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Review #1, by eevonneDelilah's Black Book of Poems: A Squib Girl Named Delilah

13th September 2013:
Simply beautiful. Yet another inspiring chapter to this wonderful story. I am so glad we finally got to know more about Delilah, a SQUIB! Oh as i was reading i could just see the similarities between that in the book and that of Hermione and Draco. I am so glad that it did not go amiss. I love that you give insight to the dark nature of Draco's life. That you make us understand that while he knows it is evil and repulsive, he cannot help himself. that there is a part of him that craves the power.

I have started posting some of my writing stuff on my personal websites, and i know now how nerve-wrecking it can be to put your writing onto the internet. I also know how precious it is for people to tell you what they think of what you write. So, even though this is long, know that i love your story, that after i've read a lot of fanfics out there, this is the one i come back to and patiently wait for your updates. Never fear, i know you take a while, so i am in no rush.

So excited to see what you have in store next.

Author's Response: Dearest eevonne,

1st let me apologize for taking so long to respond. It is quite shameful of me. I wanted to pen some encouragement and not leave a 'mere thanks.'

Thank you so much for this 'conversation' with me about Draco and living in and around the dark side of life. Yes, there is certainly part of him that craves it. He is a brilliant, complicated character and seeing that power first hand, I feel that he would have mixed feelings about it.

And you... it is wonderful to hear that you have posted your own things/writings on the Internet... and that you understand how it can be. I truly wish you the absolute best of luck in your own personal writing journey. It is both rewarding and grueling at times, but it is reviews like yours that make it all worth while. I also hope that wherever you are posting that you get paid (at least eventually). If I knew where to look, I would check out your writings. I want to encourage you to keep writing and keep plugging along and FINSH whatever you write. I think it is important and gives us writers a sense of accomplishment and pride in "The End."

And I will continue to finish this story. I am committed and it is coming to an end sooner than later. For now, I'm having problems with my Explorer and HPFF... something I'll have to contact the site owner about. It is nerve-wrecking for sure.

Anyway, I sure do appreciate your patience and especially for your kind words of support. You encourage me so much and I cannot thank you enough. And I only hope that I've given some of that encouragement back to you. Keep writing...

Thank you sincerely,
Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by eevonne30 Days of You and Me: Silence

8th August 2013:
can i just say, i'm glad you didn't kill him?

GOD i was getting so frustrated, like, you can't make people fall in love and then have one of them disappear. even though i'm sure that's the awful truth and it happens, heartbreak always happens. Sorry - anyways i'm kind of glad you ended it on a sort of happy note. because c'mon, this is just a great picture in my head (rose clinging to the window sill and Mr. Malfoy, wand at the ready, slowly coming towards her) and it alleviates all the tension with the growling creature stalking her just moments before.

Overall, i love this story. its one of my favorites. And good luck on the original novel, i'm writing some original stuff too so i know exactly what you mean when you say "chunk of time." :)

Looking forward to your next chapter, especially the heart to heart!

Author's Response: I think that would have put a bit of a damper on the story if I killed him. I'm glad you're satisfied with that :)

Though there's a lot of drama and fright and crazy in this chapter, it's also a humor story so I had to get that in there. So glad you liked it. It was a little emotionally intense, so I felt ending it with something like I did was the way to go.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #3, by eevonneDelilah's Black Book of Poems: The Flower of a Death Eater

22nd July 2013:
This was not the message i was expecting, it was not so much a grand gesture as much as something small that spoke volumes. It surpassed anything else i could have thought of. So heartfelt and touching i couldn't help but tear up.

And of course, reading these things, reading their of their love for each other despite knowing they shouldn't, knowing things are going to hell and yet knowing it'd be futile to fight it, i can't help but try to prepare myself for later. Because while Hermione thinks she feels pain now, she won't know pain until later. That Draco, after all this preparation and setting everything up to protect the one he loves will have to watch her be tortured in his own house.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Sorry. I loved how fast the updates were for this, and i eagerly await your next one. Looking forward to reading more about Delilah, and the jump forward!

