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Review #1, by Moony7A Dreadful Misunderstanding: Progress

29th January 2014:
I like your story you had a strong beginning and your build on it with every new chapter.

I like how you're slowing rebuilding Harry and Ginny's relationship. After the scandal in the beginning you couldn't do it to fast or slow.

What I'd like to see is George's comeuppance I think he was out of line but maybe he is taking out his grief on Harry.

One thing I don't understand is how the Weasley's can be angry with Harry but not with Hermione if she was the girl Harry was accused of "cheating on".

Anyways keep on writing on more to this incredible story. I hope this review was helpful in anyway.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the compliments! I've glad you've enjoyed it so far.

George is going to be 'dealt with' in the last chapter. I haven't worked out how his grief plays into it yet, but that's a good point.

The Weasley's don't know. Ginny didn't tell them who Harry was 'with'. George only knows because Harry let it slip before George punches him, but George didn't tell the rest of his family. I'll see if I can make it clearer.

I hope to post the last chapter by the end of the week, or the beginning of next week. I hope you'll share your thoughts on it with me, if you read it.

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Review #2, by Moony7Contradiction: Confrontations and Captivation

11th October 2013:
Great chapter as always. The breakfast scene between Ron Hermione and Ginny was amusing.

Quick questions Is Ginny regretting getting together with Harry? It sure sounds like that.

Second whats this promise Harry's going to break you mentioned in the last chapter?

Anyways keep up the great work, you got a great fanfic in works.
Mischief Managed.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

I really liked writing the breakfast scene, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I was scared of things coming across that way - she isn't regretting getting together with him at all, she's just very afraid of rushing into the relationship with him and thereby ruining it in the foreseeable future. In short - she doesn't want a second Dean.

It was a minor promise, but a promise nonetheless. He promised Draco that he would go to dinner at the Malfoys'. Him going to the wedding is him breaking that promise.

Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to review - it makes it all the more fun!


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Review #3, by Moony7Contradiction: Maneuvers and Visitors

3rd September 2013:
Your story is going places, its awesome. Every new chapter is a breath of fresh air.

Now back to business you were killing me waiting this long for an update, please don't do it again i don't think my heart can take it.

Seriously though keep up the great work, this chapter was nice to introduce Sirius in. The interaction with Ginny was great. Now I can't wait for the next chapter. Where Ginny meets the entire marauding family.

Anyways Mischief Managed!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you!

I had some trouble getting it validated, so I'm sorry for the long wait!

Next chapter is in the works, so stay tuned!!

thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Moony719 Years: Year 3: Revelations and breakthroughs

21st July 2013:
I Love you! Still stings me but I love you haha

Author's Response: Haha well thank you! I love you too for being so nice :D

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Review #5, by Moony719 Years: Year 3: George and Angelina's wedding

15th July 2013:
Can you just get on with it already! The whole break-up with Harry and Ginny doesn't feel real. You threw that wrinkle in to exaggerate the drama more.

Ginny knew once dating other people wouldn't help her get over Harry. And still she insists on trying to make that work.

The whole part with Oliver disgusted me (no matter how cool a character he is.) It just felt that Ginny betrayed Harry when Harry hasn't really done a thing (not saying that this is as much Harry's fault as Ginny's. He was harsh in how he broke up with her and keeping a cold distance).

Why can't you just lock Harry and Ginny in a room and let them apologize for how stupid they're being.

I like your story I really do, just not this latest twist in Harry and Ginny's relationship it was progressing in excellent and real direction. Then you just cut the line.That has become the only weakness in your story and for me its just killed it for me.

Sorry if I come off a little harsh, your entitled your own story writing and its really good writing, but Harry/Ginny needs work it doesn't feel real to me. Keep up the good work with the Weasley family! Include more Teddy in the story yeah!

Sorry again for bashing your story, heck maybe I am just exaggerating over one plot-line too much. Keep up the good work! It really is a nice story.

Mischief Managed!

Author's Response: I guess that when you think that someone cheated on you, you just don't see the point of waiting around for them. Ginny chose to date Oliver because she wanted to take her mind off of Harry, because she wanted to move on, but as you can tell, she is now realising that it just doesn't work.

It's really rare that two people (even if they are meant to be) get together at 17 and stay together forever. I had them break up because I wanted to make it more realistic, and because I felt like they, and especially Harry, hadn't really learn how to deal with this kind of problem before, as they've been busy elsewhere. That's why I think they'd handle things poorly and that things would get blown out of proportion.

However, if you're getting tired of this drama, I think you'll enjoy the next couple of chapters. I'm glad that you still enjoy the story, and thank you so much for this review and for letting me know what you think! I really appreciate it :)

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