a poet I've never seen! Like omg. It's so unique and it makes sense and it's so refreshing to see her being more creative and taking that job as a career!!!

I also see the allure of scorpius like he was a jerk but he was described so physically gorgeous!!!

WRITE MORE. WE'LL SWAP MORE TOO? Also sorry for the late swap!

-Curie :)

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Review #17, by ReeBeeThe Brave at Heart: Beginnings

10th December 2015:

Anyway :P now that thats over! hello again kristin! Was this seriously your first fan fiction? like i can see the improvements from this to your writing now but like this is really good??? i thought first fanfics are usually super bad ;)

Anyway, I love how Melanie's sorted into Slytherin! And its super nice because if this evolves romantically, then the Marauders realise that not every Slytherin is evil. And AMANDA I ACTUALLY LOVE HER!!! And its kind of funny realising that she even tried bargaining with the Sorting Hat, because well Slytherins will go to any lengths to achieve their end and it was just super ironic!

And wow the Marauders are really sort of a douche which is sad because i SERIOUSLY love them but like!!! its kind of sad, and lily is seriously like well Lily on point characterisation as usual ;)

I love the start with the awkwardness of houses like of course that would happen, especially in that time where people had house preferences but people they meet wouldn't have the same one and its super refreshing to see! I honestly don't know why i haven't read that before!

Thanks again for the review swap! Love the beginning of this! And its completed so thats even better!! :D

-Curie xx

Author's Response: YEE I COULDN'T RESIST :D Yay for Feminist Lily! I'm so glad you liked that!

so yeah, this was my first fic, though I have edited it a lot since I first wrote it. A LOT. I could tell you some pretty funny stories about the first iteration of this chapter in 2007, for example I believe I'd originally written Amanda as a Parselmouth for no reason at all. It's come a long way XD

I really wanted to write a story with a Slytherin character, because the books portray Slytherin so negatively, and I was sure that 1/4 of the school couldn't just be evil. And at least before the war and Voldemort became such a big deal, I imagine the Gryffindor and Slytherin dynamic was more of rivalry than actual animosity, which was kind of interesting to explore. Aw, I'm glad you like Mandy! Haha, yes, she is much more of a Slytherin than she realizes! :P

The Marauders... well, they are jerks here, yeah. But at this point they don't have a whole lot to do with Slytherins because they have no reason to. They do get better :P

I'm so glad you like the house preferences - I think that, at eleven, you probably want to be in the house you've heard the most about - Harry being an example, and James, and Ron - it's an impressionable age. But of course you still want to be with your new friends! It's so complicated! :p

Thanks so much for the swap and this absolutely wonderful review! I'm so glad you stopped by this story :D

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Review #18, by ReeBeeYouth: Home

10th December 2015:
Hello Again!

You probably already know how crazy I am about in full bloom so I saw this and decided to check it out! AND I GET FIRST REVIEW *woot woot*

THIS WAS SO ADORABLE. my heart like went crazy and ah! and omg i wrote about a person being someone else's home just yesterday and THEN I READ THIS AND HERE IT WAS AGAIN!! i love love love!!

SCORBUS IS SO CUTE. and it made me sad that it was graduation!!! like omg :( but still so adorable!!! i really loved this but to be honest i was sad that i didn't get to read more about the good snog ;) i would have loved more detail on that??

but either way this fic was so adorable!! write more scorbus!! :D

-Curie xx (and yes i was named after Marie Curie :P )

Author's Response: Hii!

You did, thank you!!! I thought I'll be reviewless and to think it's already Christmas. T^T U R AN XMAS MIRACLE

I'm so glad you liked my Scorbus~ I did have quite a hard (but very fulfilling) time writing them. Anyway, you are adorbs! And yes, every since I read somewhere about Home not being a place but a person, I've really liked it and I've always wanted to incorporate it to a story and there you have it!

I was hesitating about the snog! That's why I didn't write more about it and besides, they're in the fifth floor and ahem, peeves or filch might pop up and I saved them from that, really.

I will put more details in my next (hopefully) Scorbus snogs! Thank you for reviewing! And omg for realz I love your name. Wish I was named after a scientist. Hmp. Oh well. :))

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Review #19, by ReeBeeAstoundingly Ordinary: Free

10th December 2015:
Rumpel hello again!!

Okay to be honest, I picked this one because I really don’t think I’ve ever read anything about Igor?? Like ever!

Okay wow the first part the description was so beautiful especially about the alcohol and everything! And the woman was described in such a enticing way? And the fact that he, a former death eater, would go into a muggle pub was really interesting and again just added to the characteristics of the woman.

And i don’t know but i feel like I have to say how nice the formatting of this is?? Like the seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting is formatted so nicely and the descriptions with short sentences really evokes like a super intense feeling.