Author's Response: eevonne,

Ah, yes... Draco's message. I'm so glad that you liked it. I wanted it to be something no one would really expect, but still have an ocean of meaning behind it. He couldn't really explain anything or even apologize. He just wanted her to know that he would always care for her and be worried for her future. I'm so glad that you felt that it was so heartfelt and touching. Thank you!

And oh yes, it might be awhile... chronologically speaking, Christmas needs to happen first before Hermione is on his floor being tortured by his aunt. Gah! I have my plans...

And yes, those last three chapters came nicely, didn't they? Unfortunately, I'm actually notoriously bad at chapter updates, but truly life gets in my way ALL THE TIME and prevents me from writing.

Anyway, I do hope you come back for more. Chapter 26 is awaiting validation and it is a long one because it is mostly about the Delilah book and its effect on Draco.

Thanks so much for your lovely review...
Dark Whisper

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Review #4, by eevonneDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Draco and his House Elves

11th July 2013:
Thank you!
This was wonderful, but i can't help but wonder what kind of an end you have planned for this. Because, while i'd like to think true love always wins and that there is not just black or white, good or bad, that there is some in between, i can't help but wonder if you will truly break my heart and keep these two apart.

Of course, you don't have to tell me, i just love reading what you write! And i am so sad about the house elves, and so glad draco has been so selfless, making them leave regardless of the punishment he'd get from his father. You give heart to someone who should, as some would like to think, be heartless.

I eagerly await your next chapter, you wow me every time. I also wanted to say, as a side note, after i started to read your story it inspired me to start writing again and i'm working on a story myself. It's not a fanfiction just something i came up myself. So thank you for constantly inspiring me to work on my writing and to keep at it - regardless of how long it takes.

Author's Response: eevonne,
Wow, what a wonderful review. Thank you!
You are so right about things not always being black and white, good or bad. There is a shaded area sometimes. There are tough decisions, dire circumstances, and plenty of hurt and heartache to go around on both sides. Tragic, but true in real life.

I'm so happy to read that you are enjoying this story so much. It is sad about his elves. He shouldn't care so much, right? But he had to send them away from that dreadful place and will make it seem like he is just protecting his property. He is a cunning Slytherin and that fact will hopefully serve him well.

The next chapter is awaiting validation. :)

It is truly wonderful to read that I have inspired you to continue writing! Amazing! This story has been a true journey... long and drawn out. But it has remained important to me to keep plugging along to the finish line no matter the time it takes.

Reviewers like you have been like having cheerleaders and well-wishers holding up signs while I attempt to walk across the country. I want to encourage you through your own journey to keep plugging along. It will be quite an accomplishment at the end.

When this story is complete, I plan to print it out in green ink and bind it into my own actual book, just for me. :) And then I'll begin working on my Original stories to hopefully be published someday. My writing has vastly improved from when I began on this site. It has truly helped me to focus and write 'quality' chapters and not just mish-mosh ideas on paper (as they have been). :P

Anyway, thank you dearly for your wonderful review. And my most sincere, best wishes on your writings.

Dark Whisper

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Review #5, by eevonneDelilah's Black Book of Poems: After the Fall

3rd July 2013:
i cannot even begin to tell you how excited i was to see you updated. i do believe i yelled out loud a triumphant "YES!" and scared my husband. ha
and to see that there's a part two?! You are too much! Very well done though. I'm very interested to see how the book of poems comes into play, seeing as it has sent the "HELLO" to draco when she read it before. but i suppose you're only half way done (if that) with the story, so i have a lot to look forward too.

Author's Response: eevonne,
That is so sweet of you to tell me that you scared your husband. Hahaha!

And yes, part 2 will be up when the queue reopens. It will still need validated, so who knows when exactly.

The book of poems will come back into play in 3 more chapters. We have part 2 of the Aftermath next, then Hermione goes home (which is 90% complete). Then more of the book. Writing recently has been going VERY WELL. I'm so excited! I cannot wait to reveal each one.

Thank you so much for your review. It was really wonderful to read and makes my day.