And the need for a new life, to not remember the horrible things he’s been through, I feel i don’t know, not exactly sympathy (because well, he was a death eater who did who knows what to people) but like he’s human too and not every death eater’s like Bellatrix I guess? like of course he wants to get away. but its sad to think of the end he came to ?? its sad to think that the thing he’d wanted to escape the most caught up with him?

This was so beautiful Rumpel! The desperation and need he feels for the woman is portrayed so nicely and the reasons behind the need are described so perfectly!!

Thanks again for the swap!


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Review #20, by ReeBeeCompletely Normal: Chapter One

10th December 2015:
Hi there!

Figured I might check out this story as I made the banner for it and it looked super interesting! I'm such a fluff nut so this was extremely satisfying!

You've got such a nice beginning here and I'm already loving James!! And the scorose I'm excited for that to develop! And the stuff about the number ones its so cute!!!

Cant wait to read more!


Author's Response: Ah, but really thank you so much for the banner! It's literally perfect! And I'm so happy you like the story so far! Hope you continue liking it!
xx :)

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Review #21, by ReeBeeThe Department of Spectral Affairs: Darkness

10th December 2015:
Hey there! Here for our swap!

Okay, I was going to do chai number 4 but then i saw this and idk why death is always so interesting to read about like how they write it and this was no different!!

First of all your description in this piece is so amazing, like really its SO GOOD. like this line: "The distance between you and your body yawns into a chasm." is hands down the best description of death I've ever read, both in real novels and fanfic. Like thats such an interesting way to put it and i sort of really really really love it!!!

And I love the kind of 'ha you didn't get me' feeling regulus feels when he realises that Voldemort didn't in fact get him? And the comments about endless falling, it was sort of interesting how he saw it as not that bad because for a lot of people including myself falling is just about the worst kind of hell you could put me through? but i loved how to him it was sort of a bright side, like well, yeah okay i might be falling forever but at least I'm not being tortured and that was just such an awesome character quirk.

And this was super dark but I love how Regulus' character still shone through like a lot of pieces dealing with death are super dark and descriptive and they're beautiful but sometimes it can get monotonous and this wasn't like that because characterisation was really evident? and i really like regulus. also it made me sad when he said that regret and bitterness were old friends even though he was only 21. putting it that way made me sad about the wizarding wars all over again like its just *so* sad!!!

and please tell me the end for regulus is nice and cozy and happy? because he was wearing socks and everything was warm therefore its a good ending, no?? i hope so!!

thanks again for a fantastic swap!!

-Curie xx

Author's Response: Thank you! Description is always something I struggle with, so it's really nice to hear that you enjoyed it. And goodness! The best description of death ever?! I'm so flattered!

Regulus Black cannot help but be smug even when he's dying. #goals

One day, I will finish this story. He gets an... interesting ending.

Thanks for the review, Curie :)

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Review #22, by ReeBeeturn to dust. : five.

9th December 2015:
Oh my god erin your writing style. like wow. I'm completely breathless!!! Anyways here for our review swap and picked this because the idea of a 100 word story challenge was super interesting!!! like thats such a good idea and you did it so well!! like seriously!!

wait is the first one Jily well thats how i interpreted it and it broke my heart like how could you do this to me!! Somehow in 100 words you showed the effects of war on Lily and the last part made my heart wrench and wow erin. and the last two words were so beautiful and sad and ugh.

and i have no idea who the second one is but again i love the denial where the end with i don't love you but it sounds like the characters saying it to themselves. AND THE THIRD ONE. again no idea who it is but i love that- idk why maybe its because i just read something else but it seems like an awkward third wheeling situation where there's three friends and two of them start going out or something. or thats just my crazed imagination. either way that made me really sad.


this was super fun to read and everything was so mysterious like who are these people!! swap again later yeah? thank you!

-Reebs xx

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Review #23, by ReeBeeA Wedding: A Secret

9th December 2015:
Hello there Gabbie! Here for our review swap!

I hope you don't mind that I read through chapter one and onto 2? 2 had a little less love than chapter one and the story was super interesting!!!

ALSO. YOUR COMMENT ABOUT DIVERSITY IM SO GLAD YOU INCLUDED LAVENDER??? LIKE YES. and of course she would be named Lavender like thats a super nice touch which is really cute and makes me sad but still adorable. And your characterisation is so interesting!! Like its so nice to see different and well, refreshing (?) characterisations of characters! Like Albus is a trouble maker and thats awesome, though a little different to normal!! AND JAMES. I think this is the first story that me as a die hard James Potter II fan, has felt slightly annoyed, or should I say miffed at him? And as much as I'm like ooh well thats different I sort of love you for doing that because all your characterisations are different to the norm with is awesome to see because these are Next Gen characters and its nice to see you interpreting it in different ways!

And omg Ginny sounded so much like Mrs Weasley I sort of squeed a lot and died a little inside!!

AND LAV AND SCORPIUS WHATS UP WITH THAT?? HE ASKED HER OUT DIDNT HE??? OMG. and albus kind of likes her too? I kind of want to see their usual relationship but i think u mentioned that this was sort of a companion piece to another work of yours??

Anyway this was super fun to read and I'm so interested so please update soon?

Thank you for the swap!! It is pretty sad that we haven't talked before!! Must swap again soon? And sorry this is late!

-Curie xx

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for the swap!

No trouble with reading through to chapter two and it's great to see more people reviewing it! :D

Diversity is so important and I just couldn't make Lavender a main character. Haha. In my universe, Lavender Brown is actually still alive so it's honestly just a cute little thing that Parvati did for her friend. Hahaha.

I tried to make Lavender and the rest of my characters interesting and different. I mean, they're all kind of weird. Hahaha. Albus is a Misfit and trouble follows him all the time but that's just his fate.

James is what I think my older brother would be like if I had one but it's good to see that he annoys you. He was supposed to. Hahahaha.

Hahah. Ginny is a lot like her mother!

Scorp did ask Lavender out but it didn't work out the way he wanted! Albus likes Lavender in the same way he would a goddess or an angel, he talks about it later on in this story. Hahah.

This story comes from my first fanfic: Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince. :)

Thanks for the review and the third chapter is up!

Much love,


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Review #24, by ReeBeeThe Twelve Days of Christmas: Roxanne

9th December 2015:
Hi there again! ok i really really really really LOVE this one! LIKE ACTUALLY THOUGH I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY?? If theres one thing you should know about is that I'm a sucker for a fluffy romance, especially an engagement one!! AND THIS ONE DID NOT DISAPPOINT AT ALL!!!

lIKE this was so cute! And roxy is adorable and elliot!! They seem like that b=perfect balance of you know everything about me but we still have independent lives and that makes me really happy?? Like i kid not! AND THE ADDITION OF THE GOTH ROXY WAS AMAZING LIKE WITH HER DARK KIN AND RED HAIR I COULD IMAGINE IT AND IT MADE ME SO HAPPY.

From the start I was like omg, is this an engagement like an engagement because same place as when they met and the card and the nerves and the talking to parents and things!!! Usually people are like okay its better if the reader doesn't know but thats so not true i went crazy from the start going omg i hope he proposes omg what if he doesn't then ill be sad and that was the best thing ever! I also love how she says yes but then he's like no hold on wait i need to finish my awesome speech! He seems adorable and I'm shipping these two so hard so please like write a sequel or something???

As for CC, the same as before, more description of like the cold winter outside compared with the warmth inside or something would really enhance your story and drag out the excitement of an engagement??

Thank you for another enjoyable swap!!!

-Curie xx

Author's Response: Hi again Curie!

Thanks for another lovely review.

I love reading sappy engagement stories, so I just had to write one. This was definitely one of the sappier things I've ever written. It's just sort of overstuffed with fluff, isn't it?

Of course Roxanne had a goth phase. Everyone has a terrible pre-pubescent phase of some kind. She just got a slightly more dramatic version of my own terrible emo phase.

I like your interpretation of Roxanne and Elliott's relationship. They definitely know everything about each other, but they're also a couple that gives each other a lot of space. I think there's no weird dependency between them. They very much have separate lives, but also a lovely life together.

I knew writing this one that it was pretty obvious an engagement from the start, but I just couldn't write this fluffy Christmas bit without SOMEONE getting engaged :P

Thanks for the review and I'll definitely go over this again to add a little... extra holiday cheer in :)


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Review #25, by ReeBeeThe Twelve Days of Christmas: Victoire

9th December 2015:
This is too cute!!! like really! Honestly, I've only ever read a few Vic/Teddy one shots and those are all set in like Hogwarts times and when they're just getting together!! SO, it was AWESOME to see their relationship dynamic like it was honestly so adorable!!!

I love how 'mature' Vic is but then you can see the other aspects of her personality come out like she finds those 'stupid' jokes funny and things!! And the scene itself was super creative and adorable and wow I honestly don't know it was just really really heart warming!!

And I really love the fact that at the end even though Vic wanted like a perfect family photo she's realised that her family even though it may be slightly crazy is perfect as it is and that moment is SO CUTE. AND ARGH. i love the holiday season already and fics like this make me adore it even more!!

as for CC, i think the only thing i'd maybe say is to add a little more description? because I think the flow sometimes was rushed there was a lot of action and a little more wintery description could slow that down and add to the heart warming effect?

Other than that dialogue was great characterisation was adorable and nothing to say! Thank you for the swap!

-Curie! :)

Author's Response: Hello Curie!

Thanks so much for this lovely review!

It was a lot of fun writing about older Victoire and Teddy with a family and everything. They're definitely a really cute, happy, cheerful bunch. But what else could I write in this holiday fic?

I think I'll definitely go back and work on the setting of this one a bit. I popped it out pretty quick. I think it just took a few hours, so it's definitely a little rough.

Thanks for the review!


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