Until next time,
Dark Whisper

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Review #6, by eevonneRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: A Cottage Left Behind

28th June 2013:
Please please please, do not give up on this story. I just found it (since you just updated it again) and i am in love with it.
Seriously, i dont know how many more stories you can fit into this thing, is that the right way to term that? All these sub-plots in this story. Between draco/hermione (and hermione herself, what the heck?), scorpius/rose, Hugo? GINNY IS BACK?! its just insane. and a ghost. oh man, you my dear lady, are insane. i love it. :) I am going to click 'add to favorites' and patiently await the next update. :) Thank you!

Author's Response: It's coming...soon now. Thanks for the (undeserved) patience. :)

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Review #7, by eevonneConfronting Temptation: Thinking Consequences

15th June 2013:
i cannot begin to tell you how much i love this story. I've been reading the first one for the past few days (work pulls me away) and so when i got to this chapter and went to go press the arrow to go to the next chapter i was surprised for a second that there wasn't one. I just want to keep reading! I want to find out what the hell happened with the Fiance(!!), And i want to find out about Albus' secret boyfriend(!!). There's so much i want to know, i cannot wait for your update :) Thank you for writing such a compelling story.

Author's Response: Yeah I started this story in January and ironically it was published on the exact same date as the first one so they are exactly three years apart. Anyways with this one I update every two weeks and the next chapter should be up sometime next week, I was running a little behind on Chapter 11 and missed my update but no biggie.
It's nice to know that you want to keep on reading and that you think my story is compelling thank you. As for Albus' secret boyfriend that isn't going to come out until either chapter 12 or 13, and information about the Fiancé will come out slowly because there are two sides to that story.
Anyways than you so much for the review, so glad that you enjoying the story.

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Review #8, by eevonnePirates: Finally

14th May 2013:
(dont hate me) i'm not gonna lie, i over looked your story because all i could think of was "pirates?" But i figured, to hell with it! I love dramione! and WOWZER.


I love it! i think i almost forgot that it was a game and they'd have to return to Hogwarts and deal with the aftermath. :) I eagerly await another update, even if you did just update. ha.

Author's Response: Eevonne,

YAY!!! I'm glad I got to SUCK YOU INTO MY WORLD. Haha. I'm glad you love it. I updated, and maybe you're still around, lol.

Thank you for reading, enjoying, and just being :)


Jan 7, 2014

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Review #9, by eevonneThe Potter Problem: Secret Dating And Not So Secret Matchmaking

12th May 2013:
found your story and was pleasantly surprised! I love Tatum's voice, just her personality is just so funny. I totally thought at the beginning, when James showed up magically (ha) back into her life it'd be her and James...which now would be totally horrible. Well not horrible, just not as good as her and Al.

And Emma? BACK?! WHA???
i really hope its not the end of the Tatum-Albus Era. They need a proper kiss, at least.

Author's Response: Thank you. :) Yeah, Tatum is like a very hyper and significantly more driven version of myself. I think that every character I write has a part of my personality, to some degree.
Yes, there's a reason James and Tatum never worked out, never even came to be a couple, really. They just aren't right for each other.
Emma is indeed back! :D I sometimes surprise my own self with these chpaters, because at the beginning I wasn't thinking about bringing Emma back. But now she's here and ready to stir things up a bit. :)
As for Al and Tatum... everything in this story is happening for a reason, one way or another. You just have to be a little patient. ;)

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Review #10, by eevonneBend or Break: Coming to Terms

11th May 2013:
Amazing story. I love how it is written and how you just go so in depth with their feelings. It had to be so hard to write the darker stuff of this story, from the extreme sense of loss and hopelessness to the survivors guilt and all that goes with it.

I wonder where they go from here? Will it be back to normal, can their old grudges really be that hard to let go? What will make Hermione see reason(see that Draco HAS changed, that he has let go of all the things he once held close and dear to him and isn't the boy she thought she knew)? AH! So many questions, and i feel like you've barely even hit the surface of their relationship, if there will ever be one besides this friendship.
Maybe i'm just overanalyzing it.

GREAT story :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you were able to get into this. I'm still working on where they're going to go from here. I mean, I KNOW, but for some reason it's so hard to write down! Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #11, by eevonneBlind: Enlighten us, Mr. Goon

7th May 2013:
you kill me! I stumbled upon this story and fell in love. I love the life you give these characters, especially Isa.
But, damnit, why does she have to be so against James? I mean, C'MON! :) she could do much worse.
Oh, and love the Rick Inspiration. :) Walking Dead

Author's Response: She's not against him technically. . . . she just doesn't know yet what to think. It scares her because she's never been in this situation before. She's never really had a group of friends like this before, and now she finds out one of them likes her more than a friend?! That would scare me!

Yay someone mentioned the Rick mention haha silly Rick always up to stuff and things

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Review #12, by eevonne30 Days of You and Me: Letter

30th April 2013:
Was randomly going through some stories and stumbled upon yours. Have to admit that i absolutely love this one! :) Keep it up.

But i must say, i'm dying to know what the note says!

Author's Response: So glad you stumbled upon this one! Thank you so much for the review & I really hope you like the rest!

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Review #13, by eevonneThe Hoax: Chapter 34

29th April 2013:
love this story. seriously, i'm dying here waiting for another chapter.

Author's Response: thank you and I'm so sorry for the five month wait! I am terribly sorry but the last chapter is going through the validation process so hopefully it'll be up soon.

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Review #14, by eevonneDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Kiss Me Goodbye, Love

21st April 2013:
ONCE AGAIN - you kill me. True, i thought you had broken my heart before and then i read THIS and i am shattered.
you are too good my friend, far too good.

I think my favorite thing about this story is that i feel like even though i know whats going to happen (talking about the original HP story, ya know?) I feel like this story that you are writing could have happened, like a sub story within the story itself.

I absolutely loved how honorable Draco is. Instead of doing what, i think, we all wanted to happen, he comes clean and finally tells her the truth. Like, c'mon man, stop making me love him!

I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: eevonne,

Awe, this chapter was truly written to break hearts. ;( They went from nearly making love to breaking apart forever. I do love these two together, but war is upon them and there is no way for them to find their way through the darkness. Him being the enemy is just too much for her. It is certainly shattering for them both.

This is definitely a story within the original and it is wonderful to hear that you feel it could've happened. I'm trying to keep it within the realm of possibility and i will admit, it can be very difficult at times.

You love him? Well... there have already been a few reviewers that have married him already. LOL! I think I have made him too pefect, but I do try to keep him flawed. He should NEVER have used an Unforgivable on her!

I am working on the next chapter, but want to warn you that my chapter updates are slow. I am committed to the story though and do write when I can.

Thanks so much for your wonderful reviews. I do hope you come back for more.

Welcome to the world of Reviewing. :)

Dark Whisper

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Review #15, by eevonneDelilah's Black Book of Poems: The Animagus in the Library

21st April 2013:
I'm new to this site and recently discovered your stories. I've devoured the last few chapters and it wasn't until i got to this one that i felt compelled to tell you this.
This (the library scene) is one of the most heart breaking scenes I have ever read. Honestly. My heart aches and i can't stand it! I am slowly moving past this however, and will continue to hope against hope that something will come of this. I'm a sucker for love, and while i have a bad tendency to skip ahead of things so i can know the ending, i wont do that to this story.
So thank you, for writing something so completely wonderful and heartbreaking and beautiful.

Author's Response: eevonne,

Well, first, welcome to this amazing, awesome, creative site!

Thank you so much for giving my stories a chance and reviewing this chapter.

This library scene is really heartbreaking for Hermione. She bares her innermost secret feelings of being born without magical parents. She aches for a reason why. And it is not just because she wants to know, it goes much deeper than that in loving someone that she cannot have. ;(
Such a great personal tragedy.

And Hermione's personality is strong, but even in real life, strong people can have their own self-doubts that others around them may never know about and I kind of feel that way about her with her blood status.

I'm very glad that you did not skip ahead with this story. :) You might miss an important detail that may come up later *hints*, but I completely understand why you are tempted to do that with any story on this amazing site. I have loads of plans for the things you've read, but don't want to spoil things.

Thank you for your wonderful compliments. Reviews are the only 'pay' that authors receive and your words are truly golden.

Thank you from my heart for reviewing.
Dark Whisper

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